After I Started to Use These Homemade Medicines My HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE GONE AWAY

After I Started to Use These Homemade Medicines My HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE GONE AWAY

say goodbye to high blood pressure and
cholesterol waste is easy to prepare homemade receipts forges recipie you
need garlic coconut oil how to prepare chop the garlic in small pieces in the
multi want then place the very small pieces to head in the pan
previously anointed with a little coconut oil let the head on until the
garlic is golden but do not let it burn then take the pieces of garlic to a
paper towel so that the excess oil is absorbent then just wait for the garlic
to cool and then use on your favorite dishes garlicky just received to reduce
blood pressure in addition to helping reduce blood pressure this recipe also
helps to lose weight and helps raise good cholesterol levels ingredients 1
large called garlic 2 medium carrots 1 apple one handful of parsley 1 grated
ginger water enough to blend how to prepare put all the ingredients in the
blender and mix until it is smooth garlic while fasting to control blood
pressure for a complete body detox is important to consume is the receipt
while fasting if you do not usually do this we recommend that you start as soon
as possible in addition to helping to control blood pressure it’s a super fi
the body of oily cancer and diabetes just drink each morning fasting 2
teaspoons of chopped garlic another tip is to peel and cut the garlic and let it
rest for 10 minutes then consume garlic water received shop 5 garlic cloves and
place in a part of water dude is that knighting lady rest the next day as soon
as you wake up take a two hundred millilitres glass of water on an empty
stomach put it the rest in the refrigerator
drink on the others day always on an empty stomach a 200 milliliters glass of
the medicine when finish it read it with new ingredients
garlic olive oil receive this is great for anyone who does not like raw garlic
ingredients garlic cloves 1/2 a teaspoon of thyme 1
bay leaf half a teaspoon freshly ground black pepper how to prepare is mush all
ingredients well put in a dry flask then add olive oil until all ingredients are
covered and cover it let it rest for a week without the contact with the
sunlight use the recipient your daily meals it’s delicious on bread if you
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