ce remède soigne l’hypertension, nettoie les reins le pancreas, le foie ,les reins et bien plus!

ce remède soigne  l’hypertension, nettoie les reins le pancreas, le foie ,les reins et bien plus!

This heals very quickly
kidneys, liver and pancreas and is excellent for
diabetic and hypertensive My loves if you like related topics
the Well-being, has home health like this
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remedies and natural plants, you know that they have no side effects, no
consequences on you in the long run, unlike to modern medicine that sometimes has serious
side effects, sometimes irreversible ,
the investigations themselves have confirmed that remedies and
natural products are much better and do not harm
not to our health So this is the opportunity here for me to
share a cure quite powerful, natural and who, day after
days becomes very popular, a cure able to process
Liver-related diseases, pancreas and kidney, among others, the good
new is that it is very easy to prepare and not
, You will not spend anything to have it, if
you want to know everything about this remedy, stay until the end of the video, and I
will show you the right way to prepare it , of
to develop this remedy of which I spoken
we will only need two the ingredients that you surely have in
your house right now
I am talking about coriander and parsley, tell me in the comments
under what names these two ingredients are known
in your country ? although they are very
known, very few people know how to use them, very few people know their
advantages , Know that you can take them fresh or
dry, but I advice you this fresh Fresh coriander
helps improve the health of organs like for example the kidneys the liver and
the pancreas, it is very powerful and rich in
medicinal properties it’s a excellent diuretic, is used to
cure almost all kidney problems, including kidney stones, help you
also to lose weight the leaves of this
plant contain a limonene substance which acts as a hormone
natural and prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area
You can also use it during the small lunch is a great option for
who wants to be less hungry, it is a very good hungry cup
it generates a quick sensation of satiety which avoids exaggerations and overflows
in food stimulates liver function, decreases
cholesterol levels, greatly facilitates digestion, fresh coriander
is a laxative, Natural milking boring problems
like constipation in addition to her leaves dehydrated can be used to
to fight the attacks of vomiting and diarrhea, can
to be used for medicine natural, before continuing I recommend
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people will be affected if you breathe who
of mouth ulcers, because this has properties antimicrobial and antiseptic reduces the
blood sugar strengthens the immunity, strengthens the system
immune because it’s an excellent source of vitamin c and others
important nutrients like folic acid vitamin A beta-carotene
eliminates conjunctivitis improves the vision and prevents eye diseases It rejuvenates the skin by having some
amount nutrients like vitamin C is
an excellent nutrient collagen receptor,
he is responsible for firming the skin
, allowing to fight effectively against flaccidity, fight
free radicals and has a high antioxidant content
, its leaves make it possible to eliminate free radicals, fight against fatigue
general body in the body reduces insomnia and has
Relaxing and soothing properties This plant can have significant effects
for Help control the nerves
, reduces the feeling of stress and of anxiety on the other hand parsley
has many benefits similar to those coriander,
I do not forget parsley, of course, I will mention other benefits that
also has parsley, I had already speak in other videos, contributes
to balance the cardiovascular system, relieves cough
, eliminates bad breath strengthens the
among others and much more, Now that we have presented these two
ingredients separately, let me you talk about these two products combined
I will present you recipes at the same time extraordinary ,
ingredients a half cup of coriander minced not too much, chop
even the branches, half a cup parsley chopped the same way, 300
ml of water method of preparation
place the coriander and parsley in a pan, with your water carry the tot a
boiling for 10 minutes This is going
eliminate chlorophyll do not let it boil with the lid
, Once it’s good turn off the
fire and let the mixture cool take One drink a day is enough
eliminate toxins and purify the body, especially to get rid of all
the pathologies mentioned above My loves, tell me in the comments
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