7 Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

7 Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

7 Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies. Compared to high blood pressure (hypertension),
low blood pressure (hypotension) generally has a much lower risk of serious health issues. In fact, low blood pressure in otherwise healthy
people is a sign of good health. But if your blood pressure is too low, you
can have disturbing symptoms such as fatigue or lack of vitality. Low blood pressure over time can also cause
long-term problems. We will help you understand your low blood
pressure and how to treat it with some home remedies for low blood pressure. What is Blood Pressure? Is Yours High or Low? Blood pressure is the measurement of how your
blood moves through your circulatory system. Blood flows through your blood vessels, arteries,
and capillaries to supply your entire body with everything it needs. Your heart beats to push the blood (circulate.) When your heart beats, the pressure within
your circulatory system increases. Between beats, the pressure decreases. The measurement of these two conditions is
your blood pressure. The unit of measurement for blood pressure
is expressed in “millimeters of mercury” or mmHG. The devices that measure blood pressure use
mercury enclosed in a capsule, which responds to the resistance (pressure) on the measuring
cuff attached to your arm. Blood pressure consists of two different numbers,
the “top” or systolic, and the “bottom” or diastolic. The systolic number represents the the pressure
on your arteries and veins when your heart beats. The diastolic is the pressure between beats,
when your heart rests and receives its own supply of blood. Blood Pressure: Low, Normal, High Ranges. Before you start using home remedies for low
blood pressure you should make sure that your blood pressure is actually too low. Normal blood pressure according to the American
Heart Association is as follows: -Normal Range (Systolic/”Top”) and (Diastolic/”Bottom)
is less than 120 / 80. -Elevated: 120-129 / 80. -Stage 1 High: 130-139 / 80-89. -Stage 2 High: 140+ / 90+. -Crisis: 180+ / 120+. Low blood pressure is considered less than
90 / 60. If you have low blood pressure you may not
experience any symptoms. But chances are, if you are here you may be
experiencing one or more of the symptoms of low blood pressure. If so, our home remedies for low pressure
may be a great way to relieve some of the symptoms. First, lets look at some of the common symptoms. Natural Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure. We included several home remedies for low
blood pressure so you can choose what works best for your body and lifestyle. Later, we list some herbal remedies. First, lets look at some things you can do
on your own to help improve blood flow and relieve your symptoms. Hydrotherapy. Sebastian Kneipp believed in the healing power
of water. For mild cases of low blood pressure (hypotension),
a practice of taking warm (not hot), or preferably cold, showers helps stimulate a healthy increase
in blood pressure. For a particularly effective low blood pressure
home remedy, consider switching between hot and cold water in the shower. Hydration. As with many basic health conditions, pay
close attention to proper hydration. Our most basic home remedy for low blood pressure
is to drink plenty of hydrating fluids. Hydration helps keep your blood volume high. Higher blood volume helps keep blood pressure
up. Simply increasing your average intake of water
can increase blood pressure enough to improve many of the symptoms of low blood pressure. Caffeine. As part of your increased hydration, you can
also include a moderate intake of fluids that promote circulation, such as tea or coffee. Caffeine can stimulate your circulation, raise
your hear rate, and temporarily increase your blood pressure. Scientists are unclear exactly how caffeine
increases blood pressure, but it works. So have an unsweetened caffeinated beverage
to help with your symptoms of low blood pressure. Exercise. Another of our simple home remedies for low
blood pressure is moderate exercise. Exercise can be a great way to increase blood
pressure while providing many other benefits. Stretching exercises like yoga and tai chi
or even basic stretches at home can help stimulate blood pressure. Resistance (weight) training also has many
benefits including improving circulation, stabilizing blood pressure, increasing bone
density, increasing metabolism, and improving hormonal balance. Compression Stockings. For some people, wearing compression stockings
serves as one of the most effective low blood pressure home remedies. Compression stocking serve to prevent blood
from pooling in the legs. The superficial constriction on the legs helps
keep more blood in your head, heart, and other essential organs. With low blood pressure, keeping blood higher
up in your body often resolves many of the symptoms. This is particularly effective if you suffer
from dizziness when standing. Eat More Frequently. Eating more often can help regulate your blood
flow as well as your nutrient and electrolyte balance. Spreading small meals out during the day may
help you avoid some of the causes of low blood pressure. Salt. Sodium (salt) is an essential substance for
many basic bodily functions. It is carried in your blood stream in order
to perform important regulatory and signaling functions at the cellular level. Increasing your salt intake is an easy way
to increase your low blood pressure. It is also important to increase your salt
intake if you are very active and have low blood pressure. You lose salt through sweat, so when you hydrate,
be sure to include an electrolyte supplement or to have an extra teaspoon of salt throughout
the day. It doesn’t take much, so a little salt could
go a long way to ease your symptoms.

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