High Blood Pressure & Medicine

High Blood Pressure & Medicine

One out of three adults have high blood pressure. If you’re in this group, no doubt you’ve
been told taking blood pressure medication is for life, otherwise you risk having a stroke or heart attack. Taking blood pressure medications doesn’t have to be for life. It is possible to get off blood pressure medications. IF you treat the underlying cause of your
high blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is a sign that you
are developing hardening of the arteries. Your blood vessels are becoming stiff and
less pliable. High blood pressure is a clue that you are
deficient in certain nutrients and/or hormones. Remember, the main premise of integrative medicine is to correct deficiencies and remove barriers that are keeping the body from staying well. The deficiency of nitric oxide is one of the
main causes of high blood pressure. We have known about nitric oxide now for nearly 20 years. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the discovery of nitric oxide in 1998. But very few healthcare providers understand how to increase nitric oxide in the body. Why? Nitric oxide is a gas produced in the body. This makes it very difficult for a pharmaceutical company to make a drug in a pill form. The two best way to increase nitric oxide
are ingesting certain foods, primarily kale and leafy green vegetables, along with the
right level of moderate exercise. There also are very good food based supplements available now to boost nitric oxide levels. Magnesium deficiency is another common cause of high blood pressure. In fact, pregnant women who present to the emergency room with high blood pressure are treated with IV magnesium, not harmful drugs. If you’ve been told you have high blood
pressure, taking medication for life is not necessary and possibly harmful in the long term. Give us a call today to schedule your free
screening to learn more. There is a better way!

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