How Can you Win your Veterans Disability Claim Using the Chronic Condition Exception?

What is Chronisity and What Does it Mean for your Veterans Disability Claim? Hi, I’m Marc Whitehead, an accredited Veterans disability attorney Although most disability claims require that veterans provide medical evidence of the link between a current disability and a precipitating service incident There are a few special circumstances for which evidence
of a Nexus is not necessary. Chronisity refers to a condition a situation of which a Veteran can
receive benefits because the disability in question in a chronic condition that was diagnosed during a period of service
or at a designated presumptive period. If you feel that your disability could be considered chronic to the VA you’ll need to provide medical evidence showing you
were diagnosed with the condition during service and that a recent medical examination found that you
continue to suffer from the same condition. Though you’ll have to produce statements from medical professionals you wont need to present anything other then diagnosis. The direct service connection is presumed under the policy of Chronisity. Which conditions are considered chronic for the purpose of disability claims There are two ways for Veterans to prove that their current
disabilities falls under the VA’s policies of Chronisity. the first, and easiest, is simply to demonstrate that your illness or impairment is on the list of conditions recognized by the VA as chronic. veterans who’s conditions are on the list can quickly make successful disability claims Even if a long period have time has
transpired since their period of service. As long as they can successfully demonstrate diagnosis of the same chronic conditions during service, and at the present time. If you consider your condition chronic, but it’s
not on the VA’s approved list It still may be possible to successfully argue
your case and receive Veterans Benefits. In this situation it is a good idea to seek the
help of an experienced Veterans advocate or lawyer to build up evidence based on medical reference materials or doctors statements. Making a successful case based on veteran provided evidence is slightly more challenging but still highly possible. Chronisity makes it much easier for Veterans with Long
Term conditions to successfully argue their disability claims and receive the Veterans benefits that they deserve. More information about this topic is provided in my free eBook: Veterans Disability Claims: Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit for a free downloadable copy Or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular Veterans disability issue I’m Marc Whitehead, thanks for watching!