Heart Attack: Important Things You Should Know

Heart Attack: Important Things You Should Know

Hello friends. Welcome once again to health
made easy. Friends and today’s video we will talk about health Problem if we hear about
it we also try to correct our diet exercise and other activities. But after a few days,
things get old. And Return to the old Lifestyle Slowly. Friends you understood right, I am
talking about the heart attack. In today’s video, we are going to see what is Heart Attack
and the most important thing why does it occur. Friends in medical terminology heart attack
is called cardiac arrest or coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease or Myocardial
Infarction. Friends as we all know that our heart pumps from the day we born till our
death continuously. And heart needs blood supply for the functioning of itself also.
Heart get this blood supply from three main arteries. When due to some reasons the blood
supply in any one or more of these arteries gets reduced. Then that artery which supplies
to a specific part of the heart. The functioning of that part of the heart get reduced And
gradually stop down. Many times it happened suddenly. And when it happens suddenly this
condition is called a heart attack. Friends among the main reasons for a heart attack
90% of the people have the blockage of high cholesterol and triglycerides. And due to
this cholesterol and triglycerides, the inner space of arteries gets reduced Progressively.
And as you can see in this picture our arteries contain two layers. One is an outer layer
and other is an inner layer. Until whenever this cholesterol gets deposited in our arteries.
This inner layer protects our arteries from blockage. But when this deposit exceeds over
the limit. The pressure inside the artery gets become high and this inner layer burst.
And due to bleeding at that spot, a clot is formed which causes Complete blockage of the
artery. And due to this choking the supply of that particular part of heart stops. And
this condition is called a heart attack. Apart from this people may have another kind of
problems also like Failure of the heart valve or hole in the heart. There are some problems
also which are genetic And seen by birth sometimes. Friends the perfect sign to recognize a heart
patient is, if any person feels heaviness while walking fast, but while working normally
or sitting the person does not feel any discomfort and the person feels completely normal. As
soon as he increases the speed of walking or try to run or climb stairs. He starts feeling
heavy or pain in the chest. As he increases the speed, the heaviness also increases. And
when he takes rest he becomes normal. This sign is a perfect sign. So friends if you
are also feeling this thing in your body from last some time. Then you should become alert.
And you should consult your physician and get diagnosed. Friends apart from this there
are also some signs which are also seen in heart patients. And these signs can develop
the condition of heart attack later on. These common signs are like chest pain, Heaviness
which may increases towards left side of chest sometimes. Apart from this heaviness in the
chest after eating. Apart from this increased heartbeat often. Apart from this many patient
don’t feel heaviness and burning in chest. But they always feel uncomfortable. Apart
from this many people do not have any kind of symptom. Whenever they walk fast or go
upstairs they feel Breathlessness. Breathlessness while walking with some weight. Whenever they
take rest they feel comfortable in breathlessness. If you are feeling any one of these symptoms
in your body from last some time. Then do consult your physician and get yourself a
proper check-up. So friends in today’s video we knew what is Heart Attack and why does
it happen. I hope you will like today’s video. If you like today’s video. Then give us one
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