Do Bananas Lower Blood Pressure?

Do Bananas Lower Blood Pressure?

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally. Do Bananas Lower Blood Pressure? foods
that are rich in potassium are important managing high blood pressure HBP or
hypertension because potassium lessens the effect of sodium or potassium you
consume the more sodium you lose to urination Dasom also helps to ease
tension in your blood vessel walls which helps further little blood pressure
recommended potassium intake for an average adult is 4700 milligrams per day
increasing potassium through diet is recommended in adults with blood
pressure above 120 over 80 who are otherwise healthy
taslim can be harmful in patients with kidney disease any condition that
affects how the body hands potassium or those who take certain medication the
decision of whether to take excess potassium should be discussed with your
physician even though potassium can’t lessen the
blood pressure of raising effects of sodium any more potassium should be
combined with efforts to reduce excess salt intake and develop other healthy
eating and lifestyle change habits.

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