Donating Blood to Prevent Heart Disease?

Donating Blood to Prevent Heart Disease?

[Music] back in the early 80s a pathologist in florida suggested that the reason premenopausal women are protected from heart disease is that they have lower stores of iron in their body the thought was since oxidized cholesterol is important in atherosclerosis an oxidation is catalyzed by iron maybe the lower iron stores are menstruating women reduce their risk of coronary heart disease this novel suggestion that the longevity enjoyed by women over men might relate to the monthly blood loss was remarkable but is it true well the consumption of heme iron that iron found in blood and muscle is associated with increased risk of heart disease each milligram a day was associated with a 27% increase in risk but heme iron is found mainly in meat so it’s possible some of the other constituents and meats such as saturated fat and cholesterol are responsible for the apparent link between heme iron and heart disease if only we could find a way to get men to menstruate then we could finally put the theory to the test well what about blood donations why just lose a little every month when you can donate a whole unit at a time this study Nebraska suggested that blood donors seemed to be have reduced risk with another study in Boston failed to show any connection to resolve this question once and for all one would really have to put it to the test take people at high risk for heart disease randomly bleed half of them and then follow them all over time and see who gets more heart attacks maybe it could turn the old bloodletting of the past into bleeding edge technology and that was actually what was suggested in the original papers a way to test this whole idea it took 20 years but researchers finally did it why did it take so long well there isn’t much money in bloodletting these days the leach Lobby just isn’t as powerful as it used to be what did they find it didn’t work the blood donors ended up having same number of heart attacks as the non donor group but something extraordinary happened the cancer rates dropped a 37% reduction in overall cancer incidence and those who developed cancer had a significantly reduced risk of death in editorial in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute responded with near disbelief the results almost seemed too good to be true strikingly they started to see cancer reduction benefits within six months after after just giving blood once here’s cancer mortality as the study progressed as you can see the cancer death rates started to diverge within just six months this is consistent with the spike in cancer rates we see within just six months of getting blood getting a blood transfusion maybe that influx of iron accelerated the growth of hidden tumors [Music] you


  1. Wow I have just subbed 10 minutes ago on the recommendation of FightMediocrity and donated blood for the first time last month, this video seems perfect

  2. People, you don;t need to donate blood or have frequent trips in Romania to date a vampire, just eat plants, iron absorbtion from plant sources is regulated by the body and actually everything is kept in balance so the quantity of iron inside the body does not produce more oxidation (rust) aka free radicals than the body can handle . Or you can eat meat and get sucked.

  3. I wonder if the feel-good psychological effect of donating blood has any effect independent of the effects from the physical loss of blood – it would be easy to test for.

  4. But is it a good idea to donate blood as a vegan/vegetarian, given that these groups already have lower levels of iron? I've been considering donating blood lately, not for health reasons, but just because it seems like the right thing to do if me and my blood are healthy. However, if it means that my relatively lower iron stores (probably, I haven't gotten it tested yet) will be depleted even more, I wonder if my iron levels would get too low.

  5. This felt like a cliffhanger, because he never stated whether giving blood only helped animal consumers or vegans as well.

  6. More propaganda from the hidden vampire community. We are on to you ( >_>) But really this is just another great reason to give blood.

  7. Uff I always donate, I am 23 and have donated around 13 times, and I was worried that maybe I was hurting my body giving blood, but thought that it was worth it if I was helping people. This is such a relief.

  8. I've been donating for over 10 years. Some years I donate the max allowable 6 times. I became plant based 3 years ago. When I got my blood work done a year after I became plant based, every iron test was low. Dr wanted to blame the plant based diet, but I felt there had to be another reason. I did some googling and found that blood donations can remove high amounts of iron in the blood. And its recommended that frequent donors, which are people who donate more than 3 times a year supplement with iron. I was never told this once in the 10 years I've been donating. Had to look it up. Once I told my Dr how much I donated he recommended I stop and supplement till I get levels higher. Also the finger prick blood test they do before you donate tests hemoglobin levels. They allow anyone to donate that is above 12.5 (US levels). That is below what is consider normal for lab results at the doctors office.
    Here is a link to American Red Cross about blood donations and iron levels
    There are 3 additional pages, one a FAQ about iron and blood donations- very interesting facts on how much iron is lost per donation and how even with supplementation its hard to get those levels even back to normal

  9. It sounds like giving blood has a similar effect as refraining from eating meat, i.e. starving the tumors of excess heme iron. I would imagine there would be less of a discrepancy if the subjects were all vegan.

  10. Does the doctor have any videos speaking about prion diseases? Prions are proteins in our bodies that misfold/replicate causing diseases after ingestion of infected tissue. Aka a cow that has mad cow disease can infect a human who eats the meat and they then get variant creutzfeldt-jakobs disease which has no cure.. infects the brains and you die. What I'm reading in microbiology is that these infectious Prions maybe the reason for neuronal diseases such as alzheimers, parkinsons, huntingtons, and ALS. Research is ongoing about the connection Prions may have with certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.

  11. I will live for ever! I'm vegan, I do sports, I donate blood, I sleep well, I have high testosteron level – happy days! 🙂
    Thank you Dr Greger for your hard work bro 🙂

  12. This is speaking about Heme Iron, so donating blood on a plant based diet is probably better for the recipient than it is for yourself.

    These days I donate platelets; any benefits for me?
    Fantastic video, many thanks.
    Tomorrow I'll have been Vegetarian for 23 years exactly.
    Happy Burns Night one and all.

  14. As someone that works for united blood services, PLEASE donate blood if you are an eligible donor! Good for you, good for the community. It's a win-win! #bloodsaveslives

  15. If someone gets a blood transfusion from a person with an autoimmune disease while pregnant or under immunosuppressive treatments, can it be a treat (any HLA reaction)?

  16. Orr maybe the "scientists" hacked the results as their steady pay was winding down…!!!
    "cancer research" being so lucrative as a bottomless pit

  17. I'm spreading the word out to help this guy out he need a surgeon to remove a 400 pound tumor his channel is called persistent Tim check him out

  18. Nice I donate x3 times a year. Only twice last year though as I couldn't make one of the appointments. BOOM good for others and yourself.

  19. "Maybe that influx of iron accelerated the growth of hidden tumors" so does giving blood increase or decrease cancer risk? Not sure why I'm confused. Small explaination would be nice

  20. so my Hb was 17 mg/dl 3 years ago. and has been around 15, in the last 2 years (I had 2 ACL Surgeries), am I on higher risk of cancer? 4 ferric ions per Haemoglobin molecule… or is it only free iron? or bound iron ?

  21. This time I am ready cliffhanger, I haven't watched two videos in a row, so come at me brah. I'll just go to the next one like a baus.

  22. I think this guy is a fraud and a complete wako but I agree about this particular point. I'm actually planning on doing it, I just hope I don't get rejected for my low weight.

    On the other hand, this is such a moral dilemma for vegans, right? If a vegan donates blood, it will most likely save a non vegan's life, causing animals to keep dying for the saved person to eat.. so not donating blood might be vegans' only legal way to kill a non vegan, their wet dream come true..

  23. This kind of information will boost the demand and popularity for vampires to start work on their victims. If they get caught, answer..”Perfectly acceptable,legit and hey! I’m doing you a favour”.

  24. If I donate half a liter blood, how many calories will I loose this way?
    Isnt it a smart way to get rid of one or two additional kilos per year, or are the effecs smaller?
    What are the short and long term effects on hypertension?

  25. I'm at 6 gallons whole blood donation and counting over the past 30 years. Starting to feel like Dorian Gray. No chronic illness or medications at 61 years of age. The hair on my head is still brown (and still there!). No arthritis to speak of and hearing and balance is excellent.
    Bloodletting truly is the Fountain of Youth!

  26. Blood is desperately needed in the medical field. I donate double red – blood cells or blood platelets on a regular basis. By doing so it gives me a feeling of my altruistic worth.

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