Can CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure

Can CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure

So I get asked all the time; Can CBD oil
lower my blood pressure? Well my husband would say yes without a doubt, however,
you first need to understand why your blood pressure is high in the first
place and secondly let’s talk CBD and how it works to lower your blood
pressure. Hey there if you’re new to my channel my
name is Donna Wildmon. I’m a huge advocate for finding all natural
plant-based ways to cure what ails you so when I learn about an all-natural supplement that has helped me and my
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minute Done? Ok great so why does someone have high blood pressure to begin with? Well it could be a
number of things but I’m going to share with you 3 that your doctor may not have told you
about that are rather important in my opinion. So first up it could be
you have hardening of the arteries this is caused by plaque buildup in your
arteries which constricts the flow of blood to your heart. We’ve been led to believe that the cause this is the cause of this high cholesterol, Not completely true. The truth is what’s
really happening is your body is inflamed. See inflammation can cause
Nicks and cracks in your arteries and cholesterol in your body acts as a
repair kit. It kind of sees, you know it sees that leak, so it works like plaster
of Paris and fills those cracks and leaks up thus over time becomes built up
causing hardening of the arteries. YUCKY So secondly, you may be stressed who
isn’t these days, right!? Did you know though that the number one day of the
week people are most likely to have a heart attack is Monday and do we wonder
why? Hey you know we have to get up early in the morning, we gotta sit in traffic
to get to the job that causes a stress or maybe we don’t like that job and we
started on Sunday stressing about the coming up week wishing we didn’t have to
go to work on Monday right or whatever else so not to mention all the
foolishness that’s going on in the world these days; you know turn on the news and
it’s enough to make your blood boil I’m sorry I digress
anyhow your body makes a ton of stress hormones that oftentimes control your
body your blood pressure and heart rate ever hear of cortisol? It’s not just to
me tummy that’s the stress hormone your body
produces which can cause high blood pressure. Third is if you have excessive
weight chances are you have visceral fat,
that’s a tough one to say, which is the fat that forms around your heart and
lungs and because hey we only got so much room up in here right? It gets it
around lumps in your heart and what does that
do blood pressure rises so what’s my person to do well the logical thing and
we’re told is you need to go to your doctor right and you need to get checked
out which most times results in you walking out with one of those little
prescriptions for a medicine that has all kinds of side effects and in a lot
of cases causes that domino effect resulting in more prescriptions? Yeah
that sounds like you know an awesome plan to me how about you? That’s my
personal opinion so let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
Personally, I like to find a more natural healthier alternative to pharmaceutical
drugs because I don’t care for the side effects and you know what causes I mean
that domino effect you want one and before you know it you’re on ten more so
again I’m not suggesting you ignore your doctor’s advice this is my personal
belief there have been numerous studies done over the years that suggest CBD oil
can help to reduce a person’s blood pressure, I got a man living in my house
that’s testimony to that I digress. So there’s are Korean study done that showed
CBD oil does something called fat browning remember the cortisol that
white yucky stuff that surrounds your heart and lungs
well CBD oil according to the Korean study turns out that that yucky turns
that yucky fat into brown metabolic browning burning fat, yay. The study also
found that CBD oil can inhibit the production of new fat cells. Double yay!
Fat burning you know another study was done in 1993, yes
1993, that showed CBD oil significantly reduced the cortisol levels in a body. In
2017 the University of noting Nottingham did a study finding a single dose of CBD
oil could significantly reduce a person’s blood pressure, it was a high
dose, but it did the trick with a single dose, way cool right? And remember I
mentioned the hardening of the arteries well CBD oil has been found to enlarge
that artery that’s like this and enlarge it therefore, the blood flows through
more easily. Essentially what it all boils down to, is high but blood
pressure is due to inflammation in the body. CBD oil has been shown to reduce
inflammation in the body. Oh and by the way if you’re digging what I’m putting
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All Things CBD” on Wednesdays. So let’s recap: We now know that high cholesterol levels
are nothing more than inflammation in the body, which in turn causes high blood
pressure. We know that chronically chronic high stress levels causes
cortisol which in turn causes high blood pressure. We know that we don’t want that
yucky white fat in our body squeezing our heart and lungs because it can cause
high blood pressure. We know that there have been numerous studies done
proving that CBD oil reduces inflammation and it reduces the cortisol
levels and it turns the yucky white fat into pretty Brown burning fat. So now
that you know how CBD can help lower your blood pressure
leave me a comment telling me how likely you are to give CBD oil try or if you’re
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stay awesome, stay blessed, peace

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