High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy – How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy – How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy – How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally In this short but controversial video I’m going to reveal how three easy exercises help drop high blood pressure below 120 over 80 starting today in Fact these simple exercises take as little as nine minutes per day And they’re so easy that almost anyone can do them if you can walk from the living room to the kitchen You could benefit from these blood pressure exercises without breaking a sweat That means you can start lowering your blood pressure today Wouldn’t you feel amazed if for the first time in years you saw your blood pressure numbers under 120 over 80 After doing just one easy exercise for just nine minutes This is by far the simplest easiest and most effective method I know to lower blood pressure without suffering the side effects of prescription medications The cause of your high blood pressure is actually irrelevant Be it genetic high cholesterol stress or other factors The exercises you’re about to learn have helped and believe me. I almost paid for this discovery with my life Like you today. I was a ticking time bomb my average blood pressure was 185 over 129 I should have been dead long ago I guess it was my healthy lifestyle that kept me alive I ate well worked out everyday and took time to relax, but nothing seemed to help with my hypertension Every day I monitored my blood pressure and every day my worries grew it wasn’t just my fear of dying like you I have a wonderful friends and family I Worried about leaving my wife behind to take care of and support our children all alone without them I may have given up I was so desperate that as much as I dislike taking medications I honestly considered that as a possibility and she compared my doctor pushed me pretty hard to start drugs But I resisted and I’ll tell you why Here are some of the shocking facts regarding blood pressure medications I discovered according to a recent study conducted by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine Calcium channel blockers are estimated to cause 85,000 unnecessary deaths every year and You’re 25% more likely to suffer a heart attack if you take these blood pressure medications than if you don’t Not just from thousands of strokes and heart attacks the deaths are also due to gastrointestinal bleeding kidney and liver damage Plus weaker immune systems lead to all kinds of other diseases here’s another example a study published in the respected Lancet, Oncology Revealed that many of the most frequently used blood pressure drugs Seriously increases the risk of cancer and one more from around the world researchers at the University of Denmark reported that a significant portion of cholesterol-lowering drug users over the age of 50 will suffer from nerve damage as a Direct result of using these medications even the news agencies are beginning to open up a little USA Today reported recently that cardiovascular drugs have killed and injured More people than the government has acknowledged I could go on and on But I think you see the point so back to my story I was my life. Clock was rapidly clicking away Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock I was desperately fighting to save my life trying every natural solution. I heard of But nothing seemed to help you may think I’m exaggerating but according to the World Health Organization high blood pressure is the number one cause of death in the world? More than cancer and more than any of the third world diseases It’s sometimes called the silent killer, but I don’t agree with that at all my symptoms were obvious Maybe you’ll recognize some of these symptoms yourself. I was constantly feeling stressed and anxious This is a very common sign of high blood pressure because your arteries are literally succumbing to the pressure Which puts your body in a crisis mode. I had trouble sleeping Sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep other times. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t doze off again This is another common symptom of high blood pressure Very often I had chest pain and other body veins In fact many people have told me that after they lower their blood pressure using my exercises their chronic pain simply disappeared Worst of all and this is a shameful one to admit high blood pressure was taxing my love life I thought this was just a part of Aging But it wasn’t up to 80% of men over 50 who have high blood pressure Also suffers some level of erectile dysfunction because the arteries leading to the genitals are Just as much affected as the arteries leading to other parts of the body After I got my blood pressure under control using the simple exercises. I’m about to teach you all these aggravating health symptoms Disappeared in fact I have more energy Stamina and libido than I did in my 30s No wonder my wife is so happy in addition to the symptoms you experience on a daily basis high blood pressure has been linked to Alzheimer’s and some cancers That’s in addition to of course being the leading cause of death from stroke and heart attack According to research published in 1995 in the archives of internal medicine Reducing blood pressure by only two points causes of 15% reduction in the risk of stroke Imagine or 2030 or even 50 points would do for you if you manage to lower your blood pressure naturally starting today Now you’re probably thinking how exactly do these high blood pressure Exercises work. I’ll tell you in a minute But first for you to understand this exactly. Here’s an important side story you may not get the connection to high blood pressure right away Cut me a little slack And you’ll see this is in fact the key to lowering your blood pressure naturally you see I love horses One day I was watching a TV show about a great horse whisperer called Monty Roberts In front of thousands including the Queen of England he was demonstrating how he trains a wild mustangs Imagine those young stallions straight from the mountains they had never seen cars or human beings in their lives Exposed it to this everything in their blood and genes screams anxiety and fear a Wild horses heart rate and blood pressure have been sky-high since he was taken away from the mountains Fascinated I witnessed how in less than 10 minutes Monty totally shifted the awareness of the tense anxious animal The effects were amazing the horse completely calm down his heart rate slowed down He became totally focused and relaxed and his blood pressure dropped to normal all in less time that it takes to make a pot of tea I Wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes Something had obviously transformed internally. It was a changed horse This immediately got me thinking Could this technique be changed to suit humans instead of horses Could I use this technique to lower my own blood pressure? It was far-fetched but worth a try After all I had nothing to lose and everything to gain With my experience as natural health researcher. I had a clear idea how to do it, and I started working on it right away At the end of the day I began testing my exercises for the next two weeks I changed and improved them two weeks later. I checked my blood pressure It was late August a Sunday afternoon a day. I’ll always remember I Couldn’t believe my own eyes as I read 119 over 76 that’s solidly below 120 80 which is considered a healthy blood pressure my wife was even happier than I she broke into a cry of relief I Never realized how worried she had been about me, and how deeply she loves me till that day our Kids came running into the living room What’s going on and for the longest time we all held each other laughing and crying? Daddy was back to stay For a few weeks my blood pressure rocked a little up and down However, it was never as high as before and for years now It’s been totally normal since then I’ve developed at this technique into three simple exercises that in almost all cases Drastically drops high blood pressure in only a few short days This technique has been proven effective by thousands of clients possibly saving hundreds of lives Their high blood pressure was caused by various things including genetic causes high cholesterol stress and anxiety and Endless other things it doesn’t matter what the main causes the exercises have helped Many of my clients had much higher blood pressure that I did and were on medications for years before they tried my high blood pressure Exercises it worked just as well for them here are just a few examples of people who succeeded with the exercises I Tried all the audios yes today I did not even go walking but chose to tap the knees instead does the audio set I checked my blood pressure before starting 180 over 115 Afterwards after all three audios I checked again 150 over 90 amazing after only one session No one else it seems to deal with the underlying issues causing hypertension. It seems as we age I am 56 We have no way to release this tension without something like you offer from Joseph Ludvigsen Carbondale, Illinois Fantastic Joseph I Downloaded the program at about 10:00 p.m. I did the third exercise only once. I slept 2-3 hours. I began my day At about 11 a.m.. I took my blood pressure the results 127 over 63 high just about fell off the chair, I did not take my meds for pills I know my meds really well. I took my BP again at 5 p.m. the results 132 over 75 no meds Wow I was so busy, I did not do any of the other exercises It is 10:30 p.m.. My BP results 136 over 79 No meds, I will do the third exercise again in 10 minutes and go to sleep Tomorrow, I will do all the exercises now this makes me determined to prove the MD wrong Daniel North Hills, California Amazing Daniel after just at doing one of the exercises My wife is a nurse and she was skeptical about your program now that my blood pressure is under control She has become a believer Ron Baker Greenville, South Carolina, I love that Ron don’t argue with anyone just show them in action I am delighted with the results with your blood pressure program I’ve dropped from around 146 over 92 today’s reading 122 over 74 Ken Brown Exmouth, Utah good work, Ken from borderline high blood pressure down to a healthy level I Believe this is magic. I got your program yesterday and already I feel better I go back to my doctor today. She’ll be happy for me. I really hope to get off this medicine The side effects will kill you I slept all night after doing the evening exercise Thank you so much Jeanne mayor, Washington DC Isn’t that amazing? Now these frontrunners managed to cure their high blood pressure using nothing But simple easy exercises and as you saw some of them literally overnight Now however you’re probably wondering what these exercises are and if they’ll work for you I’ll get to that in a second, but first so you understand how the exercises work. I have to explain What actually causes high blood pressure? It’s probably not what you think first of all you have to realize that your high blood pressure didn’t just happen overnight It’s not like catching the flu Your problem with high blood pressure actually began to develop long before your blood pressure numbers began to rise Most doctors admitted that even if they know about some indicating factors most of the time They have a very little idea. What initially causes high blood pressure to appear in the first place Therefore it’s tough to find a solution You see everyone experiences rises in blood pressure from time to time That’s known under stressful situations or while doing physical workouts But it only becomes a problem if your blood pressure stays high for a long period of time and doesn’t drop while resting When you’re hypertensive your heart, then constantly pumps blood with more force than your arteries can comfortably take Therefore your arteries begin to harden like rusted water pipes Your heart arterial walls tend to get cracks inside them when blood rushes through them with such a high pressure force cholesterol and other slime in the blood gather in these cracked scar tissues inside your arteries Making them even narrower and harder This is how your arteries may look right now Not a pretty sight right at this point a deadly cycle begins Since less blood can now flow through your narrowed arteries your blood pressure increases To deliver enough blood through your narrowed arteries your heart begins to pump with increased force Blowing your blood pressure up through the roof Now your nervous system senses that your blood pressure is too high Normally your body would deal with this problem by simply Widening your arteries. It’s very easy if they were soft and flexible, but they’re not Your arteries have been hardened and were not widened so easily The next thing your nervous system attempts to do is to make the kidneys excrete more sodium and water to decrease the volume of blood running through arteries Less fluid less pressure mission accomplished not quite blood has specific functions Blood delivers oxygen and nutrition to every single cell in your body The drop in blood volume means those cells don’t get their nutrition and they send a deprivation message to the brain Houston, we have a problem Imagine how ground control in the brain experiences this your heart is screaming. I need to pump more blood Faster your kidney scream the blood pressure is dangerously high drop the blood volume cells all over your body scream We’re hungry Give us more blood and your nervous system reports Our normal response to widen the arteries and transfer more blood with less blood pressure has been unsuccessful Something is seriously wrong The part of your brain that controls all automatic responses has only one option It sends out serious messages to all parts of your body We’re now in crisis mode But the crisis mode actually makes things worse every cell in your body now goes into overdrive and gets ready to fight the danger with everything it has and The cells demand much more nutrition than normal to deal with the crisis actually Raising your blood pressure your heart beats harder increasing the already high blood pressure And your kidneys don’t know what to do except. Maybe fail All this may be happening while you sit here relaxed reading these words Unaware that you mainly on the edge of a stroke or a heart attack right now right this minute Everything I’ve explained. There’s a well-known fact in the medical field just ask your doctor The real problem begins when trying to control parts of this vicious cycle for example Medications that increase it fluid at release from the kidneys can temporarily lower blood pressure This however makes everything worse in the long haul because now your heart and cells are deprived of blood volume crisis mode again Plus the side effects from the drugs always screw up something else in the process The only permanent solution for high blood pressure is for you to break this vicious cycle Using the body mind exercises, I learned that day from the horse whisperer I managed it to give my system something. I call a focus to break Let me explain what I mean put yourself in a cartoon you Walk into a meeting room with your heart kidneys brain and a representative from the cells They’re all fighting over how to deal with your heart and arteries and high blood pressure. They all steam from rage and frustration Now imagine if you as a great negotiator Could persuade them all just to calm down Sit back and relax Do nothing for a few minutes. This is what I call a focused break As you all sit there in the meeting room and calm your nerves the solution is obvious to everyone Call off the crisis mode so the cells won’t demand as much blood slow down the heart rate to reduce the pressure on the arteries balance the excretion of sodium and water from the kidneys Working calmly together your body will heal itself All it needs is the focused break for everyone to calm down synchronize and focus on the task on hand And as your blood pressure drops the arteries will soften again The vicious health cycle has been reversed at the risk of stroke or heart attack has dropped to almost a zero It’s actually a little difficult to explain exactly how the exercises work in reality This is one of those things you have to experience to understand That’s why I want you to try the simple blood pressure exercises yourself today What I can tell you is that they take almost no effort You either sit down or walk slowly around the room while performing those easy mind-body exercises So it doesn’t matter. What kind of physical shape you’re in you can do them The simple directions are on audio so all you have to do is follow along There is absolutely nothing to learn and you can begin benefitting immediately after receiving the program You also get a detailed written manual explaining exactly how to do the exercises and how they work so You can also experience the exercises and do them on your own Without the audio portion all depends on what you prefer It doesn’t take long As little as nine minutes a day all three exercises take around 40 minutes But it’s enough to do only one or two of them Plus they’re actually so pleasurable and fun that many people have told me they don’t feel they’re even working at anything If you manage to lower your blood pressure to a healthy level within a week. We’re talking about little more than one hour total One hour of your time is worth, maybe adding 30 good healthy years to your life. Isn’t it I? thought so Just like the wild stallion. I talked about before you’ll feel calm and focused after doing the exercises many clients Tell me about this inner peace. They’ve never experienced before What’s more important is what you do not feel? Since high blood pressure doesn’t always come with a lot of obvious symptoms you may not feel how this team part inside you calms down Nor how the vicious intensity cycle between your heart kidneys and brain is healed, but you’ll be amazed when you check your blood pressure Just imagine your doctors eyes popping out if he or she tested your blood pressure, and it was down to normal He wouldn’t believe it here comes the best part If you naturally bring your blood pressure down to a healthy level you will not be sick for the rest of your life. Why? Because these medications only deal with the symptoms of high blood pressure Once you’re on medications you’re usually on them for life Using these simple exercises however you work on the underlying cause of high blood pressure just Imagine having the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that you are healthy and strong and that you’ll live a long Happy and productive life Knowing that you’ll escape the very terrifying diseases that most people around you die will become disabled by stroke and heart attack Now that you’ve realized these exercises are exactly what you need the next logical question is of course So how much do the exercises cost? To be honest with you I worked a lot on this decision after all I’m often asked why I charge for such important information in the first place One of the a good human and give it away for free my answer is that it creates Commitment after I created these exercises I quickly realized that clients were much more committed to work on the program if they’ve invested a little bit in it You’ll simply value it more and look at the options you have monthly supplies of blood pressure medications run from tens to hundreds of dollars per month One specialist doctor’s visit cost you an arm and a leg This can add to thousands of dollars per year Not to mention the cost of surgery or hospital stay if you suffer a stroke or heart attack Even people with medical insurance sometimes end up bankrupt from hospital bills if their insurance company refuses to pay Or you could spend hours and hours researching healthy diets and lifestyles and try to follow them to a tee The exercises in this program are unique, so you’re not going to find them anywhere else now I have a question for you How much would you be willing to pay for a guaranteed way to lower your blood pressure? And you could be absolutely sure that you would never have to worry about the two major causes of death in the world heart attack and stroke ever again Wouldn’t you want to alleviate the worries of those who love you? They don’t want to lose you, and you don’t want to lose them. Do you you can’t put a price on good health can you? No matter. What ups and downs people go through in life. They always say at least do we have good health why? Because the fact is good health is the most important thing in life So if you were completely guaranteed to bring your blood pressure under control and gain close to perfect health for decades to come You would give up almost anything worldly wouldn’t you? Because we don’t take it with us to the grave. It’s no wonder that my advisors and investors Tell me to charge no less than three hundred dollars for these exercises You would pay a one-time fee of $300 if you were absolutely sure it would eliminate your high blood pressure for good wouldn’t you? But you could never be absolutely sure can you no matter how good the solution is? That’s why I fought my advisors and investors hard refusing to charge it so much I can’t have anyone take advantage of your desperate situation We finally settled on a one-time charge of one hundred and fifty dollars that Includes all three exercises on an audio plus a detailed written guide explaining exactly how to do the exercises most effectively to quickly lower your blood pressure You’ll also get full access to our support team if you ever have any questions Whether it’s how to access the exercises or how to work them But today you will not even have to pay the fair price of one hundred and fifty dollars managed to fight my advisors and investors even harder and For a short period of time I can give you full lifetime access to the blood pressure program at a drastically Reduced price. That’s why today I’m giving you full lifetime access to the three blood pressure exercises and the written guide explaining the exercises in detail for only $49 that’s a whopping 66% discount But hurry because I don’t know how long I can hold my advisors and investors back They really think that the public will be better served by raising the price to one hundred and fifty dollars or even three hundred That way we could spend more money on advertising and therefore spread the information about these powerful blood pressure exercises faster So please click the order button below now to secure your lifetime access to the blood pressure exercise program with a whopping Sixty six percent discount, but wait there is more One hundred percent money-back guarantee, that’s right order the exercises today Experience the amazing drop in blood pressure for yourself Monitor it for some time to make sure this is not just some fluke Go for a physical test if you want to have your heart rate and blood pressure tested under stress In fact while doing the exercise program do anything and everything You want to make sure it delivers every single benefit I’ve listed in this video and permanently heals your high blood pressure And they’ve at any point within eight weeks You are not absolutely thrilled with the results send us an email and my support team will refund your order within 24 hours No questions. Asked. You don’t have to give us any explanation about why you want your money back? Send us an email as simply as refund, please That’s all it takes you can even keep all the material and keep on working the exercises just to make the refund process easier and Just to say thank you for trying So either the exercises will work to completely bring your blood pressure below 120 over 80 or you’ll end up paying nothing I Know that some people could take advantage of this so be it the important thing is that you can begin Lowering your blood pressure today without having to suffer side effects of blood pressure medications Trying to follow a diet that is not humanly possible Telling yourself working out Worrying about money. Why because right now you’re facing the biggest decision of your life And you have three clear choices choice one do nothing let your blood pressure triple inside of you until something gives It could be a month from now tomorrow or even today But having high blood pressure you will most likely eventually suffer either stroke, or heart attack or both Your clock is ticking tick tock tick tock tick tock Every day you weight is a risk you take The only thing you know for sure is if you stick your head in the sand. It’s going to blow up in your face please do something if not for yourself do it for your family and friends because Now there is something you can do choice to take medications you may already be taking some At least you’re considering it I’ve already shared numerous scientific studies proving that blood pressure medications may actually Increase the risk of dying from stroke and heart attack instead of decreasing it and the side effects in fact cause several other

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