How to Take Blood Pressure : Blood Pressure Change Demonstration

How to Take Blood Pressure : Blood Pressure Change Demonstration

Okay so now we want to talk a little bit about
how blood pressure changes with activity and how exactly what’s going on there. The function
of the heart is to deliver blood to the tissues of the body. In that blood there are nutrients
and oxygen. When you’re exercising you need to deliver more blood to the tissues, because
you’ve now activated tons of muscle fibers that need more oxygen because they’re exercising.
They’re activated vs when they’re at rest the muscles aren’t activated, they don’t have
to create energy so they don’t need oxygen. So the harder you work the more blood you
need, and the more blood you need means the harder the heart has to work. So we’re going
to use a little demonstration of some cups and a water faucet. The water faucet is going
to be the heart itself. The water is the blood, the small cup is the heart or the body at
rest. This represents the tissues, and this represents the tissues during exercise. Very
simple, and we’ll just keep the intensity the same, but you can see if you’re working
out, the harder you work out the harder your heart has to work. So it has to both contract
harder to deliver that blood to the tissues, and it has to contract quicker to deliver
that blood to tissues. So next we want to look at, a little bit, at how the role of
oxygen, in this process of delivering oxygen molecules, and how that changes with exercise,
and why that’s important in cardiovascular function.


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