How to lower blood pressure | Ohio State Medical Center

How to lower blood pressure | Ohio State Medical Center

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can
have some serious consequences for people down the road. If your blood pressure’s elevated, your physician
will work with you primarily to start with working on your lifestyle. A low salt diet, losing weight, keeping alcohol
to a minimum and minimizing caffeine makes a very big difference. High blood pressure in the long run puts you
at a higher risk for stroke and cardiovascular disorders. If the blood pressure can’t be controlled
with conservative measures we have medications that can keep the blood pressure down. Oftentimes high blood pressure is diagnosed
by accident or by screening. There’s often no symptoms, which makes this
condition very dangerous. So please go see your physician for a screening
exam to make sure that there’s no conditions that we can address early so that we can end
up having a better outcome down the road.

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