Controle aDiabetes e a Hipertensão com esta Receita Natural

Control the symptoms of diabetes and pressure
High with a simple, natural recipe! You can control the symptoms of diabetes,
improve the functioning of your liver and treat problems with your kidneys in a way
very simple and natural. Unfortunately, most of the time, people
unaware of the natural treatments and as They fail to understand the symptoms of pressure
High, diabetes and other diseases seek medical help only when these diseases
They are in more advanced stages. Because of this, people end up spending
too much money on expensive medicines and composition harmful chemicals, to treat their problems
of health. You can control and maintain a good working
their organs appeared before the symptoms. Diabetes, for example, may be easily
prevented with a healthy diet and own Doctors require changes in the diets of patients,
even when they are prescribing medicines. No matter what stage of your condition,
in this video you’ll learn a recipe home that can help treat various conditions
that can shoot down your body. Did you know the bird seed is a seed more
miracle of the world? Research with volunteer patients
They showed that the birdseed can fight various diseases, thanks to its ability to generate
enzymes and proteins to the human body. It was proved that the bird seed is a perfect
anti-inflammatory to organs such as liver, kidney and pancreas, can cure liver disease,
cleaning the urinary tract and remove excess liquid that accumulates in the body. Moreover, the normalized pressure birdseed
blood and healing ulcers and gastritis. Because of this, it is not surprising that
the bird seed is the main ingredient of this homemade recipe. See how easy it is to do: INGREDIENTS 1 liter of mineral water 40g blanched almonds 5 tablespoons of birdseed 50g pumpkin seeds METHOD OF PREPARATION In a container with water, put the birdseed,
almonds and pumpkin seeds soaking. Let the seeds are soft to facilitate
the process. Coe and take the seeds to beat in a blender
with 1 liter of mineral or filtered water. Then pass the mixture into a coarse sieve. Put in the fridge and go consuming the drink
daytime. Simple is not it? Remember that the drink is pasty and, being
made seed base can hinder your digestive process, so drink plenty
water to prevent possible cases of prison in belly.

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