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Malampur Village You’ve returned to the village
after 2 years, Shekhar. I can’t keep myself from telling
you about what has happened here. Can’t you just shut up?
But listen to me… You know Godu, the wrestler…?
He looks like a regular bull. He used to be all brawns earlier…
Are you crazy? And the sweetmeat vendor’s wife
has eloped with a neighbour! They met at the movies…
I could slap you for that! The washerman’s wife has delivered
a baby-girl again; their sixth one. But he’s still as virile as ever! You can never say.
We had a good monsoon last year. Our crops were saved,
but otherwise… You swore never to step in this
house and went away to Bombay. But you have come back. I could leave this instant.
Sit down. You still have a temper.
I’ve got that trait from you. I mean… I’ve inherited
that aspect from you. Have you atleast been studying well
all those miles away from home? He has passed with a First Class. So you’ve passed, all right.
What do you intend to do now? What do you intend to do
after your education? He has found a job in Bombay. He will work, and pursue
studies in journalism. You hear that, don’t you? What’s that “ism”
you’re going to study? Whatever it be, you will
need money for the fees. Who will pay that?
Money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve got a job as a proof-reader.
I will use my salary for my studies. Which means you don’t need
your old man’s help, isn’t it? You want to stay in Bombay and
never return here! Isn’t it? You don’t plan to marry
a girl from Bombay, do you? That will never be.
Good. We are a widely respected
and cultured family. I won’t tolerate it, if you bring
home a bride from another community. Better remember that.
And go ahead and eat now. Have I come home only to escort you
to weddings and functions? Is it that much of a bother?
Welcome, dear… This is Narayan Mishra’s son. Didn’t Dad say that a sister
is a brother’s responsibility? What can he do, except talk? Hasn’t your father come?
He’s away in town. Remember me, Shekhar?
I used to teach you Hindi? Why, of course! “Slowly and silently…” “Excitement it is, for you…” “Your beautiful face is all so flushed” “You have certainly seen
something extraordinary” “Don’t you feel shy… tell us the truth” “What do I say about setting my eyes
on a stranger” “Setting of stories of our love” “It gives rise to desires in my heart” “Desires, I never knew existed” “That I’d never meet him,
my heart refuses to believe” “What do I now say?
And what do I avoid” “How do I call out to him?” “What do I say about
setting my eyes on a stranger” “Setting of stories of our love” “It gives rise to desires in my heart” “Desires, I never knew existed” “That I’d never meet him,
my heart refuses to believe” “What do I now say? And do I avoid” “How do I call out to him?” “Lost in each other, we are,
at first sight” “Shedding tears of love” “If I were to get closer to you,
I’d lower my eyes” “Even the winds would
play mischief with us” “My veil would fly;
a storm would rage in my heart” “My heart has been stolen
in a matter of moments” “What do I say about setting my eyes
on a stranger” “Setting of stories of our love” “It gives rise to desires in my heart” “Desires, I never knew existed” “That I’d never meet him,
my heart refuses to believe” “What do I now say? And what do I avoid” “How do I call out to him?” “Slowly and silently…” “Excitement it is, for you…” “Your beautiful face is all so flushed” “You have certainly seen
something extraordinary” “Don’t you feel shy… tell us the truth” “Don’t you feel shy… tell us the truth” “My lips have sought melody…
the melody of your love” “You are the one, my love,
my eyes have always sought” “I’m lonely even in a gathering” “I’m a bit scared” “With the happiness I’ve had today,
my world has come alive” “You are my boon of life” “What do I say about setting my eyes
on a stranger” “Setting of stories of our love” “It gives rise to desires in my heart” “Desires, I never knew existed” “That I’d never meet him,
my heart refuses to believe” “What do I now say?
And what do I avoid” “How do I call out to him?” “What do I say about
setting my eyes on a stranger” “Setting of stories of our love” “What do I say…” This isn’t right, Shekhar…
Listen to me! They won’t spare you, if you go
ogling around in their locality. But we’re just standing here.
Exactly! And that’s wrong! Here comes Chitti Miyan! Hold on…
Why are you guys standing here? Greeting, sir.
Greetings. He went away. But they’d behead us,
ifthey knew we’re here for a girl! Let them do it.
Why must I lose my head for you? There she comes! We’ve had it! We will now have
to face the Village Council! Which one ofthem is her?
How would I know? There’s still time! Let’s scram! Could you recognise her?
No. And you still takee all the trouble?!
Let’s get out of here! A veil has flown offthe face
of one ofthose women, Shekhar! The red bag!
What?! He’s trying to woo you.
Shut up. Don’t pretend. I know everything. What’s your name? Why are you standing by the door? There’s so much to do, Shaila.
I’ll join you in a moment. Well, lady? Are you crazy? You’re mad! My father will never sign
this progress report. I won’t be coming to school
from tomorrow. Give me your bag. And takee mine.
What for? Don’t argue. Just do it! Why did you give me your bag? Listen…!
Who’s that? It’s you… with the red bag! Now I know why! Here he is! One moment, please… I don’t know
how to tell you what I feel. But I’ll tell you, for sure. Hey! Don’t cry…
why are you crying?! I’ve said nothing to you! Who are you? This red bag!
I thought it was her… Come in. I want the Chemistry notes. Wait a minute. Laxmi has gone inside. Here you are, Bano. Don’t forget to bring it
to class tomorrow… They’ll cut off your hand
if you’re caught, Shekhar! Why are you getting into trouble?
I’ll find you a nice girl! You can marry her yourself.
I’m not talking about myself! I beg of you, Shekhar…
Please don’t! Zeenat? Hurry up! Is that Zeenat?
Who else? It’s her of course. Look at her swaying her hips! Watch your step!
The earth might split! Why say that? She’s not the
only one in town, is she? Careful… I hope
the boat doesn’t sink. This is the limit!
Zeenat is not so bad. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t
be coming today? Has your father signed the report? Why aren’t you
carrying your bag? How will you study
without the books? What’s up, Bano?
Have you seen a snakee? Hold her firmly, Zeenat.
It’s okay… Hold her, I say.
Yes. Or she’ll fall in the water. Go ahead… hold her! I could give up everything for you. Could you do that for me? I could die for you. I’ll wait for you at the old fort.
Do come over, if you love me. I’ve brought the kerosene, mom.
You’re late. There was a big queue
at the provision store. Look at the winds…
I think it’s going to rain. Help me with the stuff we’re
drying in the courtyard, Bano. Zeenat’s looking for you, Bano. “You are the one I love” “How would I live without you?” “So come to me…
do not makee me suffer” “You are my life…
Come, linger in my breath” “You are a moon-faced beauty;
Come unto my heart” “If you do truly love me…
come and see me” “Or then, render me to dust” “You are the one I love” “How would I live without you?” “So come to me… do not makee me suffer” “I have a crazy heart…
it finds no peace without you” “It’s so innocent; it awaits you” “I will lay down my life
in these tall mountains…” “should you not come to me” “I will die here,
even as you ignore me there” “My life and death are
now in your hands” “Here I am… I come for you” “I have severed every relationship
for your love” “You are my life…
I shall be one with you” “I have come to linger in your breath” “Come and meet me…
if you do truly love me” “Or then, render me to dust” “You are the one I love” “How would I live without you?” “So come to me…
do not makee me suffer” “Call me a hundred times,
and I shall come” “For, I have given you my heart” “How shall I ever sleep in peace,
when you shed tears?” “This path of love is
strewn with stones” “But we shall overcome” “I am a river of desires;
I flow into the oceans” “My love… I even find the tears I shed,
sweet today” “You are the one I love;
how will I live without you?” “So come to me…
do not makee me pine for you” “You are my life;
so linger in my breath” “O Moon-faced beauty…
Come, live in my heart” “Every moment now,
I shall spend with you” “Life shall be a burden without you” “Here I am… with you” “You are my life; I shall be one with you” My name is Shekhar.
I’m Mr Mishra’s youngest son. I know that. Please sit down. Ask someone to fetch
some tea, Shamim. It’s okay. Don’t bother. How can that be, son?
You’ve come visiting us. I work for a newspaper
in Bombay. I’m also doing a course
in journalism. I’m a small-town man. I wouldn’t
know of all those things. I… Your daughter Shaila Bano and I
want to get married. Get out! D’you realise whom you are
talking to, you swine?! I’ve just said my prayers! Or I’d
have hacked you to pieces right now! Do you hear him? He’s asking for
our daughter’s hand in marriage! I haven’t come to ask for it…
We just wanted to inform our elders. Father!
Leave me alone! Father…!
Go inside! Provoke me anymore and you
will be a bundle of pieces! How dare you?! Who are you? And who are we? Even our blood is different!
They can never be one! Show me your hand. We will certainly be one! Where’s the young master?
He’s inside. How did you suffer this
injury on your palm? It’s nothing. Just bandage it. Shivram of Palanpur has asked
for Shekhar’s horoscope… …to match it with that
of his daughter’s. Just tell him that. Hear that? It’s Shivram’s
daughter for you. Why isn’t he speakeing up?
Tell them we’re not interested. Your father’s coming in. For how long will you live on the
food of restaurants in Bombay? Tell him that they’re a good family
and the girl is nice, too. She’ll soon be a graduate. Ask him
to go and takee a look at her. I don’t want to. Why not?
I know when and how I’ll marry. This is a new one…
but what is it all about? I’ve found the girl I wanted.
I see. Wonderful… but where is she? In Bombay? Does she belong
to another community? This is precisely why I didn’t
want him to go to Bombay! She’s from our village. Really? Who is she?
Tell me who she is! You’ll kick up a fuss, if I…
Tell me who she is! It’s Shaila Bano. Bashir Ahmed’s daughter. Is it Bashir… who owns
the brick-kiln? Hari… where are you, son? What is it, dad?
Let’s go. Call Bashir… tell him Narayan
Mishra is here to see him. There will be bloodshed if your
daughter meets my son again, Bashir! I’m a poor man, but I have
my self-respect, mind you! If anyone plays foul, both our
families will be wiped out! You thought you can ensnare a rich
and educated man, did you? Who wants your wealth or him? I’m satisfied with my respect…
Am I not respected then? Don’t put words in my mouth.
You can’t handle your girl… …and you dare back-answer me! I send the girl to school and you
guys follow her like hungry dogs! Whom did you call a dog?
You’re lucky… …I let your son walk away
without a scratch! I’ll see who harms whom! Give me that sickle…
I’ll hack this guy today! If you guys start a riot, the matter
will go the Village Council… …and both families will have
to leave the village! Let’s see how anyone throws us
out ofthe village! Give us the nod, sir!
We’ll chop these guys to pieces! Try touching us, if you dare!
And see what I’ll do to you! Stop it! What are you guys doing?!
Stop it, I say! Stop it, I say! What are you up to?
This is between the two of us! And why are you crying murder?
Go away! Please go away. This isn’t right, Bashir…
It’s simply not done! Don’t do this to me. Are you satisfied now? My respect has been brought to dust!
Are you happy? What’s wrong, father?
What could be worse? Has there been a day when we have
not visited the temple? Tell me. I have been a trustee of
the temple for 20 years. The management dare not takee a
decision without consulting me. That’s the kind of
respect I command. It’s our house the deity is brought
to first, during any festival. But how and why will the deity
be brought here anymore? My son falls in love
with a Muslim girl… …and her father goes around
threatening to slaughter us! What the hell is all this? I give up! I surrender to
the educated young man! Shaila Bano is a good girl.
She studies in the same school… Shut up! If he marries her, who will
accept you for a bride? We can find a Muslim for her, too. I could knock your teeth
out with a slap! I let you go, because
you have grown up. Impudent rascal!
Is it wrong to love a Muslim? Are the Muslims our enemies? All right! Marry her…
after I’m dead. I can’t wait for you to die. What did you say? What is this chap saying?! You are the son I begot
after a lot of prayers. You will takee my advise, if
you have any love for me. If you must marry
that Muslim girl… …you might as well
mourn my death first! How can you say such things? Shekhar!
Seek your father’s forgiveness. I’m going away to Bombay, father. I will never return. “If you truly love me…” “Come and meet me” “Or then, render me to dust” “You are the one I love…
how will I live without you?” “So come to me…
do not makee me suffer” How are you, grandma? Where’s Bano?
There she is. Bano! Where are you? Is what your mother saying true? Speake up! Has Narayan Mishra’s son been
writing to you from Bombay? Answer me…! Do you want me in a position where
I can’t face anyone out of shame? I’ll hack you to pieces! And you women! Can’t you
takee care of a single girl? Don’t you cry! Shut up! You were born, when I returned from
a pilgrimage ofthe Holy Mecca. Whom am I slogging and working hard
for? It’s for you, isn’t it? Haven’t you ruined everything
by doing all this? Promise me… that you will
never makee such a mistakee again. I’m going to get you married
in less than 10 days! I will have my way! How about going and
getting married? Listen…
What is it? Are you scared? Why is my heart beating so fast? But I won’t cry. I won’t cry, will I? Please hold my hand. Sit down. Is your name Shekhar?
Yes. Shekhar Mishra. Have you got the certificates?
Sure. I got our names registered
a month in advance. Do you have the witnesses? Yes. There they are. Who are they?
My colleagues at the press. Aren’t you from Bombay?
Not at all! We’re both from Malanpur;
it’s on the coast. Actually, my forefathers
are from Hyderabad. We’re both from the same village;
but he’s been here for 2 years now. I’ve arrived only this morning. It’s your turn next. Did I say something wrong?
No. Then why did you stop me? The sooner you stop talking,
the sooner he’d have left. And the sooner he had left,
the sooner we’d get married. And the sooner we are married,
I’d be able to give you a kiss. Your name?
Shekhar… Your father’s name?
Narayan Mishra. And what is your name?
Tell him your name. Shaila Bano. Well, Shekhar?! Who’s that girl with you?
You’ve ditched me, haven’t you?! You’ve ditched me and married
her, haven’t you, darling? I couldn’t help it! Her father held
a knife to my throat… …and threatened to kill me if
I didn’t marry his daughter. So I married her.
Please don’t believe him. I’ve trusted you and waited
for you all these years… …like a true maiden! But you mustn’t let him loose!
Hold him tightly… …or the guy will flee! Who’s that?
It’s me… Shekhar. Mr Malgaonkar… This is my
wife; we got married today. Greetings!
Greetings. Congratulations! Do you hear? He has got married.
You didn’t even tell us. And what is your name?
Bano. Yes, I’m a Muslim.
Have you already married? Just keep quiet!
Why? Shouldn’t he have told us? How can we say our prayers
with the girl around? Just come with me… Come on. What was she saying? They have guests from Solapur, whose
kids’ll stay in our room for 3 days. Is that all? What’s going on over here? We’re having a great
nuptial night, aren’t we? It’s not just tonight… it’s going
to be like this for a few more days. What did she say?
Shut up and go to sleep. There he is… let’s go.
The groom is back at work! How’s everything, Shekhar?
His eyes are red! What’s wrong?
Aren’t you feeling well? How did it go?
It was fun, wasn’t it? Didn’t you sleep
all of last night? This is no time for jokes! Please leave him to his work. Your eyes are red, Shekhar…
You look tired. You mustn’t have slept
all night, I guess! “Dear Mother,
I have got married…” “…without an engagement
or any other ceremony…” “I have got married, even though
my parents were not present here” “I have eloped to get married…” “…please forgive me for that” “Do find the right time
to talk to father” “Despite the anger
he has against me…” “no one can deny that
I’m his daughter” “I’m very happy here, Mother” What is it? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t
arrive before 10 tonight? I have yet to embrace
my bride even once… …and how… …how can I study journalism
in this state of mind? You used to earlier; you must
continue in the same manner. I wasn’t married then!
So what if you’re married now? Let me go!
What if someone sees us? So what?!
We got married just yesterday! Wait till we get to our room! It’s full of brats!
You should be patient! How can I? Thousands must have
been married after us! And by now, they must have… It’s for you. Madam! I’m extremely sorry!
Please forgive me! There’s a letter for you. There’s a letter from your folks. Yes. Dad has written to me. Won’t you read it?
I’ll read it later. I won’t be able to concentrate
on what I’m cooking. I’ll keep trying to figure out
what he has written to you. And we’ll have a fight
if I read it right now. No way! That will never happen. He has sent some money.
That hasn’t made me angry! In the name of God Shiva… “I’ve given you up for dead, but
your mother cannot forget you” “Your brother took your mother
to the doctor.” “She has High Blood Pressure;
you know why” What kind of a girl is she…
Go on. “She’s a shameless girl to desert her
family and run away with a stranger” “Her parents are no better who have
forgotten their daughter and…” My parents are not so bad! Which is why I didn’t
want to read it. They can call me what they wish!
Why bad-mouth my parents? Have I ever said anything
against your folks? It’s what they have written.
How can I help it? Read what else is written. I know she’s a good girl, but…
Don’t fabricate things! Read what he has written! I’ll return his money right now! “I can understand why you were
in a hurry to marry her” “I’m sending you a thousand
rupees with this letter” “Takee her to a good hospital and
abort the bundle of your sins…” “…and send her away
to her parents” Tell her that I’m sorry. Tell her that he’s sorry.
Say sorry to her. Say sorry to her…
Say sorry to her… Tell him it’s okay. Ask her if I must
change my religion. Pardon me?
Must I embrace her religion? Must he change his religion? Must he change his religion? No. He shouldn’t.
He shouldn’t. You shouldn’t, she says. Say “I love you” to her. “I love you”, he says! You promised to marry me
and ditched me, didn’t you? No way! I will marry you
the next time I am born. How about me?
I’ll marry you, too. Looks like an old involvement. Know what? He says
“I love you”! Shut up, fatso! The landlady approves of you.
She has sent the relatives away. What are you up to out here?
This is no railway platform! Go to your room! “We are one now…
and there goes my sleep” “Your bangles tinkle
as we meet in ecstacy” “I almost died of awe,
when I first saw you” “My passions are all for you” “You have been blessed with a body
that is moonlight at its best” “You are just as beautiful
as I thought you’d be” “Your fair arms do cause me
such anguish…” “And I was really dazed…
when you first embraced me” “We are one now…
and there goes my sleep” “Your bangles tinkle
as we meet in ecstacy” “I almost died of awe,
when I first saw you” “My passions are all for you” “Lost I am, in your tresses
and your soulful eyes” “I’m bowled over by your lovely cheeks
and those full red lips” “My passions are awakeened
on a night so beautiful” “May these nights never end;
may our desires ever increase” “We are one now…
and there goes my sleep” “Your bangles tinkle
as we meet in ecstacy” You?!
Who else could it be? I forgot where I was. I was startled. What’s this? I had a daughter who
is now dead. I don’t want people coming here
as her relatives. Never in this birth will I come here
for that relationship. I’ve come here for bricks. Ask him ifthey’re available.
We need a truck-load in U.P. Why come to me for bricks
in Uttar Pradesh? He’s talking nonsense. What will it
cost and when will he deliver them? Tell him that a truck-load
will cost him 2,000 Rupees. This is the advance. I want the name of Lord Rama
inscribed on every brick. What did you say?!
I want the bricks… …for Rama’s temple in Ayodhya! I am sponsoring the bricks
from this village! Not more than 3 Rupees for this.
No, madam. I can’t afford it. Pay him 3 Rupees. You fleece people the moment
you see someone gullible! Can I takee my wife away
for a moment, please? I’ve been promoted!
I’m a reporter now! I’ll get a salary
of 2,000 Rupees! You have brought me luck! I know it all! I know how
you have left me pining! Not at all…
You’re a wicked man! I’m not a wicked man, Maniben! Later… May I tell you something?
Not now. What could I do, if
the cooker went off? It fell down,
because I panicked. It’s you who always has me
running scared. I only asked for a minute. I had to tell you
something important. By now, I’d have
told you everything. It’s difficult to keep
such a secret… it’s a burden. What is it?
What did you want to tell me? How will we manage? Allah will… Our children will have two Gods;
They’ll manage it for us. “I’m going crazy at heart;
It leaps with joy” “The things I could do…
the racket I could kick up” “I’m going crazy at heart;
It leaps with joy” “The things I could do…
the racket I could kick up” “Why think oftomorrow?
Let’s live for the day” “We have but one God…
So let’s be one too” “Live your life and let others live” “Let’s enjoy living, since we are born” “Live your life and let others live” “Let’s enjoy living, since we are born” “With hopes in our heart
let’s sing” “And let’s remember and
pray to God with devotion” Master, wishes to speake to you Who? Mr. Mishra Your daughter has written to me She is not my daughter! Uptill now even I used to think like that We don’t mean anything to them. They ran away and got married.
And they’re now having a baby. A baby? Thank You, Almighty! She wrote to convey that,
without telling my son. Don’t use this excuse to forge
a relation with me, okay? Who’d want you for a relative?! Just don’t drag the baby
into our enmity! I’m leaving now. And just remember; the child
will follow my religion. Why will he follow your religion? It’s the father’s religion that
the children follow! No way! It’s the mother’s religion
the children must follow. The child will be a Hindu!
Not a Muslim! He will follow our religion!
He will be a Muslim! Try as you may, he will pray at
the temple, not in the mosques! I’ll makee him a devout Muslim
in the mosques! I’ll teach him the Texts in the
wee hours ofthe morning! Let’s see how you do it! As if I’d let him touch the boy!
He’s always bragging. Wait there… Whom did you ask
before bringing all that here? This is a custom the bride’s
parents must perform… …before their daughter
delivers the baby. No thank you! You’ll kick up
a storm! Please go away. Is it okay to send them away, when
they’ve come to perform a ritual? I thought you wouldn’t…
They aren’t doing it for us. It’s for the baby.
Takee them inside. “We shall smile even in the
face of difficulties” “With desire in our heart…
we shall dance joyously” “With desire in our heart…
we shall dance merrily” “We shall bring hearts together;
we will touch the skies” “And adorn our wishes with stars” “Gulla Gulla, Halla Gulla” “Makee merry, mischief and pranks” “They who live life to the fullest
have lived it perfectly” “With hope in our hearts,
let’s sing merrily” “We shall smile even in the
face of difficulties” “We shall bring hearts together;
we will touch the skies” “Our heart is crazy with joy,
it’s bouncing with happiness” “God knows what it’ll do next…” “It may even freake out” “Our heart is crazy with joy,
it’s bouncing with happiness” “God knows what it’ll do next…” “It may even freake out” Excuse me… Is your Dad in? Someone’s at the door, Papa.
I’ll see who it is. We’re from the Shakti Samaj. We’re helping build a temple at
Lord Rama’s birthplace in Ayodhya. We’re collecting donations
from all Hindu families. You must help us build the temple
and gain Lord Rama’s blessings. Please step aside… please. It’s for the temple, sir…
I know. Just come with me. Ayodhya: December 6, 1992. Go away… clear the place! Kill them! Have you seen my children around? We’re worried about our own lives!
Where would we see your kids? Shoot! Get them! Mother! What are your names?
Tell us! Speake up! Are you Muslims or Hindus? Tell us! Who are you?
Hindus or Muslims? I’ll handle the cops!
Quickly set them on fire! What happened, son? Kamal! Answer me…
What’s wrong? What’s happened, son? It must’ve been a nightmare.
Go to sleep… it’s okay. My body’s on fire! No… it’s not, son! It burns, Papa…
They’re burning us! You’re okay… and look at Kamal.
He’s fast asleep. And look there.
Your mother is here too. I’m here, too. It’ll be okay.
It’s all over. Then why do I see them
the moment I shut my eyes? No one will come here. Who am I?
A Muslim or a Hindu? That’s the question they ask me
again and again! Tell them not to ask me
such questions! It’s all over, son… They won’t
ask you such questions now. Is it really over?
Yes. Not anymore ofthat, Papa…
No, son. We’ve had enough…
Yes. We’ve had enough. Look who’s here!
…Come on! Father?! What harm have we done to you,
except that we are your parents? What are you saying?
Bombay is on fire! Was it not necessary to inform your
parents of your well-being? Couldn’t you write a letter?
But I… I am your father! I might
scold you in a fit of anger. I might even give you up for dead,
in one of my crazy letters. But will that sever our ties?
Come inside. How can you… No thank you. I am not here
to amuse myself. I only came to makee sure that
my youngest son is alive. I rushed here, for I was afraid
of some disaster before I die. Father! I was terribly scared. Do you know who this old man is? You’re our grandfather. What is your name?
Kabir Narayan. And what is yours?
Kamal Bashir. I have a few questions…
We’re already through. Is the figure ofthose dead 227?
It’s 56! The post-mortem report says 227.
56 people have died in the riots. Are the reports from the
hospital misleading then? – 55 per cent ofthose
killed were innocent. Does our police force
hate the innocent? The riots were triggered of in
response to what happened in Ayodhya. And who else will die in riots if
not those who participate in it? The police should have fired at
them below the waist. Not to kill. Did you see it yourself?
Yes, I did. I saw the bodies in the hospitals
and spoke to the doctors, too. Who are the police? Damn it!
They’re people like you and me! Do you expect them to remain silent
when they are attacked by mobs? How many people have you killed
under that pretext? So many innocents have been killed! Have you heard the cries of agony
from the families ofthose dead? Or is the police force
insensitive to it all? You accuse the police of murder
when they open fire! And accuse them of being silent
spectators, when they don’t act! – 227 lives have been lost, sir.
It’s only 56! Do you have no sympathies whatsoever
for the police? I do. That my kids are alive today is
thanks to a police officer like you. I don’t know how to
ask you this question. I can’t ask my husband either.
I think I’ll ask you. My word! I hear by daughter-in-law
speake after 6 years! Your son and I… Go on. I hope you will not
misunderstand. Even if you don’t, you have arrived
all of a sudden after 6 years. But my life revolves around
my husband and my kids. Please do not do anything
to separate us. Never, dear. I swear upon
my grandchildren… …can I breake up this family,
even if I wish to? I’m hungry, dear. Go and
prepare something for me. Go on. We were quietly getting on
with our work. But the police arrived and
rained bullets on our men. I had saved a lot of dowry
for my daughter’s wedding. They’ve robbed me of
everything, sir! Everything! The Muslims and Hindus have always
lived like brothers, sir. We had never heard
of such hatred. They got into my house
and killed my husband! Use this. That one is wet. There’s someone at the door
to see you. There’s someone at the door. What is it, grandpa? Come along, Kamal!
But I’m Kabir. There’s someone at the door. Mother! I thought you had forgotten me. I have wept, every day
in the last six years. Why did you do this, Mother? I could have done without my
daughter; but not your father. My child!
Father! Come in. How did you land here? I have come, just what
you have arrived for. And already upto
your mischief, eh? Does that mark look good
on the kids’ forehead? Do you want me to twiddle my thumbs
till you makee them wear caps? Now don’t start…
Tea or coffee? Mom wants to know. Anything will do. Use very little sugar.
Bashir is now an old man. Halfthe blood in the
kids’ veins is mine! The other half is mine!
And pure blood, at that! Allah!
Oh, Shiva! Nothing seems to be right
in this city. Which is why I’m here to takee
them back to the village. How will you? Why do you think
I arrived here before you? Are you both fighting?
No fights, son. We’re from the same village.
We’re just having a chat. They’re having a chat, Mom.
They’re not fighting. Now look; let’s come
to a compromise. Let’s takee them back
to the village. But the kids will
grow up in my family. Sure, why not?! I know what grass
(vegetables) Hindu kids grow up on! As if I don’t know how
Muslim kids grow up! Papa’s here! We have another grandpa here! They’re always fighting
when they’re alone. So what are our
fathers-in-law saying? Both want to raise the kids
in their families. Really? Ask them to
takee away the kids then. How can you say that? Let them face it. Really? And what happens of us? Let’s have another baby.
My God! You’ll have to find
another woman for that. Just another baby…
a lovable daughter. What’s this new obsession? It’s ages since I helped you
steady your waist. Isn’t it ages since you went
around with a huge tummy? Oh, shut up!
Now look, lady… Let’s have a baby-girl quick!
In fact, deliver one tomorrow. What say? We can’t tolerate the fights
those grandpa’s are getting into! Takee care of your old man, Papa.
And handle your old man, Mom. Ask your Mom to give us
a little doll. Tell him that I will not
give him a little doll. “Listen to us, O sweet lady;
give us a little baby doll” “The world has gone to sleep;
even the Moon is lost” “Come to me, my sweet lady…
give me a little baby doll” “Listen to us, O sweet lady;
give us a little baby doll” “The world has gone to sleep;
even the Moon is lost” “Come to me, my sweet lady…
give me a little baby doll” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “No one has gone to sleep;
nor is the Moon lost” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “The peacock dances magnificently;
and the nightingale sings a melody” “I want a sweet little daughter now” “Don’t you say such things…
and don’t look at me” “It’s such a beatiful place…
admire the sights” “The weather is just perfect…
so let’s makee love” “There are flowers blossoming…
why let go of such an opportunity” “Just one little girl” “Stay away” “One little girl, I say” “Don’t you come closer, I say” “I can’t stay away,
now that I’ve come close to you” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “No one has gone to sleep;
nor is the Moon lost” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “No one has gone to sleep;
nor is the Moon lost” “Listen to us, O sweet lady;
give us a little baby doll” “What’s life without you?
Or these days and nights?” “I mean nothing without you;
I so madly love you” “All I want from you now
is a sweet little daughter” “May she be a harbinger of good-fortune,
as you are” “You say such sweet things…
but you’ve always been like this” “Just forget this idea; I won’t agree,
no matter what you do” “Let go of my hand” “Don’t breake my heart” “Let go of my hand”
“Don’t breake my heart” “I won’t let you con me
with your sweet talk” “Listen to us, O sweet lady;
give us a little baby doll” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “No one has gone to sleep;
nor is the Moon lost” “This lady won’t come to you;
she won’t give the baby either” “No one has gone to sleep;
nor is the Moon lost” “Your beloved lady love…” January 5, 1993;
Dongri, Bombay. “It is reported that two workers
were murdered in Dongri, Bombay”. “According to the police, the
murderers have not been identified” “Sporadic violence has broken out
in the city, following the incident” “In order to ensure peace and prevent
occurrence of such incidents…” When will these riots between
Hindus and Muslims end? Why are you putting
this question to me? Ask those Hindus who are
targetting the Muslims! When will these riots between
Hindus and Muslims end? We are not responsible
for the riots. I want the Hindus and Muslims
to co-exist in peace. But who hurled
the first stone? We will not remain silent! Who sparked offthis destruction? Who brought the Babri Mosque
down in a rubble? I’m proud, if my boys have indeed
demolished the Babri mosque. I’m proud ofthem! There is no one who can
protect the Muslims today! We will have to protect ourselves! They have wrought atrocities
on Muslims! We will have to takee to arms, if we
intend to live in this atmosphere! Let’s not talk of anything else.
Just tell me this much. Where do these guys
get their arms from? It’s from that source, isn’t it? – 80% ofthose dead in the riots
were Muslims. They destroyed our mosque and all
the police did was to watch! In fact, the police took
sides with the mobs and… …opened fire on Muslims!
Why did they do that? Is it because 75% ofthe policemen
belong to the Shakti Samaj? This nation belongs to Hindus!
Those who don’t agree may leave! It’s the ordinary masses who are
dying in the clash between you. The masses are being killed;
when will the carnage end? It’s the innocent who are
being killed in your conflict. Bombay burns… when will
all this end? The demon then grew
to diabolic heights. Out ofthe fear, the soldiers sought
refuge in Lord Rama and Laxman. And they…
have you gone to sleep? Where are you coming from? Is it from those
street prayers? Why did you come here, old man? What is your name? Hold it, gentlemen…!
What’s going on over here? What are you doing?
He’s one of us. Don’t you hear me? He’s one of us.
Go away… Please go away. Let’s get out of here.
Would they have stabbed me? Come along…
Why did they… …threaten an old man
and the kids? Don’t worry. Nothing has happened. Really? I wonder what would have
happened, had you not arrived. They’d have killed us. What did you say to them?
Nothing. What did you tell them?
I said you’re my brother. Father! Mother! Move aside! Get me some water! Quick! Give that to me! Call them all outside! Forget all that! Let’s go! Mother! Leave that thing alone.
Let’s go, father! Father! My father! Where is he?
I’ll go and check. Let’s get out of here, Bashir! Let’s go, Bashir!
The Holy Quran! I’ll get it! Go on! Hurry up and go out! Where are my children! Takee a right turn… My kids are lost, driver…
My sons… I’m looking for them. No thank you!
I can’t get into that hell! I can’t! I’m a family man. Mister!
How do we go to Jogeshwari? Where are you coming from?
Get out ofthat cab, you swine! Where do we get
bus No. 115, mister? I don’t know. Just get lost! We want to go home, mister.
Oh, get lost! Please takee us to our father.
Get lost, will you?! I wonder where they are…
My kids have just disappeared. Did you look around well?
They’re twins… that’s right. How old are they, Shekhar?
6 years. How are they dressed?
Kabir is in white kurta pyjama… What is Kamal wearing, Bano? It’s a blue T-shirt. Stop crying, dear. Your kids will
be back. They’ll be all right. Yes, I know that. I know it. “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “This is our land… our city” “Why are we being foes to ourselves?” “Let’s give up hatred and
think of our motherland…” “This violence will devastate us” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Be it Muslims or the Hindus
that are slayed…” “it will amount to a murder of humanity” “This can lead only to
mourning and destruction” “Stop it, stop it! ” “Stop it, stop it! ” Where haven’t I looked for you?! Don’t you know what’s
happening out there? And here you are! I wonder where my kids
have gone. How must they be managing? Your kids are not here!
…let’s get out of here. It’s this place my
children will come to. They’ll come here, looking for me. They can’t go anywhere
without me. If we don’t leave, we will not
live to see the children. I want Kamal and Kabir!
I want my children! My sons! Nothing will happen to your sons. That’s my mother’s dress! This belongs to my father! My father! Where is my father?! Stop screaming!…
They’ve left us forever!! Child! Swine! Does anyone treat
a child like that?! Come on, son… Listen, all of you! You will be responsible for
your death, should you step out! What the hell are you doing here?
Where is your house? Go away… Go on! Wait here. I’ll go
and takee a look. No way. I’ve got to see
if my children are here. Listen to me…
My sons are twins. Six ofthe kids are dead.
Many ofthem are critical. Go and check if your
sons are among them. No. My sons are not here. But there are so many children…
why did this have to happen? What fire of hatred is this
that has… They didn’t spare even
the innocent little children! Will my own children too…? Rafiq! It’s Rafiq! Don’t let them escape!
No one must get away! What’s gotten into you?!
Have you gone mad?! Do you know what you’re doing?! He’s a Hindu!
Kill me then! I’m Hindu too! They’ve been targetting our shops
and houses and setting them on fire! They’re bent on driving us
out ofthe country! What do you have against me?
Cut the hyp ocrisy of brotherhood! This fire can’t be put out now!
What is he saying? This chap belongs
to the Shakti Samaj. Didn’t he kill the Muslims?
Ask him! Sure, I did…
Aren’t you ashamed? And why not?! Why don’t the laws
of our country apply to them? They’ve scared us enough! It’s the
politicians who appease them! The Govt. gives them concessions for
being minorities. But this is India! I’ll show you…
Stop it, I say! No Muslim will keep quiet!
Neither will the Hindu! Sure! It won’t be only the Hindus
and Muslims who die in the riots! Takee a look at the destruction!
Takee a good look! Why must we perish in the destruction
madmen like you wreake? For what fault of ours?
You’re a Hindu; don’t forget. No! I’m not a Hindu!
Your children are half Muslim. My kids and I are not
Muslims either! We don’t belong
to either community! We’re only Indians! Does the Quran advocate the
slaying of Hindus? Tell me! Or does the Gita tell you to
kill Muslims? What is all this for? I’ve been separated from my kids,
thanks to people like you! Should something happen to them,
people like you will be responsible! Go away! Why are the Hindus and Muslims
fighting each other? I don’t know, son. They’ve lived together like brothers,
for centuries. But they have now been
driven apart. Which community is to blame?
Neither is to blame. It’s the politicians who
light the fire of hatred… …and it’s the common man
who dies in the crossfire. Here you are. Eat it. Who is a Muslim?
And what does Hindu mean? That’s a difficult question, son.
Why ask someone like me? I don’t know this thing
about Hindus and Muslims. Go ahead and eat. Religion… is the means
to reach God. The Hindus and the Muslims have
their own ways… of reaching God. Then why must they
fight each other? That’s one thing I have
never been able to understand. I want to go to my Mom. Excuse me… eat this. What’s your name?
Shaila Bano. What’s wrong? What happened? What is it?
Nothing. “You all are the sons
ofthis motherland…” “then why fight amongst yourselves” “Why ruin the garden which you’ve
adorned with so much care! ” “Stop it! Stop all this madness” “If we continue fighting like this,
we’ll achieve only destruction” “Stop this! Put an end to this insanity” Are you asking me to look for
my sons among the dead? Calm down and takee a look; Let’s
makee sure they’re not in there. Wait here; I’ll go and see. Get a hold on yourself!
I can’t… “This is our land… and our skies” “Why must we be our own enemies?” “Let’s not think of religion;
let’s care for the nation” “More than anything else…
we are Indians first” “Stop this madness” “Stop this madness” My God! Stop it… not anymore! We can’t takee it anymore! No, Shekhar! Don’t go there! Stop there! Stop them! Stop it, I say! How many more people
will you kill?! We’ve had enough! There has been too much
of destruction! Allah would never
approve ofthis! Spare them! For God’s sakee! I beg of you! Please let them go! You can’t escape, you swine!
Stop there! I won’t spare you today!
I’m gonna kill you! Stop there! Stop, I say! Stop it! Stop this nonsense! I beg of you! Spare them!
Please leave us alone! Stop it! Stop this bloodshed,
for God’s sakee! We’ve borne enough! Stop it now!
You have killed enough! You’ve burnt the whole city!
We’ll burn you, too! Sure! Come on!
Set me on fire, too! Wait! Stop it! No! We won’t let him get away! You’re fools to be provoked
into killing each other! Politicians are takeing advantage of
you for their seats of power! They’ve been robbing and killing
people, in your name! They have been provoking you! Kill those villains before
you kill these innocents! Drop these weapons!
Drop them, I say! Drop the weapons! You’re a Muslim, too!
Kill them! Go on! No, I can’t!
Kill them, I say! First set this fool on fire.
Sure! Go ahead! Give me that can! Set me on fire!
No! Come on! Set me aflame! Come on…
Why don’t you burn me alive?! Kill me, if you wish!
But spare them! Go away! Come on… set be ablaze!
No! Please don’t! You won’t do it, will you?! He is like my own child!
Do you understand?! This woman is my sister! Set me on fire! Set me a flame! What madness was that?! “Let there be dreams of hope” “Let peace protect us…” “…even ifthe nights are
long and dreadful” “Let’s usher in a new dawn” “Let there be dreams of hope” “Let peace protect us…” “…even ifthe nights are
long and dreadful” “Let’s usher in a new dawn” “Let’s cleanse our hearts ofthe hatred” “It will lead to peace” “We shall live not in fear and hatred” “Let happiness reign” “Spend our lives we will
in happiness and laughter” “Let’s usher in a new dawn” “Let there be dreams of hope” “Let peace protect us…” “…even ifthe nights are
long and dreadful” “Let’s usher in a new dawn” “Even ifthe gardens are plundered…” “it will lead to
a new spring for the roses” “Breakeing the shackles of hatred…” “we shall build a bed of roses” “And dream of a better future”