how to lower blood pressure at home – blood pressure : how to to lower blood pressure

how to lower blood pressure at home – blood pressure : how to  to lower blood pressure

8 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure. 1. Decrease Sodium consumption Certain folks are prone to salt induced high
blood pressure (Lockhart, 2015). It is important to reduce salt in the diet
if you suffer from high blood pressure. Yes, layoff the popcorn, processed food, canned
foods, and other salty treats completely. Do keep an eye on labels stating the amount
of salt present in products. 2. Be Active. Physically active people are less prone to
hypertension and cardiovascular diseases (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2003). It does not take a lot to be physically active. This will usually take 30 minutes of moderate
activity every day like brisk walking, biking, gardening and others. 3. Lose weight and the waistline Increase in weight often increases blood pressure
(Mayo Clinic Staff, 2018). Obesity contributes to sleep apnea which in
turn increases blood pressure. Lowering the weight, therefore can be helpful
in decreasing blood pressure. The larger your waistline, the higher the
risk for hypertension. 4. Decrease or quit drinking Limiting the amount of alcohol significantly
decreases blood pressure. It was also observed that consuming small
amounts of alcohol helps decrease blood pressure (Gehrke). Limit beer to 355 ml, wine to 148 ml and 80
proof 45 ml. 5. Eat specific foods This includes bananas, garlic and dark chocolate
(Wyatt). Bananas are rich in potassium and aid in the
regulation of the beat of the heart and blood flow. Flavonoids of cocoa in chocolate help in decreasing
blood pressure. Garlic is used in conditions involving the
heart and the circulatory system; and hypertension is one of them (GARLIC). 6. Other Food Eat more raw fruits and vegetables that contains
fiber, vitamins and minerals that aid in lowering blood pressure (Wilkinson, 2017). Potassium and Calcium help in the lowering
of blood pressure. A salad with kale, spinach and tomatoes is
an example. 7. Change to Decaf. Caffeine in java constricts the vessels and
contribute to stress according to Jim Lane PhD (Prevention, 2017). If you really like your coffee, do your ticker
and your pressure a favor and switch to decaf. 8. Go Vinegar. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar combined
with one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water twice a day makes a difference in lowering
blood pressure (Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with Vinegar). Research shows that vinegar can be a lowering
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