Missouri Hypertension Control Summit

(fast instrumental music) – Right now in the city of St. Louis we have an incidence of high blood pressure of 300,000. That’s filling Bush Stadium six times. – High blood pressure is the leading risk factor on the planet for premature death and disability and in the United States it’s the leading modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It’s […]

ECG basics

Electrocardiography is a method of visualization of the electrical activity of the heart. It allows seeing the processes of depolarization and repolarization in the heart over a certain period of time using electrodes placed on the patient’s skin. Electrodes are the conductive pads. ECG device registers an electrical potential difference between the two certain locations. The pair of electrodes may […]

Cardiac Output

Hello everybody. Once again, welcome. We are going to discuss another important physiological concept which is cardiac output. So what is actually cardiac output? And what is it’s important? It measures the ability of the heart to pump enough blood to the different organs. How do we measure the cardiac output? So it is the volume of blood ejected from […]

Dying Light: Bad Blood – How to Play

Welcome to Dying Light: Bad Blood – a fast-paced multiplayer action game where your advanced mobility and combat skills are the key to leave the map alive. At the start of every Bad Blood match, you and all other players are dropped into a zombie-infested area. Each of you has the same goal: to evacuate before others, as only one […]

Bilstein: Monotube vs. Twintube Shocks

Next we’re going to talk about the difference between a monotube shock and a twintube shock. Now every shock absorber offered by Billstein for a light truck application is a mono tube high-pressure gas shock. And here’s the mechanical differences between the two. From the outside you could say they look relatively similar, but as I start taking these apart […]

Heart Healthy Cardiac Physiology

– Hi, my name’s Jenny Sprengler. I’m an RN with the cardiology clinic at the St. Cloud VA. Today we’re going to talk about cardiac physiology, or how your heart works. The heart is a muscle, it’s about the size of your fist, and it sits in the center of your chest and a little bit to the left. It’s […]