How diabetes affects your blood sugar | Diabetes Care Club | Type 2 Diabetes | Dr. Vrinda Agarwal

How diabetes affects your blood sugar | Diabetes Care Club | Type 2 Diabetes | Dr. Vrinda Agarwal

hello yo welcome to our Channel
today dr. Brenda Garhwal is with us hello Doctor
hello yeah nowadays diabetes become a major problem whities so like you’ve
heard diabetes has become a major cause for early illness and death in
populations globe across worldwide and the concern is that the prevalence
continues to increase India itself actually represents about 49 percent of
the total diabetes population in this world comparing each other yes and that
number puts it as for the most recent records at 7.2 crores so the concern has
been that as these countries as people continue to progress economically with
increased availability of foods like fast foods and people adopting sedentary
lifestyles coupled with of course a higher risk
genetically say if your parents had diabetes we all include this right and
that all increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes which is the
most common form of diabetes almost about 90% of the total diabetes
population that we see could you tell us doctor what are the signs and symptoms
of diabetes so oftentimes actually there is a big delay in the diagnosis of
diabetes and the reason being that a lot of people almost about 40% of people may
not have any science scientists so it’s usually during a routine general
examination that they get they you know get a blood test done for blood sugars
okay urine testing done for sugars and they
are diagnosed with diabetes but in some cases patients do complain of increased
thirst yeah definitely more thirsty they may complain of frequency a few a nation
that they have to get up multiple times during the night they’ll face any
problems while which hydration no not really unless and until you know of
course diabetes also increases the risk for developing urinary tract infections
so so some people may complain of pain during mixture is rising and bottling
sensation during maturation otherwise they may just notice plainly an
increased frequency of going to the bathroom
some people may also complain of weight loss unexplained weight loss that they
have not been really trying to lose weight it will occur with everyone not
with everybody like I said you know not everybody is a book picture where you
know they have all the signs and symptoms but a lot of patients may
present especially if they’ve been actually who are suffering from this
condition particular condition right so especially if undiagnosed and their
blood sugars have been really high then they may present with weight loss
because of all the loss of calories in the urine okay some patients may
actually present with visual blurring that the interest occurring because
diabetes we know of one of the major concerns with uncontrolled diabetes is
that it tends to affect major organs one of them is eyes eyes so one of the
potential complications of uncontrolled diabetes is the development of cataracts
glaucoma retinopathy so a lot of times people may actually present with eye
complaints and that leads to a diagnosis of it as a signs and symptoms right so
the patient essentially would come to the clinic and complain that you know
I’m noticing I don’t see very clearly when I’m driving I don’t see the objects
in front of me very clearly often Lee people will come late about this right
right so those are the most common concerns complaints some people may just
say that I just don’t feel right I feel more tired you know I’m generally
feeling a little weaker tired and weak right so those are very general symptoms
but I think anybody ever anybody can face this so if anybody lands at any say
that right so we further question these people you know whether this person
appears to be at a higher risk for diabetes then may you know then we may
go ahead and suggest that you know what I’d be a flow Mallards yes it would be
appropriate to get tested for deities who are the people who tested for this
diabetes so that’s a good question because I guess since there are no major
signs for seniors or warning signs that will tell you that you know could I have
diabetes it’s important to identify a risk factor
they can get an idea right so in general if we follow the American Diabetes
Association older age so age more than 45 but in the in diabetes it depends on
age too right we are talking about the most common form of diabetes which is
type 2 diabetes so older age is a risk factor
we see that in Indian subcontinent the South Asian population patients actually
present a decade earlier so these patients may even be of younger than 45
years of ages what I’m trying to say then you know if they have any of these
risk factors like they are overweight with a BMI of more than 23 kilograms per
meter square or if they have one or both of their parents diagnosed with diabetes
or any other first-degree with diabetes then their risk goes up by
four to six percent of developing diabetes patients who already have a
history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels women who may have
had a history of diabetes during their pregnancy which is called as gestational
diabetes yes are also at a higher risk of developing diabetes prevent this for
the child for the means fetus no so babies don’t have diabetes huh so it’s
basically it’s the same thing that these babies who are born to mothers who
develop diabetes during their pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing
diabetes when they reach their adulthood okay so it is not an immediate
phenomenon but just like we talked about that patients who have their mom or dad
yeah mothers so they’re gonna get in a certain e yes
so it is you know how it ends right so their risk goes up by four to six
percent and can we prevent this so that’s an again a good question because
ideally we see that the reason why diabetes prevalence is increasing is
because of a change in our lifestyle yeah so we can’t change our genes but we
can definitely change the environment around us so adopting a healthier
lifestyle making sure that we eat a more healthy more balanced diet which is rich
in fruits and vegetables eating less it is important to follow but if I died for
the diabetic right so it is important that you eat less of refined
carbohydrates you know less of fast food and make sure that we get some sort of
daily activity the recommendation is usually say at least 30 minutes of
moderate-intensity exercise on most days of the week so the you know people who
smoke should be encouraged to quit smoking
you know if you have a dual effect so smoking increases the chances of
developing you know heart disease or you know the risk for a brain stroke so that
is why and these are the complications that we you know associate with diabetes
drinking cool drinks are taking the fast food right so these are the major things
so especially sugar sweetened beverages oh yeah comment like right so they
should be idly consumed very less people will skip these kind of things so is
there any chance to avoid this diabetes that is that is why like I said genetics
we can’t change but we can definitely adopt a healthier lifestyle to help
improve our chances of not developing or dealing the diagnosis of diabetes doctor
could you tell us how do we diagnose the diabetes so diagnosis of diabetes is
usually based on a blood test so there are three major criteria for the
diagnosing diabetes one is your doctor may ask you to get a fasting blood sugar
checked fasting usually for about a period of 10 to 12 hours and then if the
fasting blood sugar is more than 125 right fasting means before for the meal
so any number or value more than 125 milligrams per deciliter is indicative
of a diagnosis of diabetes second test is also known as hemoglobin a1c or
glycated even see test which value more than or equal to six point five percent
is diagnostic of diabetes the third testing that is done is called as a
blood sugar which is more than or equal to 200 milligrams per deciliter
after an oral glucose-tolerance test so oral glucose-tolerance test is a test
where your doctor will make well have you drink a sugary drink which consists
of 75 grams of glucose and thereafter we check your glucose level levels and at 2
hours if your level is equal to 200 raises right then it is diagnostic of
diabetes we recommend that all these tests should be repeated on a separate
day ok to confirm the diagnosis so we should go that again and again not again
and again but it has to be confirmed on two separate occasions we make our final
diagnosis of diabetes could you tell us doctor or what are the treatments are
available for this so when you get diagnosed with diabetes your doctor will
first and foremost ask you to adopt a healthier lifestyle which as we spoke
about initially goes under us right so modification in your diet in
consultation with a dietician and 30 minutes or more of some sort of moderate
intensity daily exercise if your blood sugars are noted to be persistently
higher than what is recommended at a follow-up of a minimum of three months
your doctor may suggest taking medications yeah which may include oral
medications or injectables like insulin their insulin so the choice is usually
guided by the history of the page when you take the insulin man suffering from
diabetic not really I think your doctor would be
able to identify such weather yes whether you are like at risk for certain
complications from diabetes that would best respond everybody required insight
so your ideally yes the diabetes develops when there is an absolute
deficiency of insulin or your body stops responding effectively to ensue
needed actually who needed insulin so they need to continue for the life long
again this is an ongoing evaluation with your doctor the doctors usually follow
how your blood Sugar’s have been responding your daily insulin needs so
they can stop them in the middle right I mean if when it comes to normal level
what happens is that a lot of people may develop complications like you know they
have kidney complications or you know certain other issues may arise which may
lead to low blood sugars so if the doctors assesses that hey you know this
person does not need as much insulin they may cut down the need for insulin
or you know they can use suppose if a person there was a reason why they were
using insulin yeah so and if this reason it is so insulin is a hormone which an
organ called pancreas it will reduce the incident and this hormone insulin is
responsible for controlling controlling your blood sugar levels yes okay so a
deficiency of this hormone essentially leads to the dye the pooling of this
blood sugars higher blood sugars and subsequent diagnosis of diabetes so what
I was trying to say is I think the thing to include maybe that the decision to
continue medications or insulin or choosing one medication over the other
or choosing one medicine over insulin or choosing one insulin over different
other types of insulin also is very patient specific okay the patient right
and you know what if they have any other for morbidities that they have any other
complications how poor or how good their blood shall control is so that is where
your doctor can help you figure out what would be the best websites and for the
best course of treatment for you thank you so much for joining with us man it
was my view yes absolutely okay BIOS I hope that you find this
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    Blend them all together with purified water and, drink half in the morning and the rest through out the day.
    He didn't say how long to do this. Isn't there a lot of sugar in the fruit?
    Thank you so much for your video and knowledge.

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