How To Lower Blood Sugar And Reverse Your Diabetes

How To Lower Blood Sugar And Reverse Your Diabetes

Did you know that following the
guidelines of the American Diabetes Association will give you diabetes? Stay
tuned and I will explain how that all works. [Intro] Hey I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg with
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everything that you need to know to master health and get healthy and stay
healthy. I have so many patients asking me what
am I supposed to eat? I read this article and I went on this website and I talked
to my doctor and they all told me to eat low-fat and high carb and and I’m
pre-diabetic what do I do and it’s really really tragic that still in this
day and age the physiological principles are so definitely established we know
exactly the mechanism and yet the official guidelines are in direct
opposition to what gets you healthy there’s a great book called the Schwartz
pine principle it’s a medical doctor was allowed herself to think for herself and
she found that if she had pre-diabetic patients and she gave them low-fat
high-carb diets they developed diabetes every time and then she thought about it
and she turned it around and she gave them low carb and high fats and high
protein and they reversed the diabetes this has been established since 1850
even before we knew what insulin was or how it worked
they knew that you reverse diabetes with low carb you lose weight with low carb
no doubt about it and then we figured out how insulin works that insulin is a
storage hormone that insulin develops an insulin resistance which pre-diabetes is
develops only in response to sugar carbohydrates and yet to this day we
hear that we’re supposed to eat low fat and high carb
so we’ve developed this fear of fat that totally deprived us of any logical
thinking we’re so afraid of this fat that whatever it takes just eat low fat
because after all it can’t be good can it but yeah I hear what you’re saying
but that it just can’t be good and yet there is no scientific evidence ever
that a high quality fat causes any kind of disease yes
trans fats processed vegetable fats vegetable oils corn oils full of toxins
because of the processing those are not good fats good fats are butter
extra-virgin olive oil coconut oil natural fat they will not harm you
here’s something to understand though insulin is a storage hormone so whenever
you eat sugar or carbs your body produces insulin insulin takes the sugar
out of the blood and puts it into the cell the cell uses what it can but it
can’t use a whole lot so it converts the rest of that into fat and then once your
eat more sugar and your insulin stays high now that insulin tells that cell to
hold on to the fats as long as you have high insulin there’s no way for your
body to retrieve that fat and use it for energy so what your body is supposed to
do is to have a balance between fat storing and fat burning but when your
insulin is high the prevalence is to store the fat store the fat to store the
fat and then of course you get hungry because you have no access to that
energy now here’s a little trick that you kind
of have to keep in mind that even though fat is good and carbs are bad you can’t
eat carbs and fat at the same time because eating the carbs will store fat
and keep you from retrieving the fat so it’s okay to add in a little bit of fat
while you learn to eat less carbs but you can’t keep eating more of those
because the carbs are still going to store that fat so what you want to do
again you reduce the carbs over a period of time and everyone is different so I
don’t know what it’s gonna be for you to reduce that insulin resistance but a
great weight great thing to measure is your a1c measure it reduce your carbs
see what happens as you get closer to 5.0 your insulin resistance goes down
and then you can eat as much healthy fat as you want and not only will you not
gain weight you will also not develop diabetes if you’re pre-diabetic you will
reverse it and that is the only way insulin resistance is pre-diabetes it is
triggered by sugar and carbs so some people think yeah yeah yeah I don’t eat
any sugar and they think it means they’re not eating these little white
cubes or they’re not spooning sugar out of the bag to eat but any carbohydrate
will trigger insulin and bread is just one step away from sugar sugar is
already sugar bread is just ten minutes away from sugar once you eat it and you
start digesting it it turns into sugar and it’s going to trigger insulin so it
doesn’t matter if it is brown rice or whole grain bread while those are while
whole grain is better and white toast it is still a
carbohydrate it is still something that if your insulin resistance or if you
want to avoid insulin resistance then you can’t go that way
you cannot eat a whole lot of grains some people can get away with it
they’re lucky there we’re not all all the same
so what carbs do is they increase your blood sugar fat does not stimulate your
blood sugar there may be a point or two but it does not create a lot of
volatility in your blood sugar so if you want to run the test the reason I
mentioned that a 1 C is that it’s a long-term measure of your blood sugar
whenever you have sugar in the blood some of it gets stuck on your red blood
cells so what they measure is hemoglobin a1c it measures how much of that sugar
gets stuck over a period of time and since the red blood cell lives about
three to four months the a1c gives you a really good average of how much sugar
was in your blood over a three to four month period once you start cutting back
and if you measure after a month then you might have come down a little bit
and your real improvement is bigger than it shows because some of that sugar was
already stuck in the first two months so you can measure it it’s an inexpensive
test but I would probably suggest you measure it every couple of months and if
you can drop a tenth or two every every couple of months you’re doing really
well so how do you know if your insulin resistance what what are some of the
signs and symptoms if you will when one one classic sign is if you get tired
after eating a meal it’s because your body can’t process it properly and the
blood sugar shoots up and then your body expends a lot of energy converting that
blood sugar in to triglycerides or fat so that’s one
thing but you can have many different presentations and a lot of people have
what we call a rollercoaster blood sugar so one other thing is irritability or
the inability to go for several hours without a meal your body is designed to
create level blood sugar and when you don’t eat it has mechanisms to maintain
blood sugar from stores of fats and glycogen but if your body can’t do that
if you get irritable if you get hungry if you get lightheaded if you get
headaches if you feel like you have to eat something every two to three hours
then you probably have insulin resistance along with hypoglycemia
because you’ve taught your body to rely on sugar or carbohydrates for energy
relying on sugar you increase your insulin levels and now you can’t pull
energy out of your fat stores so your body doesn’t have a backup for energy
and that’s why you have to keep putting all that food all those snacks primarily
sugar and carbs because that’s what your body has learned to live off so now you
depend on it your body is gonna protest a little bit anytime that it’s used to
once it has a habit once it depends on something it’s not going to give it up
without a little bit of a fight but it’s not as bad as you think so what you want
to start with is increasing fat and protein move away from the carbs
gradually and before you know it you’ll find that you have a little bit more
stability and then you can come back further and you increase the fats and a
healthy person you should be able to go six to eight hours without fainting or
irritability or anything like that your physiology is the same as your ancestors
and they did not wake up to toast and tea they did not have a breakfast buffet
they went out hunter-gatherer tribes to this day they have to go out and
something and catch something before they can eat and that’s what your
Physiol physiology is adapted to we feed our pets once or twice a day we don’t
feed them every two hours because they’re adapted to to their food supply
and in nature it works even better because they don’t eat things out of a
can that’s how it works with the food and if you hear someone say anything
different they really are not very well informed there are things that we can
discuss there’s things that are a little bit controversial this is not
controversial anymore so take the time and read a couple of
good books find find some books that actually talk about the principles and
explain the physiology if you want to know more you can stay tuned to this and
we’ll come back to these topics and talk more about it but one other thing that
you want to keep in mind to reduce insulin resistance is exercise and we’re
not talking exercise to burn calories and lose weight we’re talking about
activating the body making your muscles do work makes them more sensitive to
insulin there is a physiological change in the receptors there’s something
called a glute 4 receptor on the muscle and when you start using that muscle it
will take more blood sugar in with less insulin so insulin resistance is what
we’ve been talking about all the time insulin sensitivity is the opposite of
that so exercise will make your muscles more sensitive so they will take that
blood sugar they’ll burn that energy without the insulin so you want to cut
your carbs reduce your carbs and your sugar you start with the worst ones the
what we call the white trash the white flour the white sugar anything processed
that is completely devoid of nutrients but then you follow through
and you reduce the what they call quality carbs that still are not a good
human food we’ve been told for so long that carbs are necessary carbs are
glucose is what your brain runs on well it doesn’t work like that your body can
make glucose from all sorts of things and in the absence of glucose your body
will prefer something called ketone bodies which is what you have every
morning when you wake up or after a fast or a period of starvation we’re very
well adapted to using things besides glucose they tell you that carbs are
necessary that is not a fact there are essential fatty acids fat there are
essential amino acids from protein there is no such thing as essential
carbohydrates that is a myth and a lie you can live for years and years without
a single gram of carbohydrate and you will do really well and you would not
develop diabetes or heart disease or anything like that
ask the Eskimos they do it all the time and if you are worried about eating zero
carbs then you don’t have to worry because everything almost has a little
bit of carbs when you eat your spinach and your lettuce and your carrots and
your cauliflower and your broccoli and your kale they all have carbohydrates
it’s just the best form of carbohydrate because it’s not a grain it’s fibrous
and water rich so it’s absorbed almost infinitely slow it has virtually no
impact on insulin that’s why those carbs are they have close to a zero glycemic
index so to sum it up what do we eat you cut
back the sugar first you cut back grain second you eat as much vegetables as you
like you eat as much healthy fats from avocado and nuts and healthy oils and
fats like we mentioned the butter olive oil coconut oil and you eat a moderate
amount of protein and you get the best quality protein that you can you want if
you want to eat an animal which I’m all for in moderation make sure it lived
like an animal supposed to live animals were supposed to live in the wild they
eat grass they have a healthy life that he have lean bodies and they have a very
develop a very healthy fat ratio omega-6 to omega-3 the animal was healthy then
it is healthy for you to eat it as long as you have a good digestive system so
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understand the body understand health understand physiology so you’re not a
victim to the fats and the trends and the misinformation if you have questions
if you have concerns please give us a comment let us know what you want more
information about and we will do our very best to answer these questions and
provide information that you can use thank you for watching


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  33. Dr, am on keto and IF, off late,my fasting sugar levels are anywhere from 250 to 350. I have my omad at lunch, so can't possibly take insulin b4 going to bed at night. Am off medication, how do I counter the dawn phenomenon effect

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