How to Pair Your Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (For Model BP786 / BP761 only)

How to Pair Your Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (For Model BP786 / BP761 only)

Omron® blood pressure monitors are
equipped with Bluetooth smart technology, so you can store and track your readings on your smartphone or tablet. With Omron’s advanced accuracy and
wireless connectivity its simple for you to track your progress and take the right steps to manage your heart. Pairing your monitor to your smartphone is easy. Before taking a reading you must set the correct date and time. Press the clock button and adjust the numbers using the arrow keys. Now select which user you will be; either 1 or 2. You will need to make sure the unit is set to your user mode when you’re both monitoring and transferring. Download the Omron Wellness app from either Google Play or the App Store. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, make sure it’s visible to other devices and launch the app. First create an account, then you can begin pairing your devices. Make sure your blood pressure monitor screen is clear. To do this press the start/stop button. Now press and hold the clock button on your monitor until the flashing O appears. This screen
will appear when pairing is complete. Now that you’re paired you can transfer
your readings by launching the app and pressing the transfer button. Now you’re empowered by accuracy and connectivity.


  1. Omron's app on Google Play has an incredibly low rating rating of 2.3 (on date of comment) with most saying it will not pair.

    At 10 seconds in they say "Phone or tablet" but Google states it is for just phones.

    I just got off the phone with tech support and they say it has issues – no shit. Don't buy but if bought – return it.

  2. When I go to Play Store only Omron App = OMRON connect. When I open that App the options for devices doesn't include BP786N & tells me only devices on this list can be registered. I can't go any further with the app. Please advise.

  3. Blair Lockhart: I'm not an Omron representative, but there is definitely an Omron Wellness app in the Play Store. Hope you have better luck getting it to work than me, though. I have spent the past half hour trying to pair my Nexus 6P to no avail; I don't remember having any difficulty pairing my Nexus 6.

  4. There are two different blood pressure apps in Google Play and the App Store. For more details on compatibility with devices and products, please visit us here: Thank you!

  5. The company doesn't support this model anymore for bluetooth connection. Their latest app doesn't include this model. I bought this model for bluetooth connection. I hope the company deal with this issue soon.

  6. Forced obsolescence demanding upgrading devices to retain convenience. Will not be buying from these people any more or using their worthless app.

  7. bloody bullshit company which force people to buy newer product just because they upgraded their app and stopped supporting older models

  8. I recently set up a BP786 for my parents. The instructions said to use the Wellness app, but the Play Store offered, "Omrom Connect (US/CAN)" instead. I downloaded it on a phone running Android 8.1. The 'Omron Connect' app installed perfectly, with no issue, and synced with the phone on the first try. Very fast and easy for me, just followed the written instructions. Also, both user 1 and User 2 get immediate log updates sent to their phones just by opening the app! The Omron 10 turns itself on, sends the update to the user, and shuts itself off again. (When within bluetooth range of the base unit!) I don't know if there was a major update over the last few months, or whatever, but this Omron Connect app is working great. I'd also quickly mention that the 'personal information' I was asked for only involved my name (you can use a single letter for your last name, if you want) and age, height, weight – all standard information any clinic uses to better judge if your readings are normal/average for your demographic. And as far as I noticed, most of that is optional, too. Heck, you don't even REQUIRE the app! If you want, just keep the device in guest mode and use it without any phone interaction at all. No profile required. Done.

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