How to Lose Weight Fast | LOSE 2 KG. IN ONE NIGHT [only by drinking water] (EASY)

How to Lose Weight Fast | LOSE 2 KG. IN ONE NIGHT [only by drinking water] (EASY)

Hello guys and welcome to my brand new youtube
video today Im going to show you how you can lose 2 kliograms in one night in my previous
video I share the parsley lemon juice with you which was a real fat destroyer concentrating
on our belly fat if you havent watched this video I would recommend you to watch this
video too so this drink is basically water with ingredients I will also give you information
about the ingredients so you know why we are using this special ingredients and what they
are good for so you understand the purpose of this drink so if you are ready lets start
first of all we need a jug I would recommend you to use a glass jug because after we prepare
our drink we are going to let it rest and in this case I think its healthier to use
a glass jug instead of a plastic jug so our first ingredient is the cinamon stick
what is the cinnamon stick good for number one enemy of diabetic number two it will also
support your immune system so your immune system will get a really power up number three
enemy of cancer number four it also avoids low energy which means you will feel more
active so you can act more actively during the day and for losing weight being active
is an important asset second important ingredient of course a lemon so what is the lemon good
for lemon has vitamin c it has very low calories but the flavor will be transferring to our
water so we will have this fresh taste like a lemonade the lemon is also known for stablizing
your blood sugar this is also very important because when you eat your meals your blood
sugar goes up and down and for stablizing the blood sugar lemon is a very important
ingredient okay if you are asking yourself why it is important that my blood sugar is
stable this is important because if you have a stable blood sugar you wont get these hunger
cricis and you wont attack any food you are going to reach so we will not get hungry very
quickly if we have all the day long a very stable blood sugar also important information
we are going to use the whole lemon so you have to wash it up because we are going to
cut it in slices and use the whole lemon in our drink next ingredient clove whats clove
good for we are going to use 4 to 5 pieces for our drink number one this is also an ingredient
which will power up your immune system its also very helpful if you have a bad breath
for example clove is your ingredient you have to use it will also clean your mouth and you
will get a fresh nice breath and if you also have digestion problems clove is your ingredient
which will help you out with this issue so top number one most important ingredient of
our drink is parsley so dont be afraid if you dont like the taste of parsley because
I can assure you the drink will not have the taste of parsley its just an ingredient which
will be in our water what is parsley good for depot of vitamin k parsley is also a diuretic
ingredient which means it will help us again to destroy the fat in our belly zone and we
will also get rid of the water which is stored in our body so after preparing our drink we
have to let it rest for 7-8 hours so the benefits of our ingredients can transfer to water my
advice is that you prepare this drink in the evening and let it rest for one night and
the day after you can take it with a bottle to your work or to your workout the point
is that you are not going to drink only this drink you can also additionally drink water
and you should also drink additionally water we are going to drink this juice all the day
long after drinking our juice all the day long and sleeping in the night and waking
up in the next morning you will lose approximetely around 2 kilograms if this was a bit confusing
for you or you would like to have the details again I have everything in the description
below just check the description and maybe try this drink out and leave a comment after
2 days if you had the effect how weight you lost and then we can discuss together so to
conclude up I would like to thank you for joining the video as usual and if you liked
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