Blood | 블러드 EP.4 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

(Episode 4) Who are you? Okay. Good work. Did the patient take aspirin in the previous hospital? I don’t… You’re right. Yes, he did. He had a severe migraine. He took it on his own without a prescription, correct? You should have told us. Aspirin prevents blood from clotting post surgery. That’s why his stomach and small intestine bled. I’m sorry. Is he okay now? Luckily, it was minor, so it stopped. Who checked his medicine use before surgery? Min Gayeon did. If he can’t remember what he took, you should have asked about each and every drug, especially aspirin. That should have been first. Did you do that? If his bleeding was worse, we would had to open him up again. What have you learned until now? I’m sorry. You should apologize to the patient, not me. If you let something like this happen again, I’ll make sure you cry until your tear ducts are dry. I knew it ever since your sob story at the interview. It’s so obvious it was staged. What’s wrong with him? Chief. Chief! What? Why is he so cold? Chief! Chief! Help! Help! Chief! Thank you. Isn’t he Chief Park? I’ll take care of him. Just get back to work. Yes. You too. But… What on earth? What? Mom. Mom. No, Mom. You can make it. You can make it. What did you do to me? What do you mean? What did you do to me here? I checked your vitals and saturation and was about to run a blood test. Who said you could do that? What then? Should a doctor bring in someone who passed out on the street and read him the Lord’s Prayer? This is the thanks I get for saving you? I won’t complain then. You can’t just leave. Oh my gosh. Then tell me what happened to you within the hour? It’s nothing, just go. What do you mean “nothing”? Don’t you know what state you’re in? You’re a doctor. I said, go! I’m right, aren’t I? You’re not well, are you? So? You’ll request my medical records again? What’s the point? It would be rejected and I’ll look foolish again. At least you’re learning to predict results. If you tell me the truth, I’ll keep your secret. Not as doctor-to-doctor, but doctor-to-patient. That’s enough. I’m trying to be nice. I’m offended. Then keep being offended. What will you do with Park Jisang? He has forgotten who he is. He is imitating humans. So I showed him that he can’t avoid his instincts, and where he belongs. I made him realize how superior a being he is. Do you plan to bring him under you? But he is too dangerous. If he learns of his parents’ death… He has drawn his bow and arrow without knowing what the target is. He knows nothing. So, if someone can show him what his target is, he’ll think that person is on his side. Are you disguising the bad Friends as the target? Pretty much. But that’s not what’s important right now. We must find out just how much he is imitating humans on the inside. His parents had cold blood, but they pretended to be human. That’s why tragedy ensued. Then, how is Park Jisang? Will he run solely toward his rage and objective befitting of a cold-blooded being? Or, will he have his parents’ risky warmth? Temperature, 26.8 degrees. BP, 120 over 68. Heart rate, 43. Saturation, 64%. You must lower your temperature quickly. You’re not an animal that escaped from a zoo. What the… Seriously. Keep it down. You’re giving me a headache. I am trying to bring you peace. I am good. Across the Jordan River I said I am good! Why are you getting angry? You, little rat! Attack alert! Analyze the chemical in that syringe first. Just in case, right? Let’s discuss it tomorrow. Sure. Get some rest. Let’s go, Luuvy. (Hypothermia) Infrared imaging showed the guy by the house was infected. The guy I fought was also infected. Low body temperature, body odor and high frequency. They used a syringe, just like long ago. Just like the infected who killed your mother. They weren’t the same guys. Their faces were different. They may have grown. It’s a virus, so it’s possible. So it’s likely they’re the ones who killed Mom? Yes, I think so. If that’s correct, they definitely lured me into Korea. They’re trying to do what they did to Mom. If they know you’re alive, they’ll definitely be back. I’d be grateful if they did. I’ve searched for them for over 20 years. If they come on their own… So, what was in that syringe? You think chemical analysis is like a urine test? It takes an entire day. Speed it up. Don’t waste your time making useless things. I love you. But Jisang, this isn’t the right time to say this… – Then don’t say it. / – But I have to. That Dr. Yoo Rita who came by… I couldn’t say earlier but… Wow, goodness. She’s just… Oh my goodness. Her face, and her body… She’s just… Have you gone blind? You think she’s pretty? See? It’s perfect. Master, lettuce grown in sunshine is food. It is improper to play with… Attack alert! Jisang, hold on. What is this? A gift. I could have come to you if you needed to talk to me. No, you’re busy. Of course, I should come to you. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Free Ward 21A is almost completely full. We have 90 percent occupancy. The treatments begin tomorrow. I’m just saying this just in case, but if anything goes wrong, or if the words get out, I’ll be forced to take extreme measures. The one-in-a-million possibility makes people very anxious. And that one may destroy mutual trust. I hope your anxiety would turn into faith rather than distrust. The cameras in Ward 21A are not operational yet. They will be when the ward officially opens tomorrow. Ward 21C is under construction so they’re not working either, right? That is correct. Is there something wrong? You keep coming to see us. I’m a bit obsessive about security cameras. I like to know how many eyes are on me. Professor Yoo Rita. Even if your body drops below 35 degrees, you are incapable of even speaking. But what? 27 degrees? 27 degrees is a corpse. That’s true but isn’t it possible due to shock or a blood disorder? Come on, that again? You’re bringing up that childhood story. You bring it up every time you’re drunk, but now, even when you’re sober… That’s not what I’m about to talk about. It’s rare, but possible as a clinical study… What? Did we get a patient with those symptoms? Did you see him? Did you? Well, it’s not like we have a patient. It’s like my medical imagination? You’re trying to realize your fantasy professionally? I… Yes. Give him chlorthalidone and reduce the painkiller. Oh, and that’s right. And he’s no longer NPO. Yes. Answer your phone. – Yes. / – I have a delivery. Yoo Rita? Are you home? I’m not home, so leave it by the fire hydrant. There was no space there when I went two days ago. Then just leave it by the door. – Professor Yoo Rita brought Park Jisang? / – Yes. She asked for assistance bringing him to the E.R. Is there a treatment record? There is nothing in the system. I don’t think she recorded anything. It’s not broken? Yes. It’s working fine. It didn’t work last night? The pulse oximeter, too? Yes. You can’t do this? I can’t do it. That’s not possible. Watch. It’s so easy. There. There. Nice and easy. See? You must be so proud. Get back to your posts. Why are you still here? – Yes. / – Yes. How pathetic. Can you do this? So you can. Thanks. So, you can do it. What was that? How annoying. Can you teleport or something? Talk it out. Talk it out. Talk… – Why do you keep annoying me? / – What? If you’re going to be annoying, don’t get caught. You’re always getting in my way. This is absurd. When did I get in your way? You were practically dying last night, so I wanted to check on you. So what? Since when did you have a sense of duty? Excuse me. Will you have an allergic reaction if you even feign gratitude? Thanks for not letting me freeze to death on the street. Can’t you be a little more sincere? Don’t come within 30 cm of my body. Got it? You think I’m doing this because I like you? – Yes. / – “Yes”? Yes? What a narcissist. Goodness. Please. I’ll be back after one bottle of soju. No. I said, no. – Just one bottle. / – No, no, no. You can’t. It’s like we’re some local clinic. They keep asking for food and try to leave whenever they want. They’re impossible to control. They should be grateful and stay still. People like that are so… Ms. Lee! I’m Seo Hyeri, head of Taemin Pharmaceuticals’ – new drug development team. / – And? We will gather patient data of everyone in Ward 21A starting tomorrow. So please share the passwords for each station with me and my team. I don’t know. I think it’s a bit difficult for me to do that for you. The new drug development team is not sharing any of their data. So we need someone who can understand their research. But why does it have to be me? The new drug development is mostly regarding blood plasma and blood. I understand your point, but to put it simple, you want me to secretly find out what they’re doing and report it to you. That isn’t exactly it, but it is related. But sorry. I’m not interested. You began this with total disregard to the doctors, so I’m not in a mood of helping. I’m not curious as to what they do. If you help me, I will give you a small gift. If there is any research proposal that you submitted that was rejected, or a research you’d like to conduct, I’ll support you 100 percent. Please think it over. Wow. That’s a nice gift. I will not think it over. Thanks for the tea. We will begin treating the patients in Ward 21A tomorrow. All of you gathered here today will be allotted patients. Please treat them like family. It feels so warm in here. When the chairman mentioned a free ward, weren’t you the ones who applauded the loudest? I’m sure they’re applauding on the inside. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hello. Hello, Doctor. You can’t walk around like this. I may be old and sick, but I can’t ignore people who need me. I heard you bugged the nurses for more painkillers. Yes. He was in so much pain last night. If he keeps taking more, he’ll develop a tolerance. How can I just watch him suffer in pain? Are you his doctor? Chief. I don’t think it’s enough to cause a problem. Stay out of it. If you’re going to keep this up, leave the hospital. Doctor. Honey, it’s okay. I’m sorry, Doctor. I’ll endure it. I thought I was the biggest jerk here, but you can take over that title. How is following protocol being a jerk? Protocol isn’t the problem. Your method is. I don’t see a problem with my methods. Your problem is this is ice in here. Beyond serious hypothermia. Doctor! Please take good care of my dad. Please let my dad live a long, long life. Please. Of course. He’ll make sure of it. I will try my best, but I can’t promise to make him live a long, long life. You make a promise if you know you can keep it. He only talks that way. Don’t worry. I’m going to go crazy. Are you out of your mind? Where did you leave your common sense? All the professors were preparing for surgery or out… Still, how could you call the director? That’s enough. Don’t you know I’m a surgeon too? Of course she should have called me. – Are you a first year? / – Yes. – Your name is… / – Min Gayeon. In these situations in the future, do what Dr. Min Gayeon did. Don’t put hierarchy and structure over patients. Do you understand? – Yes, Sir. / – Yes, Sir. She has acute hepatic failure due to Hepatitis A. She’s been losing consciousness for a week. She has grade three encephalopathy. Cerebral edema is suspected given her unconsciousness. We must hurry. She’s already registered with KONOS. She needs a transfusion as soon as possible, but we have lost a lot of time. Other hospitals refused to treat her already. That’s understandable. It is the same here. We don’t have anyone who can do this surgery. If we can find a liver donor, we can do it. I see. Hello. I’m Kim Shieun, the organ transplant coordinator. Nice to meet you. Register her as an urgent liver transfer candidate. She can be registered as status one, correct? Yes, she can, but whether or not we get a donor is up to Heaven. It must be done by tonight. If not done by tonight, even with a liver transplant, she’ll have brain damage caused by brain edima. Even if there is a donor, there is another problem. There is no problem removing this liver. But in this state, even with a liver… It will be difficult to reconnect the blood vessels. It’s portal vein thrombosis, grade four. There are clots even where the superior mesenteric vein meets the splenic vein. Reconnecting the blood vessels will be very difficult. I’ve never seen a case like this either. But in this room is the top expert on blood vessel anastomosis. Chief Park Jisang. May I ask you one more time? Sure, I’ll do it. This is just so blatant. What is? He’s giving all the difficult surgeries to Chief Park. This surgery. That surgery. Borrowing the Korean phrase… That’s right. Isn’t he trying to mess with Chief Park? What? Mess with him? I’d love to have him mess with me like that. How nice is it? I wish I could participate in such a rare surgery. You are so clueless. Just watch how things develop. How do you reply so automatically? It’s always “Sure, I’ll do it.” “Sure, why not?” You’re like a vending machine. How will you eliminate her portal vein thrombosis? If you can’t, where will you reconnect it? You’ll put the liver in without reconnecting them? A liver isn’t a magnet that will stay there on its own. Learn to summarize and speak concisely. Why are you so wordy? Think about it. Why would the other hospitals have refused to take her? And that director is usually swift. Why did he pass it on to you? Are you worried about me? I’m not worried. I’m just saying that’s how I feel. Then participate in this liver transplant. What? Why should I? You were the first to notice the problem from the scan. I was slightly proud of you. This isn’t about being proud of me. You just don’t want to go down alone, right? You’re still here. We don’t know when a donor may appear so please be alert. Maintain her condition… Right. I heard something this morning. You were brought in to the E.R. last night? And Professor Yoo treated you? Are you not feeling well? It’s nothing. But just in case, you should get checked out. Why are you hiding it? Just tell him. He was in a drunken state. Technically speaking, he was hammered. He had a drink and was sprawled out on the street. I see, I thought… Nothing else was wrong with him? Temperature, BP and heart rate were all normal. Sleep is the best medicine if you’re hammered. Then I won’t worry any longer. Excuse me. I hate lying. Where are you going? The first assist should check on the liver transplant patient. I’m not a first assist. Call me a second operating surgeon. If you’re a second operating surgeon, does that mean you are doing the half of the work? The patient is growing more unconscious. She’s in a semi-comatose state. You said you don’t want to go down with me. If it’s not me, someone else will take that blame. Why does it sound like vanity? You might be the only one think like that. If there is an emergency, call me, the second operating surgeon. Mom. Mom, you can make it. You can make it. No, Mom. You can make it. You can make it. Hang in there, please. I’m sorry. I’m… so sorry. I love you so very much My mom can’t die like this. After my dad passed away, she worked so hard to send me to school. She has to see me go to college. I wish I could give her my liver if it were a match, but that’s out of my control too. There is absolutely nothing I can do. Even if you have a lot, it doesn’t mean you can do everything. There are many more things out of your control. Then it won’t go as I wish since I have nothing. You have one thing. The present. No one can prevent the past, but you have the present. You even have the future. Have faith in that. What does having faith in the present change? It’s so obscure. You don’t have faith because things will change. You have faith so you can endure. You seem very compassionate to the family. I didn’t do much. I need to explain the situation to the family. Rather than an explanation, your touch appeared to be a warm comfort instead. Then what, should I grab him by the collar and explain? I think I mistook you about something. I never did anything to warrant a misunderstanding. I thought you were a doctor with the best technique. I mean it in the best sense. You don’t get wrapped up with emotions and meet the needs of the patient perfectly. – But? / – But, you seem to have a warm heart as well. So, I respect and envy you as a fellow doctor. I am still so lacking. Are you always so interested in each doctor? Only in those I think specially of. Excessive interest in another often creates fantasies. That’s why I prefer disinterest. I hope you can do the same for me. I understand. I will keep the proper distance. Is her condition still worsening? She’s barely responding to the medication, and her BP keeps dropping. Hello? Yes, speaking. Excuse me? Yes, that’s correct. What? Thank you. Thank you so much. – Which hospital? / – Hanju University Hospital. They got the donor’s family’s consent? Yes, they finished explaining it 30 minutes ago. Professor Yoo, Ms. Kim, Dr. Min. Please go immediately. I’ll remove the patient’s liver and stand by. – Yes. / – Why should I go? Protocol is to send the junior staff. I said go. Please do this for us. Let’s get ready. – Yes. / – Yes. I’m going? What on earth… Why don’t you go then? Chief? I have a personal favor to ask. – You’re going too? / – Yes. Then who is removing Lee Hansuk’s liver? – Professor Lee Hoyeong. / – What? – Why is Professor Lee… / – Let’s go! He is a 24-year-old college student. He fell while hiking and became brain-dead. His blood type is O. He has no diseases or illnesses. Any damage to areas near the liver? No. This is so tough. Organ donations really are up to God. Just like this situation. I should pray more. Why would you pray there? The donor and his family hold Lee Hansuk’s lifeline. If you want to pray, you should pray to them. Don’t bother praying to an empty space, and complain when it doesn’t work. You’re a complete atheist, aren’t you? I have a personal favor to ask. I used to always go see the donor before performing a transplant. I didn’t send a junior. It is cumbersome, but I think it’s due respect toward the life that was sacrificed. Are you asking me to go too? It’s the first transplant since I took over, so I wish you’d show respect on my behalf. If that’s the case, I will go. Thank you. Then who will operate? Professor Lee Hoyeong is in the hospital. He is a great surgeon. How warm do you think Park Jisang’s blood is? Let’s go. How is the patient? Good. You may begin. – Check on their end. / – Yes. Jeong Minho, who was somebody’s love is leaving after planting his seeds of love in the world. Please let the love he shared spread afar and grant him a peaceful journey. I pray for the repose of your soul. Have a safe journey. I can’t take that journey, but I will send you off comfortably. Let’s begin. Scalpel. Yes. They began the surgery and the liver is healthy. We will begin the removal of Lee Hansuk’s liver. Scalpel. Bovie. Right angle. Metzenbaum. Tie. Hold. Out. Cut. Perfusion. We will now sever the vena cava. Scissors. He probably received the congratulatory message, so begin right away. You look like you have just lost your country. Incredible. Give it to me. I’m busy. Let’s talk later. Wait, wait. I got the results. But… What are you doing? The injection was the same as what killed your mother. It’s completely the same. They must be working with the jerks from before. Chief! We don’t have time. – Go ahead. / – What? What are you talking about? I’ll be right there, so hurry up and go. They’re removing her liver right at this moment! I will be there soon. Chief! What the… Let’s go! The liver has been removed. (Professor Yoo Rita) Seriously! Her BP is dropping and acidosis is worsening. – Raise her BP with inotropes. / – Okay. Kim Byeongsu, go out and keep calling the director. Min Gayeong, you call the chief. Yes. What if neither of them can make it? I wish I could do it, but… Where did he go? (Min Gayeon) (Kim Byeongsu) (Missed call 16) We must begin, or she may go into cardiac arrest. I will lead the surgery. We will begin the liver transplant. Professor Lee, please help me. The director said he’ll be here in 30 minutes. – What are these things? / – UV-ray-blocking contacts. Wear them. Don’t go around getting beat up. Tell me. Who killed my mother? Who? If you want to know, figure it out yourself. Stop right there or we’ll shoot! Raise your hands! I said, raise your hands! Hello. You made the right choice. The most appropriate choice for you. Thank you, Park Jisang, for not disappointing me. Chief! How could you be so irresponsible? I hope you won’t disappoint me again. I’m telling you, I’m right. He’s a psychopath. Do I look like a psycho? This isn’t a great discovery, but a disaster. Park Jisang is not the kid you fought back then. You keep confusing me as to your concept. Every cell in your body will die from head to toe, and you will die within two days. Then it’s even harder for me to become human.