Baroreceptors mnemonic

Baroreceptors mnemonic

Your baroreceptors sense blood pressure changes
in the cardiovascular system. And we have two kinds of baroreceptors
we have one on the aortic arch and two on the carotid sinus.
The aortic arch senses only an increase in blood pressure.
And the carotid sinus can sense both increased or decreased blood pressure.
The aortic arch senses the increased blood pressure via
the tenth cranial nerve which is vagus and the carotid sinus senses increased or
decreased blood pressure via the ninth cranial nerve which is the glossopharyngeal nerve
and the way I remember all of this information is…
I kinda draw an A for aortic arch and I kinda draw an arrow shooting upwards for increased
blood pressure. And for carotid sinus umm I remember that
it senses decreased blood pressure so I umm I remember decreased blood pressure is hypotension
and hypotension has an ‘O’ so I draw an O and then I kinda make a ‘C’ for carotid sinus
and so hypotension is sensed by carotid sinus and hypotension is decreased blood pressure,
right? So I kinda make an arrow pointing downwards for decreased blood pressure and this kinda
makes like a nine. So, that’s how I remember it’s the Glossopharyngeal nerve which senses
this information. And umm so this is how it goes decreased blood pressure causes decreased
stimuli from the stretch receptors which is sensed by the carotid sinus.


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