[Applause] [Music] what’s up everybody and welcome back to another video now this video I want to talk about something that’s very serious something that we really should be taken into the situation every day and that is eye health um I got a scare the UH Monday my blood pressure was very very high and you know the blood pressure that that affects your heart in the way that your blood flows to your heart so with my blood pressure being high that means my blood cannot flow like it should in my body because there’s extension amount of fat that is clogging my arteries and the veins in my body that allows the blood to flow through so with that being said my BMI and my fat is just way too high for my body so I have been saying for a long time I’m really gonna give us health tripping like you do good for a while then you stop and go back to your bad eating eatin ways stop exercising all that stuff and for the last couple of weeks for the last two weeks I haven’t been to the gym pretty much because of my work schedule and then school I’m trying to I go to work early so therefore I can’t it’s very hard to do the gym when I have to do school work too and things that I do the same day so it’s kind of hard to actually get the work done and didn’t have to go to work and they tried to watch those of it so it’s like time management really got me at got me crazy right now but um that’s my hope another job but you know but seriously seriously it really gave me a scare because it was very high high higher than I’ve ever seen it and I’ve always kind of dealt with that kind of being a crazy number out of the normal range but thankfully everything else with me was good the only thing that was really wrong was to BMI in the blood pressure everything else was good but I really want to get that under control and I saw something I don’t know if it should be worse than that but I don’t want to find out if it works or not so I’ll let you guys know in the next clip but I’m gonna try that out and and see if that works so I want to go tonight hopefully and get what needs to be required for it I would take my blood pressure before I take it and then I would take my blood pressure after I drink the concoction and I really want to get back onto my my healthy churning y’all um there’s so much healing in just natural remedies we don’t have to take medication for everything that’s what the doctors don’t tell you they want you to buy all these medications to you know keep them getting money that keep their cash flow going but if we were just to do research of our own we can find that there are a lot of healthy remedies natural remedies that we can use to aid our bodies God put everything on this green earth for us to use and so why not use it so I’m this is gonna be like my healthy journey to my heart my healthy journey like I wanted to it naturally I don’t really care for medications they played with your body in the long run I’ve seen them happen to a family member so to my medication can’t affect your body in the bad way so I don’t want to keep pumping my body with medicines that I don’t need when I can use the natural remedies to get my body what it needs and to be honest natural is the better way anyway because there’s no side effects at least I don’t know any side effects unless you might be allergic to something but it’s natural and it’s good for the body is great for the body so I will be doing that so we’re gonna go into this whole next thing when I’m gonna try so hopefully it works you guys so stay tuned and we want to see if this gets the blood pressure down is it will it work okay you guys now here is the blood pressure monitor that I’m going to use to check my blood pressure is rely on it’s a good brand it cups the upper arm I want to get the ones that do the wrist but um we’re gonna do this and see how it goes we’re gonna see what the number is so here we go okay and here’s the number you guys so I am 145 over 91 that’s pretty hot Norma number is 120 over 80 but when I went out the day my numbers like 100 I go 100 so it was very very high my fact I’m gonna show you guys that hey she checked my blood pressure three times Monday and here were the numbers first time second time third time and all numbers were extremely hot and especially the bottom number so still this number is high and my doctor had put me on some medication but um I just stopped taking it mainly because I just I just don’t like medication you guys I would rather try something else and I just know I had to get this weight off of me that is the biggest thing and problem where this all occurs is my weight well not so much everybody because I know people who are small and didn’t just have high blood pressure so let me take that back it’s not just being over overweight but I just like for me and my reasons it’s because of my weight because I wasn’t this way when I was smaller so it’s mainly my weight and going wrong with just bad eating habit so I just have to change all of that room because I do know someone who has changed their life and has been totally vegan and has came off their medication completely so it in there fits very fit very smaller than what I am and has who had high blood pressure problems all her life so it’s not so much weight it’s just eating habits and what we put in our body our body just absorb didn’t digest everything so it doesn’t just go in your way but I just like for me and if me being me I think that’s where my problem comes from because I have lost weight to instant see the numbers as you go down so I know for me micariff I for me that’s what my issue is and if it’s not and I know I have to change my eating habits but um yeah so we’re gonna get this all under control but I want to try this mixture and I want to get this up tonight like I said and we’re gonna try this out see this is work and I’m gonna check my blood pressure before I take it and that this is what it is at like 12 something in the afternoon with me taking my blood pressure this is what it is so we’re gonna see what it is today later on tonight when I get everything in check it so yeah let’s get to you guys it’s this time this time okay so I came across this concoction this morning and what you do to lower your blood pressure in one minute is well it does what it’s taste but I don’t think it’s gonna be one minute but we’re gonna see but what you have to do is you have to get one beat one carrot one Apple one cup of water and some ice and you blend it all up in the blender and you drink it and they claim that in one minute your blood pressure will be low so we’re gonna see if it works those numbers from Monday visit first number got at the top in the bottom but it’s a little weird um work stressed me out tonight yeah debt alright you guys is all blended up and we about to drink this I’m gonna see how I work so here we go you guys here it is I’ll blend it up I’m kind of nervous to drink this but uh because the beat is wrong snails wrong too very thick I need to go get a straw can you carry my love carries but it’s not too bad it’s not bad tasting I guess because the have made it more a sweeter my carrot so it’s not too bad like yours this boat stick hmm that’s real thick I had to go get a strop of this thank God it’s not bad tasting though something bullying all the way but this Ricky big I’m gonna working on you guys it’s not bad tasting it’s just raw like I said so yeah now this is taking me a few minutes to finish but I’m almost there you guys um we working on it all right you guys finished although it’s gone and this was like okay this is the third tooth this is a 32 ounce cup and it wasn’t him I always pull it up but him so now no one minute hmm well dad didn’t work you guys actually the number raised so we’re gonna take the blood pressure again and I’m gonna put this camera down because maybe that’s why I’m making the ekor so one minute trick does not work only number that you improve was the bottom number don’t take more than just I mean hit for few minutes to actually work very working my system but we’re gonna check it in the morning and see how that goes all right you guys good morning and now we are about to check and see what blood pressure is this morning after hours of drinking the beet carrot apple or I blamed so we’re gonna see did it work so you guys check this out it’s even lower it’s even lower than it was last night so it is gradually going down down down down down and this is that nice up in this morning so I feel how we play that like eight hours later it’s down didn’t work so I want to say that uh yeah I mean I know I have read up on this and beets have a lot of great you know benefits health benefits I want to definitely incorporate that and just a lot of fruits and vegetables in my diet because those are the things that I’ve been missing and I’m really just tired of this down rollercoaster of being healthy women and slacking off and blow me to the Oh even Handy’s I wanna have the really really really portion size myself exercise get more active and continue to be that way but rest of my life mainly because I want my health and Cydia is greatest and this is very important make it like I said this you know having high blood pressure and extreme high blood pressure it affects your heart it’s like a silent delat deadly killer of the meaning many people in especially african-american says music all we know in our life is season it soft you know and we put too much in things that we eat and that’s just the way that we were raised up but it’s time to change that that cycle so many have passed away from the strokes and heart attacks and stuff pretty much because of high blood pressure and yeah and I can definitely tell that my blood pressure has gone down with us coming home last night my chest felt very funny funny and now it doesn’t flow that way yeah so it worked guys it worked and yeah so come and like and subscribe and I see you guys in the next video [Music]

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