Cold Hands, Cold Feet, Dizziness, Orthostatic Hypotension – Myra T

(Music) Hi, my name is Myra. I came to Dr. Jaudy’s office. I had really cold hands, really cold feet. My feet were so cold, actually, that
when I would touch my leg, it would be freezing. My feet would ache.
That’s how cold they would be. I had dizziness. I would fall to the left. I have had really bad headaches on this
side of my head for sixteen years. So, I saw an article
in Healthy Times, and I decided to come here for an exam, and then started treatment, and I’ve
been here for five days, and on the first day I could eat
and not feel sick. Afterwards, for the first time, and I
don’t even remember how long, and actually called my mom, crying about it, and when I used to eat, I would be exhausted. I would be dizzy, I would just basically
have to go to sleep, or lay down forever, it seemed like. Even when I woke up in the
morning, I would be tired, so I was always tired, and now it feels like
I have more energy. The last two days I woke up, and wanted to get out of bed, and then
thought something was wrong, because I didn’t want to go back to sleep. Dr. Jaudy
did a lot of work with organ-remapping on me, working with my liver and my intestines to help with my
digestion and my blood flow, and I don’t… it’s like amazing. I don’t
really know how to describe it, but it’s just like magical. I’d given up, and I
thought, well, why not, just go for it, and it’s been amazing. So, I would
definitely recommend it. Just don’t give up, don’t give up.
Just give it a try. If anyone out there, you know, is feeling hopeless like I was.
I was anxious, and hopeless, then this is the place
you should come because, you know, you’ll find help here. (Music)

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