[BabyBoomers’TV 028 ENG] Hypertension? No Problem! No Prescription!

Welcome to Jeju Island. You’re watching
챙겨보는 SilverTV. I visited a hospital for a regular
checkup last year. During the procedure, I was shocked at the figures from the
blood pressure test. The systolic blood pressure was 170 and the diastolic blood
pressure was about 140. As the blood pressure tests were repeated to make
sure the numbers were correct, the numbers were rising and eventually rose
to about 180/140, which led to the decision that the endoscopy was not
possible. All the tests planned for that day were canceled. I was frustrated with
the results of my blood pressure test and decided to find a way to survive.
After gathering and double-checking information on YouTube. I chose a diet
and started to change all my eating habits so far. Telling you a little bit
about my eating habits until then, I’ve been eating all edible stuff, especially,
carbonated drinks like Coke, Sprite, Fanta or Dr. Pepper, oh my favorite, pizzas,
hamburgers, and tons of instant foods. Of course, there’s no reason to stay away
from meat and the flour-based diet. Plus, overeating and a periodic binge eating to
relieve excessive stress from work. Seriously the worst in the world. I can
say. All right. I’ll quit talking about rainy days. From now on let me start
sharing my experiences to get out of the chaos.
My diet overcoming hypertension first began to limit flour-based recipes and
instead of white rice, I began to focus on beans, grains, brown rice and oats.
Instead of deliberately reducing the intake of meat just increases the intake
of vegetables. I started a drinking special water. I’ve been drinking by now instead
of sodas. Very simple to make but very effective and strong. You can put the
same amount of each ingredient, ginger, jujube and cinnamon in a pot. Then simmer for 30 to 40 minutes. You can try it as either a cup of warm tea or a glass of
cold drink after cooling down. I also ate a lot of tomatoes. I put it in any type
of dish or salad, made it into juice and ate raw tomatoes. The intake of snacks
was strongly restricted and replace it with boiled eggs.
Everything was changed but one thing I couldn’t throw it away seriously. My
happy time in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and a piece of dark chocolate.
My final call was to reduce the amount of them a little bit. It wasn’t really
hard until the first two or three months. As time went by, my taste began to change after three or four months. In amongst such changes, I measured blood pressure one day in May. As soon as the figures came up in the LED window of the
SMBP(Self-Measured Blood Pressure monitoring) machine, I thought the machine was broken. 140
/90 was checked. My life was bouncing back !!!
it couldn’t be best. I would not forget the moment forever. Just I couldn’t believe
it. The reason I share my story with you is that I want to help you manage your
hypertension a bit in your 50s and over. It is a fact of my own experience. The
second reason is the beneficial use of YouTube. Indeed, there is a huge amount of information on YouTube. I also got started as a creator and share
information but no one knows the reliability of that information. As long
as you make wise judgments by carefully applying objective and critical
standards, you could have had many more benefits than you think. It is true.
Finally, we’re all friends. Let’s get connected on this playground. Looking at
the turning point of 50, life seems to come in a different way than before.
We can help each other in various ways and enjoy our lives like Mamma Mia. Thanks for being with me. See you again.