Heart attack through ‘evil fats’? (2/3) Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Heart attack through ‘evil fats’? (2/3)  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Which foods are
rich in cholesterol? When your factory
in the liver is struggling, and cannot produce
enough cholesterol, it’s a good idea
to give it some help, by eating high –
cholesterol food animal brain. Animal brain,
in all traditional cultures, for thousands of years, was considered
to be a delicacy. This was a precious,
precious food, that was given to the most important
people in the family. To couples, who were
trying to conceive a baby; to a person, who is
recovering from a severe illness. And to a warrior, who came
home wounded from the war, they gave the brains to
eat because they knew it is a healing food. Brains were a sacred food, in the majority of
traditional cultures around the world. Caviar is very
rich in cholesterol. Fish eggs. Of course, it is not a common
food for the majority of people so let’s move on. Cod liver oil – that is a
traditional immune boosting remedy. I am sure, many of you remember your grandmothers and your
parents giving you a spoonful of this stuff every morning
when you were small. Cod liver oil provides
fish oils, it provides a lot of vitamin D, and vitamin A,
in the right proportions. But the richest part
of it is cholesterol. It is very rich in
cholesterol and without doubt, that is the major immune-
boosting part of cod liver oil. Fresh egg yolks give us a nice amount,
as long as they are raw, uncooked. Butter gives us a nice amount, cold-water fish and
shellfish have a high level of cholesterol;
a very good level, and lard – pork fat, beef fat give us nice
amounts of cholesterol. If you look at that,
you can see that fish is almost two times
richer in cholesterol than meat. The majority of doctors
are not aware of this fact, because they tell you
to stop eating meat it’s full of cholesterol. Eat fish instead. They obviously
don’t realize that fish is much richer in
cholesterol than meat. But we need to
eat all of these foods. These are the facts that
people also need to understand: only about 15% of your blood
cholesterol comes from food. Food has very little effect
on your blood cholesterol. The vast majority of it
is manufactured by the liver, in response to what
is going on in your body. If your brain asks for cholesterol, the liver will put it into
the bloodstream, and your blood cholesterol will be high. One cannot reduce blood
cholesterol by diet alone, by reducing fat and
cholesterol in the diet. That doesn’t work. Has been proven in
hundreds of scientific studies. Stopping to eat
eggs and butter will make NO DIFFERENCE to your
blood cholesterol whatsoever. Because, the more
cholesterol you eat, the less your body has
to work hard to produce it. The LESS cholesterol you eat, the more your body
will produce to compensate. It will just have to work harder. Drugs, however, are a
completely different matter. Statins break that factory in
your liver, that produces cholesterol. They break it down. They smash it. As a result, your blood cholesterol goes low, your brain is starving,
your adrenals can’t produce hormones, you
can’t produce sex hormones. In order to have children,
we need sex hormones. In order to procreate. Every sex hormone is
made from cholesterol. People, who go on low-fat diets, and reduce their
blood cholesterol levels, become infertile. They cannot produce children. We have an infertility
epidemic in the western world. Many couples can’t produce
children in the western world. What these ladies and men
need to do is eat cream every day. Butter, eggs, fat –
and they will have a child. Very quickly. And eat brain, and eat
caviar, and cod liver oil. And you will have
a child, in a month! You’ll conceive. These are the common
side effects of statins; they are well-known,
but doctors won’t tell you about them. Heart failure through
co-enzyme Q10 deficiency. This is a chemical, that every muscle in the
body requires in large amounts. It cannot function; muscles cannot function
without this chemical, particularly the heart. The heart never stops;
it works all the time. All through our lives, it requires
large amounts of this substance. Statins stop its
production in the body. People develop a deficiency, and many people die
from heart failure, as a result. Their energy level goes down. What is heart failure,
when your heart is not coping? The first thing that will happen
to you – you are tired all the time. You have no energy. These are the first
symptoms of heart failure. And that’s what usually happens
to people, who start taking statins. They feel tired all the time, have no energy. Statins break
down muscle tissue. Muscles get
dissolved by statins. And that muscle dissolving
turns into debris of protein – bits and pieces of protein –
which go into your blood stream and block up your kidneys. Because your
kidneys have to excrete it. That can cause kidney failure. And when that happens, the
muscles are being broken down by statins people have
pain in their muscles. That’s called rhabdomyolysis; the muscles are
painful; they hurt. And many people who start
taking statins say, “My body hurts. I have aches and pains
in my muscles, everywhere.” It’s a very dangerous side-effect. Because you can
lose your kidneys through this process;
you can develop kidney failure and finish up on dialysis
for the rest of your life. Thanks to these drugs. So kidney damage, kidney
failure due to rhabdomyolysis – a very common side-effect. Liver damage. Because they break down
that factory inside your liver, that manufactures cholesterol. Cholesterol is involved in
thousands of functions in the body; in EVERY organ, every cell of the body. Many of these functions
cannot be accomplished in the body. So, liver damage follows. Known nerve damage –
polyneuropathy, because myelin is being dissolved. Every nerve fibre has
to be coated by myelin. And myelin again
renews itself, all the time. Because these are beautiful
cells that slap themselves on the nerves – these cells don’t
live very long; the die. New cells have to be born. In order to give
birth to new myelin cells, we need cholesterol,
we need saturated fat, we need proteins and other things. And as a result, there is nerve damage,
multiple sclerosis, undoubtedly statin prescriptions contribute to the
multiple sclerosis epidemic, and to other neurological
disorders, neuropathy. Parkinson’s disease –
that’s been proven. Statins cause
Parkinson’s disease. I’ve met so many
people, who are shaking, and I ask them,
“Are you taking statins?” – “Yes. And I’m not going to stop because
I don’t want to die from heart disease.” “But you are developing
Parkinson’s disease, dear.” And Parkinson’s
disease comes with dementia. Who wants to
finish up as a vegetable? Yes, your heart might be
okay, but you’ll be a vegetable. Cognitive decline and
memory loss -we’ve talked about it the brain is a
high-cholesterol organ it starves. Depression, short
temper, violent behaviour. Many wives of men,
who started taking statins, tell me that his personality changed. He became cantankerous. And difficult to live with. And that happens
to women as well. Foetal malformations
if used in pregnancy. Indeed, the foetal malformations
we saw from statin use during pregnancy were WORSE than were found from Thalidomide. I don’t know how many
of you have heard about Thalidomide? These are children, who
finished up with an arm ‘this’ long, and a few fingers at the end. But the malformations
that were caused by statins were even worse;
that is why pregnant women are not given statins. Cancer – statins are a
major cause of cancer. Because in order to deal
with any situation in the body, we need a functional
immune system. The immune system is MADE
out of cholesterol, to a large degree. If you reduce your blood
cholesterol, you have no immune system. It doesn’t work. So you cannot protect
yourself from cancer, infections, or anything else. Let’s talk about
saturated fatty acids, which have been
pronounced ‘evil’ by our mainstream Do you know that the heart
is sitting in a big case of fat? How many of
you have seen a heart? Of a lamb, or a cow, or of
another animal, when they are killed? The heart is about ‘that’ big,
it’s about the size of your fist. You know the size of your
heart is exactly the size of your fist. But around it is fat,
about ‘that’ thick. And that fat is highly saturated
because this is your heart’s energy store. That’s where the energy for the
heart comes from, from this saturated fat. Your heart functions
exclusively on saturated fat. Energy for the heart comes
from fat, not from carbohydrates. Not from glucose,
not from the sugar. It lowers a substance
called Lp(a) in the blood, which has been proven
to cause arteriosclerosis. The more saturated fat we eat,
the lower your level of this substance – Lp(a). It reduces calcium
depositions in your arteries. Because – in order for
us to have vitamin K2 – which makes sure that
calcium goes into your teeth and bones – we have to absorb it. The only way to
absorb it – we need fat. That’s how it absorbs,
and it comes from fats, this vitamin. It is essential for all
tissue repair in the body because a large part of
all membranes in your cells are made of cholesterol;
the other part of it are saturated, fatty acids. We are made from saturated fats;
your body is made from saturated fats and cholesterol to a large degree. They are structural, and
they are essential for the functions. It is a vital part of
every cell membrane; it is essential for us
to use omega-3 fatty acids. Without saturated fat,
we cannot use these fatty acids. They get wasted in the body. It is essential for the
immune system structure and function; essential for the brain
structure and function. And animal fats
are not all saturated. Let’s have a look at
the structure of animal fats. These are the
proportions of pork fat. German people eat a
lot of pork; well done. Pork is good for us. 45% of it is monounsaturated
oleic acid – the same as in olive oil. 11% polyunsaturated, and only 44% saturated. So, strictly speaking,
pork fat is monounsaturated. It is not a saturated fat. And, depending on
how the pigs were reared, how the grew up –
if the pigs grew up on grass, because pigs eat a lot of
grass, they need to grow up in forests. And eat acorns, and chestnuts,
and other things in the forest. The more they grow
on grass, the more omega-3 they have in them, and omega-6, and conjugated linoleic acids, which is very important in
protecting from heart disease. Lamb fat – 38% of it
is monounsaturated, 2% polyunsaturated,
and 58% saturated. The composition of our
own fat, in our human bodies, is the closest to the lamb fat. The composition
of the human fat. Beef fat – again
47% is monounsaturated, 4% polyunsaturated,
and 49% saturated. Butter – 52% saturated, 30% monounsaturated,
4% polyunsaturated. Again, this depends on
what kind of milk it comes from. This is commercial butter. But if you take REAL butter,
from REAL cows, on pasture – that will have much higher
percentage of omega-3 in it, and conjugated linoleic acid. Let’s have a look at
the human breastmilk. If there ever was
the right composition of fats for the human being in foods – that’s it. Human breastmilk is the
perfect food for human beings. 48% of it is saturated. 33% monounsaturated,
and 16% polyunsaturated. That is the right composition
of fats for us human beings. Let’s come to all these
vegetable oils and margarine that the mainstream has
been telling us for decades are good for us. They are vigorously
promoted as heart-healthy; they are full of
very harmful fats. A part of those harmful fats have been
studied quite well, they are called trans-fats. And the research that came
out showed they cause every disease – every degenerative
disease under the sun. And we’ve had this
knowledge since the 1930s. We’ve had scientific studies
since the 1930s that demonstrate that vegetable oils
cause heart disease, cancer, infertility, psychiatric
illnesses, learning disabilities in children,
diabetes, and every other disease. They CAUSE it. Why? Because they are
made out of very fragile polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are easily damaged
by light, oxygen, and heat. That is why Mother
Nature wisely locked these fats within the structure of plants. The lettuce leaves,
the apples, nuts, oily seeds, and other plants. When we eat these plants, in their fresh form, we get
all of these polyunsaturated fatty acids in the right amount, and in
the right bio-chemical shape and form, and they are good for us. But what do we do? We take all that plant
material back to our big factories, we chop it up, and we subject them to high heat, to oxygen, to chemical
solvents, to pressure, to all sorts of things. So all these fragile,
polyunsaturated fatty acids get mutilated. They are chemically
mutilated molecules, which have no
place in the human body. This is pollution. Poisonous pollution
coming into your body. Never, ever buy these
oils; never cook with them. And there is a
big risk in eating out because all our
food in restaurants take-away meals,
and everywhere else – are cooked with
these poisonous oils. Cooking oils,
and vegetable oils. They cause cancer, diabetes,
neurological damage and immune problems; cause arteriosclerosis and heart
disease – this has been proven. They CAUSE
arteriosclerosis and heart disease. They are not just
associated; they actively cause it. They cause infertility; it is a
major factor in our infertility epidemic. They interfere with pregnancies. They are dangerous for
the foetus and the baby. They accelerate ageing. And margarine is
made out of these oils. Your spreadable butter
is made out of these oils. All your spreadable and other butter
replacements are made out of these oils. Nobody should be eating them. Arteriosclerosis –
let’s come to arteriosclerosis. Before I do that, I can feel
a question in some people’s heads. What about plant oils that
are available as supplements? Flax seed oil, hemp oil,
walnut oil, avocado oil, linseed oil? You need to be in
contact with the company. These oils need to be
extracted in vacuum conditions, in cold conditions, and in the dark. And then they need to be
stored in a dark glass in the fridge. Because they get damaged –
these are very fragile fatty acids that get damaged by light,
heat, and oxygen. And you must never cook them. You must never heat them. A lot of oils, I’m afraid, on the market,
that are sold as supplements, are rancid, oxidised already. If there is a rancid
smell, don’t use it. No matter, how
much you paid for it. Just eat fruit and vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds,
pumpkin seeds – particularly sprouted – you’ll get
plenty of these oils for your body. Because the human body needs
only very little omega-3 and omega-6. Only a tiny amount. We don’t need a lot of them. Less than 3%. 97% of your fat
consumption must be animal fats. Because they provide the right
composition of fatty acids for your own body. For your physiology. Right. What is arteriosclerosis? We now know – a plethora of scientific studies has
shown that it is an inflammatory condition. It’s inflammation,
through and through. Let’s have a look at it. – What happens
with arteriosclerosis? All our blood vessels,
and those inside our heart, are lined by a layer of
cells called endothelium. Inside your heart,
inside your arteries, inside your capillaries,
your veins – it’s all endothelium. It’s an amazing
organ, endothelium. It produces
hormones, and it decides, what should come from the blood
into the tissues, and what shouldn’t. Anything toxic that
gets into your body – whether it’s a virus,
a bacterium, a chemical, mercury, lead, anything else – sooner or later
finishes up in your blood stream Because that’s your motorway
system in the body, your blood. It carries things around. When these things finish up in
your blood, what are they going to do? They are going to attack. They attack your endothelium. They cause a wound in
the endothelium, damaging it. When there is a
wound, in the body, the first thing that happens –
that place, that is producing these substances called
cytokines, and eicosanoids, which run to the liver, and say,
“Ding, ding, ding – we need cholesterol! We need saturated fat! – There’s an injury, I need to heal it!” So the liver
switches on that factory, manufactures cholesterol,
manufactures saturated fatty acids, packages them into
LDLs, and other shuttles, and sends them to
that place to heal them. To heal the wound. How does healing happen
in the human body, with any wound? Whether you’ve
scratched your skin, whether you’ve bit your
tongue, or anything else has happened to you? Or you had surgery;
your tissue was cut? There are two partners
in healing in the body. One is inflammation,
the second one is repair. So when there is an injury, the
body switches on inflammation first. What is inflammation? The immune system comes –
immune cells, they are like an army, like soldiers in an army. They kill the enemy, and they clean away the debris. They clean the site. That’s what inflammation does. It’ll destroy the virus,
destroy the bacterium, or neutralize those
chemicals that caused the wound inside your artery. And then they clean the place up. Remove all the debris. Because these immune cells, macrophages,
they swallow the debris. They gobble them
up inside themselves, and then they move away. They remove all this debris,
they leave the place clean. Once the place is clean, the
second partner comes in, called ‘repair’. What does repair do? Repair, first and
foremost, grows collagen. Remember, your body is made
out of collagen, to a large degree. These are the molecules,
that hold us together. It will grow collagen,
a network of collagen, like a network of
wires, across that wound, to seal it, like a bandage,
across that wound to seal it. And at the same time,
this process starts giving birth to new cells of endothelium,
to repair that place. And these cells then
hold themselves onto the collagen fibres; onto
that network of fibres in there. And before you know it – in a
few hours – that wound is healed. As if nothing has
happened in your artery. This is a natural process;
and this process begins in the foetus before the baby is even born. Because even in the
foetus – as soon as their vascular system is formed, their
little heart is formed, and their arteries are formed, inside
the baby, inside the womb – poisons and toxins
from the mother start getting into that
blood, and start causing injury to the endothelium. So this process
begins even then. And it goes on in all of us, all
of our life – inflammation, repair – an hour, maximum. A couple of hours
and the place is healed, as if nothing happened
in your artery at all. It’s a beautiful process,
and this process worked for us for hundreds of millions of years. Perfectly well. Until we invented something. To stop that process. So, what is arteriosclerosis? It’s an inflammation out of control. What we human
beings have invented we invented
processed carbohydrates. We invented things made out of
sugar, flour, soy flour, and vegetable oils. All your breakfast
cereals are poisons. Nobody should be eating them. Sugar is a poison. THE most addictive
substance in the world. Modern bread, pastries,
pasta – all these sorts of things. What are they? They are processed carbohydrates. When these things come into your
stomach, into your digestive system, they are pre-digested in the
factories, by the food industry. They require virtually no digestion. They get broken down
very quickly, and they absorb in the form of
molecules of glucose. Glucose is in our blood, but the human body
controls it within certain limits. Because too high,
too low can kill. It’s dangerous. Glucose can be
very, very damaging. When you ate your pasta, or you ate your white
bread with your jam in the morning, and a bit of margarine on top, there’s a huge amount
of glucose that absorbs into your blood stream. Uncontrolled. It’s an absolute attack. So what does the body do? In this situation – it sends
a shock signal to the pancreas, to produce insulin. In uncontrolled amounts,
because the function of insulin that’s a hormone – to remove glucose
out of the blood, into the cells, into your
muscles, into your fat tissue, into other cells in the body. Because every cell in the
body has little doors on it – glucose itself cannot
open those doors. Insulin is the key that
opens these little doors, and pushes the
glucose into the cells. In normal amounts, the cells can
use glucose for production of energy. In the vast majority
of the human body, the cells use fat for
the production of energy, actually. Contrary to the
mainstream propaganda, which comes from the
manufacturers named by Lucas. It’s not Glucose that
produces energy for you, it’s fat. The source of
energy in the body is fat. But many cells can use
glucose as a form of energy. However, every cell in the
human body has only a limited ability, how much
glucose they can take in. If the person has sugar and
these sorts of things only occasionally, insulin will be produced, it will remove all
that excessive glucose out of your blood
stream, into the cells. The cells will process it –
and the body can cope. But – what do people do? What do our children do? From a very young age? They have sugary
breakfast cereal in the morning, then they eat
sandwiches for lunch, crisps in the middle,
and they eat pasta in the evening, and lots of sweets, chocolates,
and soft drinks in between. A bottle of Coca-Cola has
eight teaspoons of sugar in it. And it absorbs in seconds. It’s pre-digested. Your digestive systems
have nothing to do with it, it just floods into your blood stream. So, if that situation
continues, day after day, week after week, year after year – the cells in the body
say, “I’ve had enough. I can’t take this glucose
anymore, it’s too much!” The way they say it is by destroying
those little doors on their wall That insulin opens. They become insulin-resistant. They stop responding
to insulin, these cells. That is the beginning of diabetes. What can the body
do in that situation, because the person
continues eating bread, continues eating breakfast
cereals, continues eating pasta, and all these other
processed carbohydrates. The body starts
producing MORE insulin. And MORE insulin. Insulin is a master
fat-storage hormone in the body. The person finishes up
with a high level of insulin all the time. They store everything
they eat as fat as a result. A piece of lettuce
will go into your thighs. Straight away. Because that’s the only
thing that can be done. A high level of insulin is a cause
of the obesity epidemic in our world. And high levels of insulin are
caused by processed carbohydrates soft drinks, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cakes, sugar, bread, pasta. Apart from that, there’s
another function insulin does, when there is too much
insulin in the bloodstream inflammation is
initiated in the body, but insulin will
never allow it to stop. Because insulin is a
pro-inflammatory hormone. It causes inflammation in the
body, and it will not allow it to stop. So the person finishes up
in a pro-inflammatory state. Their body is constantly inflamed. Every organ, everywhere. And that is the
basis now, we know, with our recent scientific
studies – that is the basis for the formation of cancer;
cancer is an inflammation. Formation of mental illness – these people are in
a pro-inflammatory state; diabetes, obesity and all
the other degenerative diseases. A pro-inflammatory state. The majority of
the western population are constantly in a
pro-inflammatory state because of what they are eating. Because they are piling
in glucose into their bodies, in uncontrolled amounts,
and think that this is good. Because that is what the
mainstream propaganda has told them for years. So, inflammation is out of control. So let’s come back to that
little wound inside your artery. Something caused a wound in there, inflammation is launched –
it killed the enemy, it cleaned the site, so the repair comes in
now, to repair the place. But inflammation can’t stop because insulin is too high in the body. And because the person
is eating breakfast cereals, and continues eating sweets,
and continues drinking soft drinks. Inflammation doesn’t stop;
inflammation is the destroyer. So the repair is trying to
build those collagen fibres to put the mesh over the wound,
put the bandage over the wound. And tries to build new cells,
new baby cells in there, into that mesh. While inflammation is
destroying all that, tearing it apart. So, as a result,
instead of being partners, brothers, as they used to be – inflammation and repair – they become enemies. They start fighting each other. Right there inside your artery wall. So, as soon as the repair –
repair needs cholesterol as soon as the repair
tries to build collagen, new cells, repair this place, all these
substances get torn apart, and destroyed by the inflammation. So the place of that
damage, instead of healing, turns into a pile of
rubbish, into a never-healing ulcer inside
your artery wall. That is what
arteriosclerosis is. It is not a lump of fat and
cholesterol stuck to your wall. It is a never-healing
ulcer inside your artery because of what you are eating. There are 3 stages to
the development of this ulcer. In the first stage, the damage is
done, inflammation gets in there, kills the enemy, cleans the place. And repair starts repairing. In the second stage, the
two are fighting each other. Inflammation would not go away. Repair is trying to repair it,
and they continue fighting each other. This second stage can last years. 20 years in your body. You don’t know what’s
going on in your artery, it might be going on in
several places in your artery, you have no idea that it is going on. Depending on your diet,
depending on what you are doing, that ulcer can get smaller,
or it can get bigger. If you read a good book,
or went to a conference like this, and stopped eating
sugar and breakfast cereals, and vegetable oils, and other processed
carbohydrates, then the repair will win. Inflammation will go away, repair will win,
and it’ll heal that ulcer. And you don’t need to know about it. It’ll disappear, and it’ll
never do you any damage. You don’t need to know about it. But if you don’t know,
and if you continue eating what the doctors are telling you to eat, and you continue eating
what the mainstream is telling you to eat, then the inflammation will win. And if the inflammation wins, it takes
this ulcer to the third and final stage, which is the third stage plaque, and that is the cause of all
heart attacks and other disasters. It causes 76% of all
fatal heart attacks. Let’s look at this
ulcer, what’s in it? A third stage
arteriosclerotic plaque? 68% of it is fibrous
repair tissue – collagen. That bandage, that repair
is putting on top of that wound. One bandage, another
bandage, another bandage inflammation keeps tearing them apart. And repair keeps fighting and
fighting and building new bandages. So, 68% of that is those bandages,
in the arteriosclerotic plaque, collagen. 8% is calcium because calcium is always
in the blood, it floats about, and it has the ability to get attached to all the debris,
to all the damaged tissues, to calcify them. 7% inflammatory cells. Inflammation is very
active in that place. 1% foam cells, these are macrophages,
immune cells that swallowed lots of debris. And they changed their appearance,
and the science calls them foam cells. But they are immune cells. And only 16% of that is
lipid-rich necrotic core, that is the big rubbish
dump inside your artery wall. Where all the debris, the dead cells,
destroyed cholesterol, destroyed fats, destroyed other
tissues – accumulate. Because inflammation keeps
destroying tissues in there. And 74% of all fats in
the core are unsaturated. Where do they come from?