How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

In the United States alone, heart attacks
are one of the leading causes of death throughout the country. Knowing the signs and symptoms of heart disease
and a heart attack can help save a life. Some of these symptoms begin showing up as
early as a month in advance. Heart attacks are serious medical conditions. They occur when the body’s supply of blood
is blocked, normally caused by a blood clot. These occur when there is plaque build-up
in the coronary arteries. The heart attack is dead tissue that is killed
off during the process of blood loss. This tissue causes extreme pain and squeezing,
which are both felt at the time of the heart attack. Heart attacks are common in people who have
a high amount of stress, who are heavy smokers or who are morbidly overweight. However, regardless of the contributing factors,
heart attacks are the number one killers of women across all spectrums. Therefore, it is important to learn the signs
and symptoms of a heart attack, as well as to receive regular check-ups from a doctor. Today’s video will discuss the warning signs
of a heart attack and what to look out for. 1. Chest pressure This is the symptom that most people are familiar
with. Most people will feel pressure pushing on
their chest. This is a concrete sign that a heart attack
is about to occur. A lot of people may ignore this pain, thinking
that it is a normal feeling. However, ignoring this sign can cost someone
their life. They should receive immediate medical attention
if they are experiencing any hard pressure on their upper chest. 2. Cold Sweats and Dizziness When the body does not circulate blood properly,
the brain will not receive the proper amount of blood. This is a huge issue and the patient should
receive medical attention immediately. 3. Cold and Flu Symptoms After a heart attack, many patients report
experiencing cold or flu symptoms leading up to the days prior to the attack. If these symptoms are felt, the patient should
seek medical treatment right away. 4. Weakness When the body feels weak, sweaty or nauseous,
there may be trouble along the way. Jaw pain is another alarming sign. As the arteries in the body continue to narrow,
the blood stops flowing throughout the body properly. 5. Shortness of Breath When the body does not receive sufficient
blood, the lungs are also negatively affected. If the lungs do not receive enough blood or
oxygen, the body struggles to breathe properly. If the patient experiences any trouble breathing,
they should be seen by a doctor right away to be checked out. 6. Fatigue If someone is feeling drowsy and tired most
of the time, it could be caused by an improper blood flow to the heart. This could happen as a result of plaque build-up
in the arteries. Again, this should be checked out by a medical
professional right away.


  1. Yes , the nausea , dizziness and flu like symptoms was signs of my late husband's first heart attack , the widow maker , the third and final one last year is what robbed me of him 😢

  2. so far what I've had was the chest discomfort. seeing my doctor in a few days but regardless I'm monitoring it just in case. changing my lifestyle and eating habits. drinking lots of water. I've actually cut soda completely out of my diet. I went for a walk yesterday and had chest discomfort as well as pressure on both shoulders. Today I walked and no pain at all. But I'm not letting my guard down. Still seeing my doctor. I want to stick around for a very very very long time.

  3. I'm 13 and is this a heart attack coming my heart hurts and when I breath it feel bad it hard to breath and I get dizzy and I see funny dizzy it happens alot

  4. I feel tired when i have school because i sleep a lot i can wake up properly without feeling tured if i sleept over 12 hours but these days are over school began and i can get used to it i cant see properly thing from far away, i might see them better after 3 seconds of looking at them but then i get more tired

    I dont think its because if a heart attack

  5. I suddenly have been experiencing chest pains, weakness and now have chronic tachycardia but my doctors say I'm fine :/

  6. well i hope nothing happens to me i feel chest pain and i don't feel that stressed i do however feel kind of week can drinking more water make your blood be faster in a way.???

  7. I sometimes get pain in my heart
    I went to the doctor he made the check-up and said that my heart is excellent and I'm totally okay
    But I still get pain
    What should I do ?

  8. About 5years ago the Dr.s found a cyst inside my heart valve. I'm still alive but i have trouble breathing sometimes and a sharp pain in my chest when i lay down. He told me I'll have a heart attack definetly by the time I'm 30. I'm 28 now. I'm a little nervous but now i can prepare for my big day. 😀

  9. i have chest pains for the last 3 weeks when it started with a big attack where i was sweating and pain from my stomach to my shoulders back jaw and chest along with tightness and difficulty breathing and almost fainting. Since then its just sneezing coughing and tightness with difficulty breathing and fatigue.

  10. I’m 12 not over weight but I get chest pain after I run and getting upper back pain and always cold and also getting aches going down my arms or is it because my anxiety someone please help 😭

  11. I’m so scared I’m only 11 and I think I’m gonna die now cause I have these symptoms I been having them since july(it’s February) it started with left arm pain then December chest pain and recently light headed I’m so scared help me someone

  12. My chest feels tight and my heartbeat is fast. I'm not overweight but I do get stressed. I'm probably fine, I don't want to waste a doctor's time on my hypochondriacness

  13. I have almist all of the symptoms and I've stayed with them for a year now and I checked medical examination report came out I don't have any heart problem. I checked with ECG, X-Ray 3 times and echo 2 times but found nothing. Any idea what would be bothering me please coz I experience left chest pain alot daily, fatigue and all the other symptoms.

  14. I was 42 years old and I got pain in my shoulder and down my arms went to the Dr he said I must have pulled a muscle.about a week later I got bad pain in my arms and my neck chests went back to the Dr gave me something for pain November came and I did not feel well pain was bad in my jaw now and all over I went to bed could not sleep with the pain my son came up to me and said man you don't look well he went down maid me a cut of tea I ask him to put up the Christmas tree now he said to soon I said no it not because I new something was going to happen to me.that night.i went to the hospital .my daughter came with me the Dr said I was ok and I could go home I was just about to leave the hospital when the pain was so bad my daughter stared crying man you don't look well she said. The nurse came in and asked what was worng because she heard my daughter crying.she looked at me and ask are you ok I told her no she put me on a heart machine and it came up I had heart attacks I was very I'll I had rubble buy pass and was in hospital for 5 weeks so if you get pain anywhere that you got before go to get it looked at

  15. I had dizzniess, profuse sweating extreme jaw pain, and extreme fatigue, thought I had the flu. No chest pain at all. When I went to the doctor the next day, he told me he was calling an ambulance to take me to the emergency room. He said I was having a heart attack and I thought he was crazy but when I got to the hospital and had my EKG, it showed that I was having a heart attack! I was taken to the operating room and had a heart catheterization. Ended up with 4 stents. I was having the widowmaker heart attack! I was 52 years old. Less than one month later, I had another heart attack in the back side of my heart which resulted in 4 more stents. I had chest pain, jaw pain, as well as left arm pain with that heart attack. My body had been warning me for months. I had alot of fatigue, short of breath when I walked up a hill, and my heart would feel as though it was beating out of my chest. Pay attention to the signs so you can save your life!

  16. I am 25 year old girl I feel some problem I m having in my heart i v a breathing problem before 5 year somthing piercing in chest wt should i do.economic conditions are not gud I m also working in school i can not do fr me.

  17. I am going to see a cardiologist in a couple weeks because recently I went to the ER for heart problems, trouble breathing, chest pain, pain in my left arm and my heart was fluttering like crazy. At first the nurses laughed and made fun of me saying in 22 and "it's probably anxiety" .. Then after doing a CT scan and echo they got very serious faced telling me they're not sure what it is but my heart beats aren't normal, so they gave me metoprolol and I feel like this isn't helping the greatest. Yes it does help, but I still get these attacks, and as I'm typing I'm getting pain in my left arm. I don't want to go to the hospital again because they're stupid and probably wouldn't know what it is anyways, and would make fun of me. What should I do? Wait out the 2 weeks before I see my doctor? It's very hard to get through the day feeling like this.

  18. I'm 14 and these 4 days I've been feeling a pain on my chest. Not a really strong pain but its annoying and also I mostly have seen it happen at nights. Should I be worried about it? Please someone answer this

  19. I have some problems with my heart difficult to short. Breath but three test of Cardiology they said I'm fine than why my doctors give me hearth pain medicine? Every night I've taken it 😫😩😩😖I don't like it give me headache that medicine

  20. Just had my third from a stent that collapsed from my second. All three had different symptoms. But I knew I was having a heart attack within the first 2 mins of each one. My dad had heart disease and his dad. So I knew all the symptoms. Thank God for that, And thanks to the doctors and nurses that seen me through them.

  21. I stress alot and I cant breath that well and yeah, Thankyou so much for this I though I had breast cancer oh god.
    Emm I think they are both very bad.

  22. Thanks a lot,1 chest pressure 2 cold sweat and dizziness,3 cold and flu symptoms,4 weakness 5 shorter of breath,6 fatigue

  23. When my chess started to hurt
    It feels like my heart being stabbed, And whenever i move it hurts so i had to freeze for a minute and i am only 12

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