Community holds blood drive in memory of cancer patient

Community holds blood drive in memory of cancer patient

One little girl from Clive is making a lasting impact on her community. KCCI’s Laura Nichols shows us the lifesaving tribute. SHE WAS PRINCESS CAMRYN. SHE WOULD TELL YOU ABOUT IT. A princess from head to toe… 7 year old Camryn Storbeck was so full of life… that her parents never expected the news they’d be hit with. CANCER WAS NEVER ON OUR RADAR AT ALL. SO IT WAS A COMPLETE SHOCK. At four she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma — a malignant tumor that develops in nerve tissue and spreads throughout the body. To combat the numerous rounds of chemotherapy — Camryn needed platelets weekly and blood transfusions every ten days. I CANNOT REMEMBER THE TOTAL AMOUNT THAT SHE’S RECEIVED OVER THE YEARS Sadly just four weeks ago Princess Camryn’s brave battle with cancer came to an end. THERE IS A VOID THAT IS NEVER GOING TO BE FILLED. BUT WE NEVER LET HER QUIT LIVING LIFE, AND IT WOULD BE A DISHONOR TO HER IF WE QUIT LIVING. So to honor her life Tuesday… Camryn’s school, Crestview Elementary held a blood drive… complete with princesses. The line to donate never stopped. I COULDN’T IMAGINE LOSING MY LITTLE KIDS AT ALL SO IF I CAN DO ANYTHING TO HELP AND GIVE BACK I WILL. THIS IS THE LEAST I CAN DO TO HELP. It’s a gesture of giving that might seem small, but for the Storbecks it’s priceless knowing what all of this can do for another sick child. THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HERE DOING IT TODAY. WE CAN’T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH, AND I KNOW IT’S NOT TO BENEFIT CAMRYN TODAY, BUT IT’S SOMEBODY ELSE. The Storbecks say nearly twice as many people showed up to the blood drive than expected. Overall more than 50 units of blood were donated.

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