Chronic Disease: “We Have the Answer”

Please welcome to the whiteboard founder and CEO of CrossFit, coach Greg Glassman. [Greg] How is everybody? [Audience] Good. [Greg] Good. Can you hear me? [Audience] Yes. [Greg] Alright. I’ve got kind of a hybrid offering here it’s a little bit off the beaten path, but we kind of developed new material by inserting it in— you know, rev it […]

Chronic Illness | Hank Green & Kati Morton

Kati (K): Hey everybody! I have a wonderful, special guest. Hank Green is here to talk with us about his experience with chronic illness. Hank (H): Hi Kati. How’re you doing? K: I’m good, how are you? H: I’m good. Funny thing to say after you’re like “Let’s talk about your chronic illness…I’m doing great! No I am actually, particularly […]

10 Iconic Personalities Who Have Battled Mental Illness | Episode 1 | Deepika Padukone

I think what was tough was (ahh..) not being able to talk to anyone because I don’t think anyone understood what I was experiencing Deepika Padukone, one of the very successful and influential personalities in India was at the peak of her career in 2014, when she started feeling low, empty and directionless. She experienced a sick, pittish feeling in […]

Quick Tips to Prevent Infections

[MUSIC] NARRATOR: Welcome. In this video, you will learn about how to protect your loved ones from infections that sometimes happen at the hospital. There are some simple, but important things you can do when visiting loved ones. You can improve your loved one’s care by taking an active role. Wash your hands before you enter your loved one’s room […]

Chancroid Infection

This voice-annotated PowerPoint will be about the chancroid infection. I am Sarah Dotters-Katz, an OB/GYN physician. By the end of this VAT, you should have an understanding of the epidemiology and pathogenesis of Chancroid infection. We will also discuss the signs and symptoms of chancroid infection, specifically as well as a differential diagnosis for genital ulcers. Finally, we will review […]

Fasting associated with sickness behavior critical to surviving bacterial infection | Guido Kroemer

[Rhonda]: That’s the question. Do we know the threshold for the stress threshold for, you know, activating autophagy, and when that pushes the mitochondria then to permeabilize and cause cell death? Like, where, for example, with Valter’s work in mice, he had done 48-hour fasts and there was both autophagy and massive apoptosis occurring. So, is it just the intensity […]