Classic Face Massage at Home – #FacialSkinCare after 50 Years / Facial Massage Techniques Video

Classic Face Massage at Home – #FacialSkinCare after 50 Years / Facial Massage Techniques Video

Hello again, friends! Today, I want to show a classic facial massage. This video I want to devote to those women to whom lymphatic drainage facial massage is contraindicated for some reason. This especially applies to women who have a thin face, as lymphatic drainage massage is aimed mainly at fighting puffiness and swelling. Classical facial massage is suitable, both for owners of any type of skin, and for owners of any face format. Well, I think we can start. First I do a little preparation before the massage procedure. I clear the face tonic, removing the rests of cosmetics, etc. I use simple not alcoholic tonic. I want to say again that I do not use any expensive cosmetics. Today I use a fine, inexpensive, cosmetic massage oil of wheat germ. For massage of the face I do not use essential oils! Please, be careful, only cosmetic oil! I also often use coconut, almond or jojoba cosmetic massage oils. Hands should slide smoothly and easily over the skin of your face. I start to do massage from a neck. Do not forget that the hands must always be oily with massage cream or oils, since we do not want to stretch our skin. While doing facial massage, we try to resist and postpone for a longer time impending age-related changes, and also maintain the skin in a fresh and healthy condition. Do not press strongly on your skin! Only gentle and easy movements! After a few movements, you will feel how the blood flow has improved. Facial massage is performed only on massage lines. Only gentle, easy movements. Movement similar figure eight. These movements work well against the appearance of early wrinkles on forehead. Area of eyes, where often appears early wrinkles called “crow’ feet”. Maybe someone thinks that I’m showing something wrong, but I do as I have been doing for many years and see the results on my face. I believe that the basic elements of a classical facial massage are correctly observed. In these places we make a small pause for a second. As if the rotational movement. After awhile you will do it professionally. Work with the nasolabial folds. Do not press on the face with force, only light and sliding movements. Certainly this procedure is more pleasantly held in the beauty salon, but unfortunately, for various reasons, we do not always have the opportunity to visit them. I believe, that if you wish, anyone can learn how to do facial massage at home. Now, I am working on the decollete zone, which for us is also an important action, as in the summer, we like to dress more open dresses and the like. After all not a secret, that the status of a neck and a decollete speaks about our age. Now I’m doing some kind of pinching movements. Try to do it gently so as not to hurt yourself. These movements are good for blood circulation. Now we will work with a chin and an oval of the face. With these movements we stand against the second chin. These movements also support the tone of our chin. Not with force, only light tapping with your fingertips. And we finish with stroking movements. You will not spend much effort to learn to massage your face, and do not worry if something does not work out at first. I try to do my videos for women from 40 years and above to say to you that you can lead an active life at any age, and as long as possible prolong the time of the coming age-related changes. Thank you for your attention!


  1. Hi, I just love your backgrounds. What a marvelous idea you had ! But do you mind if I give you a tip? I find it really distracting and even stressful that you talk constantly throughout all your videos, and hardly look into the camera to connect to your viewers! It really ruins your presentation. Now I can disable the audio, for sure, but still with your talking another drawback exists in that it makes the massage longer that it is. Just my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

  2. Ира приветствую тебя! Хочу с тобой пообщаться, ты не против?

  3. Thank you very much for all your videos. I'm 30 now, I will follow all your massage from now, wish I will have a beautiful skin like you after 20-30 years later

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