HCA Doc Minute – Heart Disease

HCA Doc Minute – Heart Disease

(uplifting music) – Dr. Charlie Phillips, I’m a cardiologist with Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists. Coronary artery disease also known as coronary heart disease also know as atherosclerotic coronary
disease is also called hardening of the arteries. It is the most common serious
health problem in our society. It is the number one cause of death and premature disability in our society. All adults are at risk. All adults are at risk, the older one gets the greater the risk. Identified risk factors
include increasing age, male sex, cigarette smoking,
high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity
and probably inactivity. Family history is also a significant risk. Signs and symptoms, there might
not be any for a good while but things to be on the look out for chest discomfort, central
chest pressure, squeezing, tightness usually associated
with physical exertion or emotional distress, also
unexplained shortness of breath. Multiple treatments are
available these days including medications,
Coronary Angioplasty using balloons, stents or similar devices or Coronary Artery Bypass surgery. The best treatment for a given individual is determined by the extent and severity of that patient’s coronary
disease in terms of blockages and the patient’s level
of cardiac function. (uplifting music)

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