Drs. Rx: Lower Blood Pressure with a Nap?

Drs. Rx: Lower Blood Pressure with a Nap?

Anyone wanna guess what I’m doing? Napping. You know what else I’m doing by napping? Resting. Yes. And I’m naturally lowering my blood pressure without a pill, and that’s today’s Drs prescription. (audience clapping) Naturally lower your blood pressure by taking a nap. A new study had Greek researchers looking at folks and they found that a midday nap was associated with a five point drop in systolic blood pressure. And of course systolic is that top number, right when your heart’s beating, the highest pressure in your vessels when your heart beats. The study looked at more than 200 people with well-controlled blood pressure who snoozed for, on average, about 15 minutes during the day. And they concluded that that drop of five was associated with that midday nap. And that would be similar to say, reducing your salt or maybe alcohol intake, even some low dose blood pressure medicines. If you get a five point drop, you’re satisfied. That’s great.
Yes, yeah. Now, here’s the deal, you may not have 15 minutes every single day for a midday nap but we talk about power naps all the time. If you have the ability, just take a real… It’s almost like a little meditation. Take some deep breaths, we know that decreases the stress response so this makes sense. I am a little bummed out though. Why? I do not do well with naps. Really?
I can’t take a nap. I’m an excellent napper.
Yeah, I’m with you, Nita. Thank you. (audience laughing) But I think the take away here is– Diet and exercise give all the good measures. Diet, exercise, but don’t forget the impact that stress has on your blood pressure. And it may not be a nap, but if you’re in the middle of your day and you realize… In fact, I just realized that we’ve had a long day here, right? Even just taking a brief moment to take a nice deep breath, just to calm down that stress response can do wonders for your blood pressure and don’t forget, blood pressure, what is it? It’s invisible. So you can be walking around with high blood pressure and you don’t know it. So always know what your blood pressure is. If you missed anything on today’s show, please visit us at thedoctorstv.com


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