Drs. Rx: The Secret Weapon to Lower Blood Pressure

seventy-five million Americans have high blood pressure think about that number high blood pressure we call it a silent killer because you don’t always know you have it that’s one in three people many undiagnosed also could be adding to that number and it was a contributing cause to more than four hundred ten thousand deaths back in 2014 we know diets high in unhealthy fats sodium processed fried fast foods can be a big part of the problem we’ve always stressed the importance of diet that includes plenty of leafy greens we talk about fruits and vegetables but I’m going to reveal the mean green secret weapon and this may help lower your blood pressure drew it’s the starch rule by dark drooling you love this more than life itself you love this food so much we’re talking arugula this guy loves arugula and I’m gonna tell you what’s interesting arugula has six times the amount of nitrates compared to regular lettuce oxide that can relax blood vessel and maybe help lower blood pressure the beauties all leafy greens will help you in that regard so when you’re gonna order a salad or maybe make one home throw in some arugula from time to time it’ll cha one of my favorites too dr. o I haven’t always and you like it plain just as it is it’s a little bitter for me not gonna lie I need to mix it in with her with things like spinach I can’t just do a full arugula salad well I can I can really box of that arugula they just plain literally are like a couple of years it’s a leafy green part a you

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