Benefits of Blueberries for Blood Pressure May Be Blocked by Yogurt

Benefits of Blueberries for Blood Pressure May Be Blocked by Yogurt

“Benefits of Blueberries for Blood
Pressure May Be Blocked by Yogurt” A trio of Harvard studies that
followed more than 100,000 women for more than a decade found
that those consuming the most anthocyanins (the
brightly colored pigments found in berries, like blueberries
and strawberries) had an 8% reduction in risk of
developing high blood pressure, And the group consuming the
most every day were only eating about six strawberries worth or even
just 11 blueberries, a tenth of a cup. But maybe the biggest berry
eaters just happened to have other healthy habits and that’s
the real reason they did better. After all, you’re probably more likely
to sprinkle blueberries on oatmeal than bacon and eggs. But they controlled for whole
grain intake and fiber and salt and smoking and exercise
and a bunch of other things, and the berry benefit still remained. But you don’t know for sure
until you put it to the test. A randomized, double-blind,
placebo-controlled clinical trial, and— the title gives away
the thrilling conclusion: “Daily Blueberry Consumption
Improves Blood Pressure” How can you do a double-blind
trial, though, with a food? How can you convincingly create
a fake placebo blueberry? They used whole blueberries—
about a cup’s worth— but powdered them versus
a lookalike placebo powder, which had the same amount of sugar
and calories as the real blueberries, but without actual blueberries. Those in the placebo control group:
no real change over the 8-week study. They started out 138 over 79,
and ended up 139 over 80, whereas the real blueberry group
fell from 138 over 80 to 131 over 75, a significant drop. Now, 131 is still too high. You’d like to see at least
down to 120 or even 110, so blueberries alone may not cure you. However, the fact that you could get
a clinically significant improvement in a killer disease by just adding a single thing to your diet,
that’s pretty impressive. Is more better? What about twice the dose, more like
2 cups of fresh blueberries a day? Same kind of significant drop, but didn’t seem to work any better,
so one cup may do it. Even less may work.
It’s never been tested. Overall, there’s been five
interventional studies to date on the effects of blueberry
supplementation on blood pressure. Put all the studies together and the results do not
show any clinical efficacy. Wait, wait, what? I just showed you two studies where
there was this gorgeous effect. Have I been cherry picking studies,
or rather berry picking studies? Well, if you look closely at the studies,
the blueberries in the two studies I showed you that detected a significant
effect were prepared with water; they just mixed the blueberry
powder with water. However, the blueberries in
the non-significant effect studies were prepared with yogurt or
skim milk-based smoothies. If you remember my blast-from-the-past
video from like 8 years ago, the absorption of berry nutrients
can be blocked by dairy. Mix strawberries with water and you get a nice peak
in strawberry phytonutrients in your bloodstream within
hours of consumption. But if you instead go for
strawberries with cream— mixing the same amount of
strawberries with milk instead— significantly less makes
it into your system. The inhibitory effects of milk are
thought to be due to the interaction between the berry pigments
and milk proteins. Yeah, but does the same
thing happen with blueberries? Let’s find out. Hard to maintain the suspense
when the title just gives it away. But indeed, the antioxidant activity
of blueberries is impaired by milk. Volunteers ate a cup and a half of
blueberries with water or with milk, and the milk blocked the absorption
of some phytonutrients, but not others. So, did it really matter
that much though? Here’s the spikes in the bloodstream
after blueberries with water, and here’s how much is
absorbed with milk. OK, so less, but check out
what happened to the total antioxidant capacity
of your bloodstream. Eat blueberries alone, with water, and the antioxidant power
of your bloodstream shoots up within an hour and
remains elevated 5 hours later. OK, so with milk, you’d be thinking
there’d maybe less of a bump, right? You can say that again; not just less,
but less than when you started from. You just ate a whole bowl of
blueberries and ended up with less antioxidant capacity in your body
because you ate them with milk. No wonder mixing blueberries
with yogurt or milk may abolish the blood-pressure
lowering benefits. Interestingly, full-fat milk may inhibit
nutrient absorption the most, similar to what one finds adding milk
to tea: twice the reduction in in-vitro antioxidant values with whole
milk, compared to skim milk, which is weird because
we always thought it was the milk protein
that was the culprit. This suggests there may be some nutrient-blocking involvement
from the dairy fat as well.


  1. "What about the soy yogurt? Doing a video about that, too—stay tuned."
    Ah, I need to know 😮 always with those cliffhangers

  2. Good to know!! I used to consume a lot of dairy in my “past life”, and put blueberries in yogurt to make it tastier. Now I put it in oatmeal. 🙂

  3. What about plant milks then? I eat around 5.5 ounces of mixed red fruits every day with soy milk, oats and powdered flaxseed with cinnamon and I'd like to know if I'm throwing away all that antioxidant power.

  4. Eat it with coconut yogurt. As tasty, and no blocking (i assume). I make a sherbet daily, blending a cup of frozen blueberries, a banana, a few scoops of coconut yogurt and a small spoon of maple syrup. DELISH.

  5. I have gotten my boyfriend to eat almost entirely a whole food vegan diet except he refuses to give up yoghurt. I am going to show him this video. Maybe it will be the push he needs. Also, we eat a lot of our berries in a berry/flaxseed/almond milk smoothie. I’m assuming that almond milk should be fine.? Thanks!

  6. Sorry to intrude guys but I made a video on a cruel industry and would love your support! Any kind of support I would be so grateful for xx

    ' Masturbatory effects on insulin sensitivity and autism '
    " there has never
    been any studies done on this until we put it to the test ".

  8. Maybe the high fat is killing the good bacteria responsible for breaking down the milk proteins? I know a high fat diet vegan or not kills good gut biome thats more than 30% according to research.

  9. Of COURSE the benefits of any raw fruit vegetable or herb is going to be blocked by yogurt. I don't even have to watch the video to know that. Yogurt is D A I R Y. We should be avoiding DAIRY like the plague.Dairy is acid forming and mucus producing and will clog the immune system. There is nothing beneficial about it no matter what Western Medicine or so called "science" who they work for or BIG FOOD says about it. We are FRUGIVORES. Our digestive tracts are designed to digest mostly raw fruits, TENDER leafy greens and a FEW nuts and seeds. The sooner we accept that and start eating the majority of our diets like that, the better off we will all be health wise.

  10. I put dates oats a shit tone of berries banana flax seeds etc in my shake every day , im vegan over 2 years (mostly whole foods) and still I have high blood pressure

  11. What about plant based fat? Does that have a negative effect on nutrient absorption from berries? I typically will make a smoothie with either fresh or frozen organic berries and add coconut flesh for good fat, along with coconut water and a little vanilla extract, as well as some leafy greens, and have a delicious and what I’m thinking is a very nutritious smoothie. Is the problem fat in general, or just dairy-based fat? And what is additionally confusing is that fat is shown to enhance absorption of nutrients from vegetables. So what gives?

  12. When will they come out with a decent plant-based yogurt??? One that works for savory applications, like dips, as well as sweet. They are all horrible unless you fill them with fruit or otherwise mask them with sweet flavors.

  13. Fantastic, but what happens with goat's milk instead of cow's milk? Is the negative effect the same, similar or totally different? I know that goat's milk causes a different reaction in the body, for example, with skin conditions.
    ( I eat blueberries almost every day and I'm WFPB. )

  14. oh no, and I was feeling so nice and healthy by having quinoa with toasted seeds, bananas and blueberries together with white coffee for a breakfast :/ I guess I need to save up for the plant milk again

  15. that moment when u realize that blood pressure reducing medications r shit
    …and that moment when u realize that the supposed blood pressure reducing effect one experiences from eating say blueberries is just the same shit like that found in pharma drugs: they mess with the body's chemistry in ways the body (at its current stage) apparently didnt intend to
    i mean…why would we want to lower blood pressure if the body in its wisdome changes things on the fly so that everything works just fine…the side effects on pharma drugs r obviously much stronger/worse, but still….why mess with a machine if its running just fine? of course there r times where u can get an (unfair) adventage of taking caffein but saying there is no drawback to these effects is just…not thought very far (regardless of what science says or not…..things that go up must come down!)

  16. This is probably all true and I am not advocating dairy consumption (I'm moving toward being vegan). However it is worth nothing the studies did not use whole foods. It is possible that the nutrients are blocked via complexing (eg calcium can complex with polyphenols) and that liquid dairy and powdered blueberries (or liquid extract tea) does this the most. I would hypothesize there could be less of that with say whole blueberries and solid low fat cheese. There still might be some interference and other reasons not to eat dairy but I'm just making a scientific observation/speculation. I would put real money on whole blueberries and low fat cheese having a better effect. Now, if anyone could describe how to create a convincing placebo for that, I would be impressed. In advance, calm down true believers. I am neither doubting the general results nor advocating dairy. However, having keen scientific discernment is much to our benefit – something dr Greger (and unfortunately far too few other people) exhibits quite well (which I can't appreciate enough). That strengthens the case for what appears to be the most scientifically validated long term diet for the general population (although not everyone at all times): a whole foods plant based diet. It is also worth nothing the limitations of the placebo controlled trial in these kinds of studies (the difficulty of creating placebos for real whole foods). There are other kinds of studies that get around this but they yield different kinds of information. It's about looking at all the evidence and literature on balance and making your best assessment, which is kind of a never ending process – the opposite of how research is usually discussed in both the mainstream and alternative media (sigh…). Dr Greger has impressed me though in that respect. You dig?

  17. Oh great, non fat plain Greek yogurt is the only dairy I comsume. And, yup, I mix it with oatmeal, fax, banana, and blueberries. 😞

  18. There are more studies done on this subject and results are never the same. Some show milk blocks antioxidant absorbtion, some say no effect, some say it improves absorbtion.

    When there are so many different results on the same subject, it's a clear sign that there are other variables at work. Variables that aren't tracked, which leads to conflicting results.

    What else is there in dairy that could have this effect?

    And another thing, the effect of milk on antioxidants seems to depend on the kind of antioxidant. In some, milk even improves the absorption and function of certain antioxidants.

  19. You scared me there for a minute. Thank goodness I eat (dairy free) Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt (plain) with my blueberries! Whole Foods sells a 32 oz. bag of organic frozen blueberries for $8.99. Thanks for the info!

  20. Blueberries are for the upper middle class here. Really expensive :(. Goverment allows for exportation so they export most of the production and the price rises for our local population…

  21. Thank you for this wonderful video. I will share a screenshot of this diagram at 4:30 showing the antioxidant capacity of blood with friends and family who always try to eat more fruit and veggies but use dairy (same goes for eggs and meat) in the same meal.

  22. Can anybody tell me where i can find the results of the diagram in 4:30? In the shown paper of 2009 i couldn't find the numbers or graphs. Was it a subsequent study or in the additional info? Thank you 🙂
    or maybe I'm just blind – not enough antioxidants…

  23. Wild blueberries have twice the antioxidants as the larger domestic versions, even when grown on wild blueberry farms. And you can retain 25% more of the antioxidants by thawing them fast in a microwave. Studies have repeatedly proven that berries thawed slowly on the counter lose more nutrients.

  24. What does it mean to have an 8% reduction IN RISK of hypertension? Don't you either have it or you don't? Is this some fun with math or something real?

  25. Holly cow!! 🙂
    Dr Greger, do you think the results would have changed if the milk came from a happy cow from a small farm where they hardly ever use antibiotics and cows are fed only with hay & grass, & other greens, & feed that has no animal derived components? Hard to find but perhaps possible?? I'm not a vegan and still trying to fight for a fair trial for milk and dairy.
    I come from a small farm in Poland on which we never used commercial feed & grew our own greens etc.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  26. +++ Philip J Fry
    I have show to you the main stream reputable universities and institutions that says… meat eating is bad for human health .Υou stubbornly insist to support meat consumption .The sad thing is that you refuse to provide any data to support your opinion.Υοu are biased ,it is the reason you conceal the fact that
    American Dietetic Associatio received corporate contributions also from National Cattlemen's Beef Association.
    It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the United States' largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, and represents over 100,000 credentialed practitioners — registered dietitian nutritionists, dietetic technicians, registered, and other dietetics professionals holding undergraduate and advanced degrees in nutrition and dietetics. After nearly 100 years as the American Dietetic Association, the organization officially changed its name to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2012.

  27. Sir u provide very useful information i am plannig to start new channel based on health so can i use your videos in my channel and also can i promote my channel on social media using your content i will always give credit to your channel THANK YOU

  28. Gregor cant stop himself promoting fruit. The conclusion was that there wasn’t much effect so he tries to salvage the story with a blame something argument. Fruit is a source of sugary energy that is ok as part of a the dietary picture but its no miracle. To be healthy you have to eat simple basic foods, exercise, socialize. Dont eat the rich toxic foods or overindulge on sugary, fatty goods. Fruit and nuts are examples of foods where a little is good or ok but a bunch starts to cross the line into indulgence and expensive too. Stop looking for miracles because you wont find them.

  29. Yogurt May Help Those With Hypertension

  30. This was excellent information. I was not aware that milk had such effect. Fortunately I no longer consume animal products.

  31. I'm so lucky, I have two blueberry bushes in front of my house and I've picked almost a pound everyday since this week began.

  32. It would be interesting to see a study compare the effects of blueberries eaten with dairy yogurt and those eaten with soy yogurt, cashewmilk yogurt, etc.

  33. Dr. Greyer, you know what all the vegans are thinking? Is it the same for nut milks or soy milk/ yogurt? I would think that the fat in those products might be the culprit for the stunting of absorption. I know there will be no studies for this but could you hypothesize an answer?

  34. For anyone curious, it's unreasonable to assume that this research is extensible to plant milks. Not only are animal milks and plant milks very different, not least because plant "milks" really are just infusions and plant extractions mixed with thickening agents and fortification, but this research specifically pertains to the proteins in dairy milk (presumably casein and the rest) and dairy fats. When it comes to foods which do not contain such dairy sources, I do not see how any of this would be relevant.

  35. Hello ! Would someone please help me ?
    I've been dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) since I became vegan, mostly plant based, taht was about a year and half ago; but these last 6 months have been the worst and most notable.
    At that time I also stop using conventional deodorants because I read about alluminiums and parabhens so instead I was using natural deodorants like alum.
    I already went with two dermatologists but none of them worked.
    My last doctor was a great homeopath, but he told me that I'm having a body detox process after all these radical changes (eating habits). That I must just let my body detox itself.
    But I'm still worried, how long it's gonna take ? it is really embarrasing, and stressing. I continue sweating at the least effort, even now when I'm stressed I start sweating and sweating…. Has anyone has been through something similar ? Do you found any kind of cure?
    Thanks !!

  36. Dr. Greger, thank you very much for the video. I was wondering whether an almond milk yogurt, a soy milk yogurt or any other plan-based milk yogurt is okay. My son loves yogurt and if I put fruits in it he will eat them, but not separately. Also, what do you think about dried blueberries? My son really likes them, much more than the raw blueberries, but even all natural dried blueberries that I can get here in China, have sugar and also sunflower oil in them. Are they safe for toddlers or maybe there is a recommendation about a safe amount of dried blueberries containing sugars and oil?

  37. i eat Blueberries with water my blood pressure has dropped about 12 points top number and 10 bottom over 2 weeks just 1 cup a day

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