High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : High Blood Pressure Diagnosis

High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : High Blood Pressure Diagnosis

Now we want to look at an actual patient example,
and see how this fits into diagnosing high blood pressure. Any time you’re diagnosing
high blood pressure, or when you suspect somebody has high blood pressure, you need two elevated
readings on two separate occasions. So if I have somebody come into my office, and have
a high blood pressure reading, I’m going to send them home with homework to take their
own blood pressure, and keep that monitored, and come back in one week; two weeks, depending
on how elevated it is. Then we’re going to recheck that when they come back, before we
give the actual diagnosis. We want to look at the JNC7, which is the Joint National Committee
for staging that blood pressure, and the Joint National Committee is a committee of the National
Heart, Blood and Lung Association, that meet to compare research in the area of blood pressure,
and they stage these blood pressures based on methods for long term reduction of strokes
and heart attacks. Here is an example of the Joint National Committee’s blood pressure
staging. One hundred fifty over eighty is optimal; normal blood pressure; 120/80; pre-hypertension,
which is high blood pressure; hypertension; high blood pressure; is 120-139/80-89; stage
I is 140-159/90-99, and stage II is anything over 160/100.


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