Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Skit Project

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Skit Project

Yay it’s Sunday morning, I’m going to get
some run today! I need to do some selfies! What’s wrong with my chest? It’s been a while, I think I should go back
right now. I think I need to consult a doctor. Hello! I’m doctor Cindy, please get in. Alright, so what’s going on?
So, this morning I had an exercise and I felt pain in my chest.
Okay, so let me check you first Please lay down Please take a deep breath It’s quite a big problem here, it seems that
you have the coronary heart disease What is that doc? It sounds so bad.
So the coronary artery in your heart is blocked by the cholesterol temporarily. When you had
an exercise this morning, the blood which brings oxygen can’t get to the muscle and
that’s why you feel pain. We need to do something with this.
This is the coronary artery and here is the muscle. When your blood goes here and it is blocked
by the cholesterol, the oxygen can’t get through and your muscle can’t get the oxygen.
But doc, what can I do? Well, starting from now on, you should have
a healthy diet. And you should also be able to manage your stress. Or else, it will lead
you to the more serious level. Okay doc, thanks for the advice.
You’re welcome and if you need me again, feel free to come.
Thank you. See you around doc!
Bye bye McDonalds! What is coronary heart disease?
It’s when the arteries that supply your heart muscle with oxygen rich blood become narrowed by a gradual build up of fatty material within their walls. And this is called the
atherosclerosis and the fatty material is called the atheroma.
No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Eat healthy food and if you often get chest
pains, go consult a doctor

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