A Different Kind Of Heart Attack And How To Prevent It

a different kind of heart attack and how
to prevent it the human heart is the most important organ in the body
it’s responsible for pumping blood through the body and supplying oxygen
and nutrients without our heart we cannot live for this reason it is
imperative that we take a good care of it but this can become difficult as we
grow older dealing with death disappointment and heartbreak our heart
endures a lot of stress with that said a different kind of heart attack has
surfaced want to find out what it is and also learn ways to prevent heart attacks
in general well stay tuned and we’ll tell you but first before we begin this
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start out by talking about this new kind of heart attack dealing with emotional
stress is extremely difficult depression and anxiety are only a few of the many
silent killers in some cases people do not want to seek help because of the
feeling of embarrassment other times people do not want to burden anyone with
their problems they think that they’re doing the right thing but in actuality
they’re damaging their heart researchers have discovered that severe emotional
stress can physically damage the heart they have compared the damage of a
broken heart to the damage caused by a heart attack a different kind of heart
attack services and statistics indicate that each year over 3,000 adults suffer
from what is called takotsubo cardiomyopathy in basic terms they
suffer from broken heart syndrome what this syndrome does is it weakens and
stunts the heart when the broken heart syndrome occurs the left ventricle can
change shape the left ventricle is one of the main chambers of the heart when a
different kind of heart attack arises studies must be done last year Swiss
researchers at the University of Aberdeen did a study which concluded
that this condition can also be triggered by happiness as well the study
consisted of 37 patients that currently had Tucket subo for two years they
concluded that the damage the heart sustained after the event remained they
made this discovery through ultrasounds and MRI scans the lead researcher on the
study dr. Dana Dawson says that this condition is more common than they
thought she added that it could potentially cause permanent damage to a
patient’s heart dr. Dawson also explains that this condition can cause frequent
exhaustion this could lead to a lack of physical activity which would damage the
heart further professor Jerry Pearson who is the associate medical director at
the British Heart Foundation says that there is no long term treatment for this
condition at the moment the reason for this is that the medical industry
thought patients would make full recoveries research also suggests that
women are more prone to this condition than men scientists are still trying to
figure out how this condition occurs but the facts show that the heart is indeed
severely damaged by emotional stress when a different kind of heart attack
surfaces the first instinct for some people is to panic but you shouldn’t
have to because there are ways to prevent it to strengthen your heart we
would include Hawthorne into your diet it will strengthen the
cardiovascular system maintain healthy blood pressure and lower your
cholesterol you can also try lemon balm it will relieve restlessness and
insomnia but those aren’t the only ways to prevent a heart attack here are a
bunch more things you can do to make sure your chances of getting a heart
attack are significantly reduced number one eat better one of the best
things you can do in order to prevent heart attacks is changing your diet
that could mean cutting down on salts and limiting your intake of the white
great-tasting powder to 1500 milligrams or half a teaspoon a day you’ll also
want to avoid sweets and red meats which we know are some of the best things to
eat also you’ll need to avoid trans fats and food with hydrogenated or partially
hydrogenated ingredients don’t worry though because you get to replace all
that stuff with things like plenty of fruits and veggies grains and foods high
in omega-3 fatty acids like fresh tuna or herring and low-fat dairy ‘z you’ll
want to try eating about four to five cups of fruit or vegetables a day one to
three servings of fish a week and several daily servings of whole grains
and low-fat dairy keep in mind that the best diet is one that is varied so keep
your stomach on its toes number two relax don’t do it when you want to go to
it but seriously one of the best things you can do to prevent heart attacks is
to just take it easy take it easy don’t let the sound of your own wheels
drive you crazy okay but double seriously yoga and meditation are great
ways to calm down especially if you’re stressing but really anything that makes
you happy and helps you unwind will be great for your ticker so sit down or lay
back and take a load off fanny okay that was the last one we
promise number three quit smoking if you never started smoking then awesome you
can go to the next point but for those of you that do however it’s time to stop
most people can attest to how hard it is to quit smoking so this method is no
easy task however it’s one of the most important
steps you have to take in order to prevent heart attacks even people who
smoke fewer than five cigarettes a day can have early signs of heart disease
and/or heart attacks just go to your doctor and talk about what method is
best for you whether it be the patch our good old fashioned cold turkey if you
can lock yourself in a room for two to three days because that’s when the
cravings are the worst the good news is that according to addictions and
recovery nicotine withdrawal symptoms usually reach their peak two to three
days after you quit and are gone within one to three months so all you have to
do is get through those first couple months remove yourself from any people
places or habits that remind you of smoking and remember we believe in you
number four blood pressure we have a great video about preventing strokes you
can watch where we also talk about all the ways you can lower your blood
pressure it’s very important for blood pressure to be low because if it’s too
high your risk of a heart attack is high as well in short stress management a
healthy diet and regular exercise can help you manage your blood pressure you
can also go to your doctor to see about which medications you can take to help
you lower your blood pressure also when you’re done this video check out the one
about strokes might as well kill two health issues with one stone right
number five blood sugar once again returning to the red stuff pumping
through your veins this time we’re going to explore blood sugar too much of that
sweet stuff can really damage your arteries which can cause pre-diabetes
leading to big shock diabetes and heart attacks you’ll have to visit your local
or personal healthcare professional to work with them in order to control and
regulate blood sugar levels if you do you’ll lower your chances of heart
attacks strokes and the dreaded diabetes oh and remember to always check for
diabetes because you can never tell just based on how you feel
number six cholesterol let’s look one last time at blood when it flows through
your veins it often leaves traces of cholesterol fat and calcium causing a
buildup of plaque in your arteries too much of that gross build-up and boom
you’ve got a one-way ticket to heart attack City my friend population you if
you don’t know your cholesterol levels then visit your doctor and they should
be able to help you out they’ll give you a blood test and hopefully some good
news and that concludes our heart attack video did you learn anything today are
you going to change your life in any significant way how about you do you
have any tips for lowering your chances of a heart attack let us know all your
tips tricks and advice in the comments section below
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