Dr. William Jaffe – Cardiologist – Profile

Dr. William Jaffe – Cardiologist – Profile

My name is Dr. William Jaffe, I’m a
non-invasive preventive cardiologist I’m from, originally from Philadelphia
Pennsylvania and I’ve been out in Arizona for approximately ten years. From the
time I was a little guy my father was a family practitioner and I saw the
relationships he had with his patients and I would always be hanging around his
office, so, from the time I was a little guy, I would see the relationships he had
and how happy he was and you know everyone kind of looked up to him and I
kind of idolized from that standpoint and that’s something I wanted to
follow in his, in his footsteps, it’s kind of how I initially got into
want to be a physician. I just tried to really take care of patients like
they’re my family, you know, every person in life, whether
you’re a doctor or lawyer, government official, teacher, you have an experience
of being a patient and I’ve been a patient before in my life and that, I try to
treat patients one to one, just the way we’re talking like this here, that no
one is above anyone else. From my heart, my core that’s what I try to do, is really
treat each patient like they’re a friend or a family member and you know talking
just as they would want to be talked to someone else. I had a patient, husband
and wife, I was taking care of the husband, his wife, who I became friendly
with, stated she was starting to have some shortness of breath and coughing up
blood, didn’t have any money at all, they were a very low income level, so I began
seeing her on the side and then talking on the phone and trying to help get her
taken care. I was able to get some tests done, chest x-rays, cat scans, all
under covered care and she ended up having a significant lung cancer that had moved throughout her body and there was an organization that takes care of
people when they don’t have insurance at the time and we were able to get her
chemotherapy and she had surgery and you know, she lived a good life for an extra
year and was able to spend time with her family. When she passed away, her family
came in after the funeral, thanking me for everything that I’ve done,
was really a real touching moment. One of the best patient stories that I’ve

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