How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with a TOWEL

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with a TOWEL

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blood pressure with a towel Another simple and clinically proven technique
for lowering blood pressure without drugs is called “hand grip isometrics.”  Isometrics
are when a muscle is tensed but without moving.  For example, if you make a fist with your
hand and squeeze – that’s an example of an isometric exercise. In the late 60’s, the US Air Force commissioned
studies to find ways to combat the “tunnel vision” and “blackout” experienced by
pilots during high G-force maneuvers.   One technique researched was the use of isometric
hand-grips. When the test subjects squeezed a control stick, their blood pressure would
spike, thereby increasing blood flow to the brain and preventing loss of vision and consciousness. One of the researchers, Dr. Ronald Wiley,
a cardiopulmonary physiologist at Miami University (Oxford, OH), made a very unexpected observation
when looking over the data after the study:  While blood pressure spiked during the isometric
exercises themselves – overall resting blood pressure went down. In research published in the American College
of Sports Medicine, people that did hand-grip isometrics had average blood pressure reductions
of 12.5 systolic and 14.9 diastolic. Science aside, isometric hand-grip exercises
are also really relaxing – and so easy to do.  One trick is to take a face cloth or
hand towel and roll it into a “jelly roll.”  Make two of them, one for each hand. Next, squeeze hard on them for a second and
get a feel for your “100% squeeze pressure.”  Now, try squeezing at about 30% of that 100%
pressure – that’s the “sweet spot” for best results – 30% of your “max squeeze pressure.” 
The goal here is to allow your forearm muscles to work – but not to overdo it to the degree
that your blood pressure spikes. Now, you simply alternate squeezing (always
at no more than 30% of your full strength) and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing.  There
are many variations on how long to “squeeze” and how long to “relax.”  In the study
cited above, the participants would:  squeeze for 2 minutes; rest for 3 minutes; and repeat
this four times, for a total of 20 minutes per session; 3 days a week. In most people, it takes a few weeks to get
the deepest benefits from isometrics.  Also, when you quit doing them, your overall blood
pressure will tend to creep back up to where you were before – you have to stick with it
for it to work. Another powerful technique is to mix Guided
Breathing with these isometric exercises.  For example, you can slowly squeeze as you
inhale, hold the squeeze while you hold your breath, and then slowly release your grip
during your exhale.  You can get free Guided Breathing audio samples
to try this right now at: HYPERLINK “” . Beyond lowering blood pressure permanently
in the majority of people, this technique is also great for cutting stress, migraines,
and more.  I can’t resist the chance for a pun here:  The secret to natural blood
pressure control is… in the palm of your hands. As always, check with your physician before
doing this or any other form of exercise – especially if you have any cardiovascular issues. To learn more about natural ways to lower
your blood pressure without drugs, visit us at:
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¨ â ‘ ? . How to lower your blood pressure with a
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  1. The video was most informative as it discussed a simple cardiovascular excersise that amy be performed with hand towels to help lower blood pressure.

  2. @optionsupdate I tried to post the link for you, but for some reason YouTube is blocking it… try searching "Isometric exercise training lowers resting blood pressure" in Google and you can find the journal article. Also, you can check out my site listed in the video for more tips. 🙂 Andy

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