Blood pressure: managing high blood pressure

Blood pressure: managing high blood pressure

[MUSIC]>>MALE VOICE OVER: High blood pressure doesn’t
always make you feel bad and so it’s important to get it regularly checked. You might even measure it at home yourself,
this will help you track your progress and reach your goal. Some lifestyle changes may help reduce your
blood pressure; less salt, losing weight, eating better, exercising more and drinking
less alcohol will all help. Quitting smoking will improve your overall
heart health. But even those lifestyle changes may not
be enough, you may still need to take medicines, every day, possibly for the rest of your life
to keep your blood pressure under control. These medicines act in a variety of ways,
blocking hormones that increase blood pressure, relaxing blood vessels, reducing salt and
water in the blood or slowing your heart rate. Your Doctor will help you to find the dose
and combination of medicines that works best for you. Take your medicines every day as prescribed
by your Doctor in order to reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. Know your medicines and keep a list handy. Even if you feel OK you need to keep taking
them. Suddenly stopping for any reason will put
your health at risk all over again. [MUSIC]

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