Diabetes and Hypertension Medication – Part 3

Diabetes and Hypertension Medication – Part 3

diabetes and hypertension medication
part three if you have diabetes and hypertension your physician will explain
the interaction of anti hypertensive medications and blood glucose levels
because of this interaction if you need medication your medication and diet may
be a little different from those prescribed for others with high blood
pressure who do not have diabetes diuretics are the most widely prescribed
category of antihypertensive drugs unfortunately in addition to reducing
your blood pressure some guy headaches may also reduce your potassium stores
some authorities say that inadequate potassium may interfere even more with
your ability to make adequate insulin if you are advice to take a diuretic you
may also be advised to eat a diet rich in potassium bananas citrus fruits or
take a potassium supplement some diuretics also tend to increase levels
of cholesterol and triglycerides and you may be advised to offset these effects
by following a diet that includes less animal fat and fewer dairy products many
persons with hypertension take one of a category of drugs known as beta blockers
which influence one part of the sympathetic nervous system texworks by
blocking the effects of the stimulation coming to the heart and blood vessels
through a nice special group of sympathetic nerve fibers called beta
adrenergic these drugs decrease cardiac output by acting on nerve receptor sites
in the heart in this way they reduce the amount of sympathetic nervous output
into the heart the heart rate slows the heart does not
work as hard less blood is pumped and blood pressure
goes down however the beta blockers also suppress
the effect of hormones including adrenaline responsible for constricting
blood vessels and maintaining salt and water levels in the body you

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