Causenta Review: Letty’s daughter Theresa’s Testimonial

you my mom was diagnosed with
myelodysplastic syndrome in August of 2018 myelodysplastic syndrome is a form of blood cancer our family wanted the best from my mom
given that she smartly did not choose chemotherapy we checked out at least
four other centers alternative cancer centers we’ve toured the facilities we
met with the doctors and hands down Causenta was our choice. Causenta has the best technology anywhere in the world some centers will just offer
micronutrients or they won’t have the exercise factor or the technologies that
Causenta offers. Causenta I would say is definitely the most comprehensive of
all the centers that we’ve been to our whole family is very thankful and
grateful that we are at Causenta. There is no other place that we can think of to
be seeking for my mom’s treatment