Heart Attack: Early Signs and Symptoms – Lakeview Hospital

Heart Attack: Early Signs and Symptoms – Lakeview Hospital

(gentle guitar music) – Well the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack sometime
are extremely vague. They can have nausea,
they can have dizziness, they can have back pain, shoulder
pain, neck pain, jaw pain. They can have even abdominal pain, and sometimes things happen and they tend to deny that
that’s what’s happening. They have another reason for why they’re having these symptoms. And the problem is, they can
be masking a heart attack and the early signs are easier to treat. Kind of listen to your body. If you tend to get heartburn
normally, it might be heartburn If you take something that
usually works for your heartburn, and it doesn’t work, then
probably you should start being a little concerned,
especially if they are in conjunction with other symptoms. If you have that nausea
and heartburn feeling along with an ache in your shoulder, or if you have jaw pain
that doesn’t feel right, that doesn’t feel like it’s a tooth. Then if things seem
too not normal for you, you need to listen to your own body, but also, don’t talk yourself
out of those kinds of things. It really is a fine line. Time is muscle, and 85%
of your heart damage occurs in the first two hours when you’re having a heart attack. All the literature for
early heart attack care says “heart attacks have beginnings” and those are your beginning signs, and if you catch things in the beginning, you can, perhaps even ward off the big heart attack. We have a wonderful cath lab here. We have wonderful cardiologists, very intelligent, very kind, very up-to-date. We are on call 24/7. Women are very different; a lot of times their chest pain and heart
attacks are much more subtle. Sometimes they’ll never have a chest pain, they’ll have back pain,
they’ll have nausea, they will have extreme fatigue, they will have symptoms
that they really can more readily excuse away. If this is something
that is not your norm, then you definitely need to get help, and calling 911 is not a crazy thing, it’s going to save your heart muscle. (gentle guitar music)


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  4. Ok so I'm 14 and slightly overweight and I keep having pain in my upper right chest I know I'm probably just freaking myself out but I'm afraid I might have a heart attack

  5. what's the point of catching early signs or having the heart attack it's self? either way you are just gonna crack and saw open the chest bone and do open heart surgery.. so it's not avoidable

  6. I realized I’m getting my period in dew days.
    My shiatsu and Accupuncture been working on my heart ❤️ blood deficiency. Also I have not been exercising as much.

  7. Early sign not mentioned much,profuse sweating,like rain over face,possibly no pain,nausea,fatique,and there may not be be mention feelings both hot and cold with flu like symptoms

  8. Im almost 14 and ive been having symptoms for 24 hours but ik also super scared to go to the doctors and isnt it irreversible by now

  9. I have horrible anxiety disorder and i confuse my panic attacks with my heart issues so this didnt help much good video though

  10. «  panic attach and all heart attack it can happen naturally but also some medications can cause it , in Belgium everlasting racists they can arrange fews special aircrafts have softwares of toxic and others distance chemicals weapons for harmful distance can cause heart attack and they can use to develop stomachs cancer, it happened to me for there selfish reasons but did not developed , even now we talking fews aircrafts top of my building to lie worldwide are there ,we pray for the best things to happen in worldwide, thank you

  11. I dont have any pains but I was using high nic ratios in my vape and my heart feels like it beating an extra beat so like instead of 2 beats it's like 3. Was feeling nauseous as well

  12. My chest has been hurting for like a week, whenever I wake up it feels like I’ve been stabbed in the chest, when I laugh it hurts REALLY bad and when I sit up it hurts

  13. दिल की बीमारियों से बचना है तो ये वीडियो देखिए

  14. i’m too scared to watch this video but i’m 13 and i can’t get it out of my head of i might have a heart attack i keep having trouble breathing and i’m also scared i have breast cancer and i don’t want to talk to my mum cause if it’s just me i’m going to seem dumb and she not here the now and i’m feeling like i can’t breath and like there’s a ball in my throat and like under my collar bone hurts rlly bad and i just want to hug her but i can’t cause she’s not here and i’m crying i don’t know what to do anymore i need advice

  15. I had a heart attack at a very young age — 38 years old. It happened in 1967 so the technology’s and treatments was more basic then. The only thing not so good I re diet was smoking a pipe anyway I followed the docs advice and really really watched what I ate. I had another heart attack In the 1990’s but I recovered again. I Swamy’s had to eat well as much possible!

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