Coconut Water & Oil Side Effects And Disadvantages. Why You Should Not Use Too Much

Coconut Water & Oil Side Effects And Disadvantages. Why You Should Not Use Too Much

Side effects of coconut water and coconut
oil. The use of coconut oil and coconut water for
health reasons cannot be overemphasized; however, you might need to take consideration of some
of the possible adverse effects of their use. Bad for allergic people. Persons who are allergic to coconut are advised
to avoid using coconut water and coconut oil as they can trigger allergic reactions in
them. Frequent urination. Since coconuts contain high amounts of potassium,
which promotes urination, you might need to frequently visit the loo during the day if
you consume coconut water. Risk of heart disease. Coconut oil has been found to contain about
90% of saturated fats, which are considered dangerous to the health. Such fats can increase the level of bad cholesterols
in the body, and have been linked with cardiovascular diseases and some other related health conditions. Therefore, it is advised that coconut oil
should not be consumed in large amounts to reduce this risk. Risk of electrolyte imbalance. Excessive consumption of coconut water or
coconut oil can lead to an imbalance in the body�s electrolytes due to the high levels
of potassium in the fruit. Risk of hypotension. Since the consumption of coconut water can
help to lower the body�s blood pressure, drinking the water with medication for hypertension
can make the blood pressure drastically, leading to hypotension. For More Natural Health Tips, Subscribe To
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