Coach Dan faced a deadly battle with high blood pressure that attacked him with absolutely NO notice

Coach Dan faced a deadly battle with high blood pressure that attacked him with absolutely NO notice

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I want something
just like this? How about you? Oh, you caught me. Hey. What’s going on out there? Coach Dan Long with
Get Lean In 12. And I just pulled up. You caught me, I was jamming. I was getting fired
up because I’m about to go in and work out,
and I was thinking about you. I was thinking about
you and how you need to be thinking when
you have to exercise, or if you’re thinking
about exercising, because you haven’t
been exercising, I want to share some
personal motivation with you. What keeps me
motivated to work out? Which by the way,
here I am right now. I just pulled up to the gym. Yup, I’m parked and I’m
sitting inside my truck, because I thought,
you know what? I’m sitting here jamming
out, and I’m getting pumped. I’m going in to work out, and
I had to share this with you. As I drive myself
to this gym, it takes me approximately 20 to
25 minutes just to get here. That’s 20 minutes
here, 20 minutes home. That’s 40 minutes
minimum of time. Why in the heck would
I spend that much time in a vehicle fighting traffic
and trying to get to a gym, just so I can work
out and sweat? Well, I’m going to tell you why. Not too long ago,
Dan at 44 years old, had a scare that
I thought, actually, I was so close to dying. And that became 1 of
my huge motivations to push me even harder during
this time of making sure that I stay healthy. Now, listen. I know you see a link up here. Don’t click the
link just yet, OK? I want you to listen
what I have to say here. At the end of this video,
which is a short video, I’m going to have something
for you specifically to help you, that
helps me, stay in shape and also helps me combat all
these deadly diseases that are out there. Now, in case you didn’t
know, I have heart disease that runs in my family. Oh, by the way, let
me take these off, because you can probably
see my eyes better. You know, I have heart disease
that runs in my family. On top of that, we also
have cholesterol issues. Right? I’m Italian and
Polish, so we have some things that run
in our genetics that are not on my side, OK? But, I let my diet
go for only 6 months last year for the first time
since I was 20 years old, and guess what happened? My blood-work came back, my
triglycerides, my cholesterol, my blood pressure, everything
was through the frickin’ roof. Now, here’s the shocker. I was working out 5 days a
week during that entire time. OK? Even though I just let my
diet go, which we all know is probably about 80%
of the entire equation. The other 20 is
definitely exercise. But believe it or
not, exercise is huge when it comes to making
sure that you stay fit and getting that
cardio in, right? So, not steady state
cardio, by the way. But let me tell you. My numbers went
through the roof. What motivates me? Well, when I go home, I have
3 amazing children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Summer, Leah, and Austin. I have my wife. We’ve been together 10 years. I can’t even imagine if
something happened to me what they would do without me. They rely on me. They need my help. They need me to be 1 of the
leaders inside the family, right? They need me for
financial reasons. They need me for parenting. They need me for love. What would have happened
if I would let myself go? And not drove myself to a gym
and or worked out at home, because I can work at home
too, which I do a lot of times, because it is a long drive. Because I like to go
certain places where the energy is off the chain. But the thing is, I
almost frickin died. And the doctors, my blood
pressure was 189 over 118. Now, you realize that
is grave danger zone. That is something that
is brutal on your heart. Your heart cannot handle that. If you have high blood
pressure right now, if you have high
cholesterol right now, if you have high
triglycerides, if you’re diabetic or borderline
diabetic, which I was. I was borderline diabetic. And let me tell you? I know. I stay fit. But guess what? I let my diet go for 6 months. This wasn’t long ago. And guess what? I end up off the
chain, off the charts. My blood was horrible. So my motivation, not only
because I need to stay healthy, was my family. Now, I know that most of you
out there have, you have kids, or you have a wife, or
you have a boyfriend, or you have a girlfriend,
you have a grandma, and you have a
mother and a father. They want you here. They want you to be healthy. And the only way that
that’s going to happen is you have to find
something that motivates you. That makes you get
up every single day and make you realize that
what you put in your mouth is going to affect you. If you’re not exercising,
it’s going to affect you. If you are
exercising, it’s going to affect you in a great way. So my motivation became that
horrible experience to teach me a frickin lesson that
I cannot let myself go. I cannot just have nachos and
Cuban sandwiches and wings and ice cream and cake 24/7. It can’t happen. But what I can do is I
can exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week– which I do 5, by the way
because remember 3 days a week is a difference. 4 days a week, five
days a week is athletic. If you want to look athletic,
if you want to feel athletic, you got to train 4
to 5 times a week. So my motivation
became my family. And I want to share that
with you, because right now, I was thinking about you as
I was jamming, just about, I’m getting pumped up,
going into the gym, about to get my exercise on,
and I was thinking about you. Because if you’re not
exercising right now, I’m letting you know, you
could be a walking time bomb. If you are exercising and
you’re not doing it properly, you’re wasting your time. If you’re not eating
properly, you’re not utilizing the exercise
that you do in your home or in a gym. So 80% is affected by that. I am living proof. So my motivation
became my family. My motivation became my future. I want to be here. I want to live like
my grandmother. My grandmother is 92 years old
and still gives me a hard time. And she still is a fireplug. That girl is a fireplug. It’s unbelievable. She’s inspiration to me. OK, so, how did she do it? She did exactly what
I’m telling you. You have to stay motivated. And I want you to
stay motivated. Now, because you’re here
with me today, do me a favor, by the way. If you love this
information and it motivated you and it lit a
fire under your butt. Do me a favor. Hit the like, hit the
heart, hit a share. Share this with somebody,
one of your friends, that maybe needs a
little motivation. That’s why I’m here. I’m Coach Dan for many reasons. I went through
hell or high water to get to where I’m at,
to understand and learn the lessons the hard way. So I don’t want you
to learn the hard way. I want you to learn
the easy way, which is to just listen to some of
the people who have already been there, OK? I don’t want you to suffer. I want you to dominate. I want you to have the
body that you desire. So now, if you love this,
share that with a friend. Hit a like, hit a heart. But you see this link up top? That link is going to take
you, if you’re interested, and you want more
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you can have, I have something specifically designed for the
hormonal condition of people that are in their 40’s,
50s, or 60s and above. Right? Men or women. And it’s called the
Over 40 Ab Solution. Now, we put this system
together specifically for people like you, if you’re
over the age of 40, and you’re looking to
have a flat stomach. For you guys, maybe you
want a pack 6-pack of abs. Which, you know what? I walk around with
abs at 44 years old. It can be done. OK? It can be done. And if you’re looking to have
the body that you desire, this link up above, you
can click it right now, it’s going to take you
to a program that’s in a system that is designed
for people like you. For over the age of 40, that
have the hormonal condition shifts that are going on
right now inside your body, to help monetize that,
optimize that, and make you get into the fat
burning environment, to help you get the
body that you desire. And combat deadly diseases that
are killing people by the hour. All over the planet people are
dying of these deadly diseases because they’re not
exercising, and they don’t know how to
exercise, and they don’t have the proper protocols. Well, we have that
today at this link. Go ahead and click it now. I want to thank you for
stopping on this feed. I love meeting everyone
from all over the world. I’m about to go in
this gym and kill it. Just like it says on my shirt. Kill mode, right? I’m going to go and I’m going to
kill it because I deserve that. I deserve the best body. I deserve to be here. And my family
deserves to have me here for as long as possible. So click this link
if you’re looking to be here for a long time,
because my inspiration, like I told you, is my
92-year-old grandmother, and the 1 thing
that I know is this: if I live to 80,
or 90, or possibly even 100, that means that
everything I’m doing, it worked. And right now, I feel
like I’m in the best body that I could ever have. I want to thank you for
being here with me today and keep going strong.

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