Blood pressure: what is blood pressure?

Blood pressure: what is blood pressure?

[MUSIC]>>MALE VOICE OVER: Your heart pumps blood
around your body in order to provide your cells with oxygen. This pumping of blood puts pressure on the
walls of your blood vessels. This is referred to as blood pressure. Your blood pressure varies as your heart muscle
contracts and relaxes, which is why your blood pressure measurement is 2 numbers not 1. It’s higher during contraction and lower between
heart beats. When your numbers get to high, you’re increasing
your risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease. High blood pressure means your heart is working
harder to move blood around your body. If the arteries become narrower the pressure
increases, in the same way you need very high pressure to move water through a blocked hose. But because high blood pressure doesn’t usually
cause symptoms, many people may not know that they have it until damage has occurred. So get your blood pressure checked. If it’s high talk to your Doctor about taking
steps to get it under control and keep an eye on it. If those steps include medicines, stick with
it, or it won’t protect you. [MUSIC]

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