Expert advice on how to reduce hypertension

Expert advice on how to reduce hypertension

So, hypertension or high blood pressure as
we all know it as can be dramatically improved by simple lifestyle changes. So, things like
exercise has been shown to dramatically reduce high blood pressure. If you take 30 minutes
of exercise five times a week, that has been shown in some studies to reduce blood pressure
by up to five millimetres of mercury. Other things that are important are diets. So, increasing
your consumption of fruits and vegetables, decreasing your consumption of fast food particularly,
which is high in salt and processed food and microwave meals will improve your blood pressure.
All of those foods have high salt content and we know that having too much salt in your
diet can contribute to high blood pressure. Alcohol consumption has also been linked to
having high blood pressure. So, a reduction in your alcohol consumption can improve your
blood pressure. Smoking is another bad thing for high blood pressure, but also contributes
to coronary artery disease. So, if you’ve stopped smoking, that will not only improve
your blood pressure, but also improve your overall health and particularly your risk
of having a heart attack or a stroke.



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  6. Same old , same old. And yet, billions will still die of heart disease, diabetes, kidney failuire and stroke after following this advice. Are they EVER going to pay attention to the new research? I also see many doctors still using the 120/80 gauge when it's been well established that this is too low.

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