Best Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease | Diet for CKD Patients In India क्रोनिक किडनी रोग Stage 3 आहार

Friends, Preparing a diet plan is a crucial
task during kidney diseases. Diet plays an important role during the kidney disease
treatment. What to eat and avoid at what time So it is beneficial to that you should get
a weekly diet chart. Let us help you in preparing a diet chart. We will tell you
that what types of food you can consume and to
avoid Look, during kidney diseases, you need to watch out the consumption of carbohydrates
that provides gateway to calories enetring the bodies. If you are a diabetic
or suffering from obesity then you need to
look after the consumption of carbohydrates. If you are
not both diabetic and kidney patient then you should eat various fruits. If you
want then eat or consume cakes, jelly and honey. But beware that you should not eat chocolates
and nuts. Also, you should avoid bananas strictly.
You need to watch over the fats that you are consuming. You should
include only those diet that are inclusive of healthy and unsaturated
fats only. Unsaturated fats are found in peanut oil,
sunflower oil,fish oil and olive oil. Foods like red meat, poultry butter are rich in saturated fats that are
adviced to avoid during kidney disease treatment. Saturated fats are harmful during the kidney
diseases. It can create complications during kdiney
diseases. You need to limit the consumption of fluids
in your body. But a matter of fact, the limit of fluid
consumption vary from a patient to patient. You should consult your dititian about the consumption limit of fluids. So that you
can manage water consumption accordingly. Manage your consumption of beverages and
water accordingly. Now let us discuss about the food choice during kidney
diseases Exclude foods that are highly enriched in
sodium During klidney diseases, your sodium intake
is restricted. Generally, the foods we consume includes sodium in the form of salt. But
on the other hand, fruits are also rich in
sodium and also you should restrict yourself from
the consumption of canned and packed fruits. You should not consume soy sauce and baked items like cakes, pasteries, biscuits
and bread are enriched with sodium in high amounts. You should also avoid chips,
wafers and popcorn and other such items. Abstain yourself from pistachoes, cashews
and peanuts. Avoid salted butter, clarified butter, instant
noodles and coconut water. Talking of cocnut water, it
is rich in sodium and It is highly recommended that you should
abstain yourself from sea foods as it is
also a great source of sodium. During kidney diseases, you need to watch
out the consumption of potassium. You have to avoid foods that are rich in potassium more than 100 mg. You should avoid
fruits containing potassium in high amounts like banana, custard apple, coconut, guava
and kiwi mango, oranges, papaya and peaches. In vegetables, you should avoid broccoli, coriander, mushrooms spinach, sweet potato and tomatoes. Though you can consume a few of these fruits
and vegetables after a specific processing. Other foods that you should avoid are kidney
beans (rajma), and any type of non-vegetarian foods as they
are also enriched in potassium. Make sure that you are not eating any fruits
or vegetable in its raw form and you are abstaining from non-veg foods
like beef, lamb, pork, chicken and eggs. You have to avoid coca cola, lime juice,coffee,
buttermilk Though there is a long list of what to eat
and avoid but to end this confusion, you can contact
the best dititian and nephrologist on the numbers
scrolling underneath. For free consultation. Karma Ayurveda is
an institution that has cured more than 35000 patients till date
with Ayurvedic practices. Let us meet one such patient. Dr. Puneet
Dhawan: These reports are of the patient from Ethal trivedi one
of the biggest hospital in Gujrat And the tests conducted in that hospital.
Hemoglobin was 7.6 and creatinine was in increasing
pattern and was 6.0 mg/dl, urea was 130 mg/dl approx. And one more test was conducted later where
the creatinine was reduced to 4.9 mg/dl and urea was 69.3 mg/dl and hemoglobin
was 8.88. All the parameters have been improved
and the creatinine levels were reduced effectively that was increasing. Was it? Patient: Yes
sir. Dr. Puneet Dhawan: How much was the creatinine
before? Patient: Creatinine was around 3.9 mg/dl
and after that it was increasing and when I reached Gujrat,
there I got to know that it was 4.9 mg/dl. And it continued even after
taking the medicines Dr.: So these are the reports of the tests
conducted at an hospital in Bihar only and the progression of creatinine reached to the range of 6 have been reduced
to the range of 4 so observe how this progression of creatinine
can be controlled with Ayurveda with the reports of the problem of high creatinine that it is possible to reduce the creatinine
levels So did you see how the knowledge of Karma
Ayurveda has helped another patient in reducing
the creatinine levels naturally. We hope that you liked this video. If so,
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stay healthy and stay happy.