2015 1theKING(원더킹) _ Heart Attack(심쿵해) w/ Red Velvet, GOT7, TEEN TOP, AOA, B1A4, EXID & MORE

Celebrating the hottest stars of 2015
Welcome to 1theKING! 1theKING “Heart Attack’ K-Pop Stars Attack Your Heart! Don’t you wish you could see these heart attacking stars everyday? Join me, Hye Jeong from AOA, to check out the biggest heart attackers! 10th Place Oh wow, everyone! Watch your heart! Sexy? Yes! Falling for me? Yes! Hyo Seong is awesome! Natural born sexy! Ooh, my heart! 9th Place It’s the monster rookie group, MONSTA X I missed you He missed me! I’m going to faint! I can do ab rolls He’ll show us ab rolls… Oh boy, oh boy
I can’t watch this anymore! How are your hearts doing so far? 8th Place What would you like to have? Me, me! I want Red Velvet! Wait a second Wow, those are some moves Red Velvet has my heart pounding so hard! 7th Place These guys hold our hearts in their hands all day long Where on your body do you feel like you have the best charm? My foot? Sexy – Show me
– Okay No way, could it be? Even his foot is super sexy! 6th Place EXID shook our hearts up, down, up, up, down! That’s not in anymore Watch me, can’t you feel the swag? Ah yeah! I can feel the swag! EXID is definitely a hugfe heart attack! 5th Place Let’s fly, B1A4 Hello, we’re B1A4 “yujee1004” said it’s because glossy lips call for kisses Don’t come at me with glossy lips Why not, why not, why not? – I’ll want to kiss you!
– Watch out! Oh nooo, he just gave me a heart attack B1A4 is most definitely a heart attacking group! 4th Place Soyou is a huge sexy star But she has a completely different side that will cause heart attacks just the same! Hey, are you looking at me?! How can you be so pretty! My heart’s skipping beats! Let the world know, Soyou gave me a heart attack! I’m in love with her soft, sweet voice too! 3rd Place 2PM was on Oven Radio Taecyeon left us a shocking video while on a mission All we can see is your chest, Taecyeon Oh wow, what are you trying to do to me! My heart’s racing like a teenage girl’s! Chest-ok had every girl’s heart melting away Definitely worthy of 3rd place! 2nd Place I’m Cho A from AOA Wow, it’s Cho A from my group! Number 2 on 1theKING! Go Cho A! Cho A, we like you, we really do Cho A, we like you, we welcome you Cho A, we like you, we really do She’s a real big heart attack too! Ready to find out who the biggest heart attack is? Let’s see! 1st Place Bro, bro, bro! Bro, if you approach me with those pink lips… You’re going to give me a heart attack, no? Look out! Jackson will give you a heart attack! GOT7 on 1theK had everyone charmed
and gave some massive heart attacks! What a pity! Which star worked the hardest for some big laughs? No Fun, All Work!
You’re Pitiful

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