HeartGuide: Monitor Blood Pressure Anytime, Anywhere

HeartGuide: Monitor Blood Pressure Anytime, Anywhere

Why do you need to check your blood pressure
regularly? Because blood pressure
changes constantly throughout the day. Generally, it is lowest during sleep, begins
to rise shortly before waking, then falls gradually
from early evening and into the night. Participating in physical activity, eating
meals, and factors affecting emotional state like stress and anxiety, also relate closely
to blood pressure fluctuations. Today, nearly 18 million people worldwide
lose their lives due to strokes and heart attacks each year, where high blood pressure
is a key contributor. That’s as many as one in three deaths, making
them the number one killer in the world. When does your blood pressure tend to rise? With HeartGuide, you can check
your blood pressure anytime, anywhere, enabling you to respond to your risks based
on accurate numbers.

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